Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.1

ScreenshotGrotle: Did you get the stuff?

Grovyle: Yeah, I got it what you asked for although I am going to remind you that what you’re doing is highly illegal.

Grotle: I’m Grotle Belland, I can do whatever I want. Just wait for the cue. When Ray gets here, distract him so I can drug his drink. Stephen and Garden are waiting by to load his body in the car. Gecko is at his house getting his stuff.

Grovyle: So, so illegal… I’m glad I’m not on the other side of this.

Grotle: Don’t get on my bad side.

Screenshot-7Grotle: Hi hon! I’m glad you came. Let’s go inside and have a drink.

Ray: Sure Princess.

Screenshot-8Grotle: Oh hey, Grovyle. What are you up to.

Grovyle: I’m just looking for someone to do this kegstand with. Perhaps in a manner that would cause them to not be able to see you doing something illegal. Like drugging drinks.

Grotle: Let’s be thankful you decided not to be an actor. Ray, why don’t you join Grovyle and I’ll make some drinks.

Ray: Uh okay?

Screenshot-10.jpgRay: So what do I do.

Grovyle: I’m gonna hold you upside down and you’re just going to drink.

Ray: Why though.

Grovyle: College kids do it all the time.

Screenshot-14.jpgGrotle: I wasn’t sure which one he’s going to take so I drugged all of them. Make sure nobody else drinks them.

Me: No promises.

Grotle: Ray, come get a drink! I made them special just for you!

Screenshot-17.jpgRay: Thanks Princess. You’re so considerate.

Screenshot-18.jpgRay: Is everything spinny to you t-

Screenshot-19.jpgGrotle: Okay now let’s just load him in the car and go to our new home?

Garden: Was all of this necessary?

Grotle: What do you mean?

Stephen: Garden is right. Why go through all of this work just so you could move him?

Grotle: Because I was afraid he’d say no.

Stephen: Why would he say no? He loves you. You didn’t even ask. It seems like you just wanted more drama.

Grotle: …just put him in the car.

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: New Starlight Shores house!

Screenshot-22.jpgGrotle: Doesn’t the new house look awesome?!

Gecko: Yeah, when you get settled in do you wanna like go out sometime?

Me: WTF?

Grotle: Sure!

Me: WTF?!?!!?!

Me: EEEWW WTF?! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!? Stupid moving town glitches split the family in half so they’re no longer cousins.

Screenshot-23.jpgMe: Because you were being gross you’re going to get kicked out first. Go out into the world and bag yourself a nice rich starlight shores girl. Don’t have too many kids. I don’t want to spend a lot of time updating the family tree.

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: Goodbye Grovyle. You’re going to be the best cowardly detective ever. Go have fun. But not too much, I don’t want to work hard on the family tree.

Screenshot-25.jpgMe: Goodbye Garden. You were cool. You deserved more attention and for that I’m sorry. You’ll be awesome. I’m sure.

Garden: Whatever.

Me: Deny your family oriented trait please. Limit yourself.

Screenshot-26.jpgMe: Here’s Ray! He’s Family Oriented, Snob, Slob, Flirty, and Green Thumb. His Lifetime with is to be Surrounded By family.

Screenshot-27.jpgRay: …what the…. where the heck am I?

Screenshot-29.jpgRay: Grotle. Where are we?

Grotle: Our new home! Do you love it? I kidnapped you because I wanted it to be a surprise!

Screenshot-33.jpgRay: I guess I should be mad but the house is nice. It’ll be a wonderful home to our many, many children.

Grotle: Wtf did you just say?

Screenshot-34.jpgGrotle: By many, many children you mean like two, right?

Ray: Oh no. I want five.

Grotle: What? Why?! I don’t want five kids! I want to be tended to and to have a career!

Screenshot-37.jpgGrotle I can’t believe I kidnapped you for nothing! If family is so important to you why don’t you just shack up with my sister? I’m out of here. I have to go perform sing-a-grams.

Screenshot-30.jpgGrovyle: Hi dad! Hi uncle Fuchsia!

Fuchsia: You’re not in the legacy therefore you’re dead to us.

Screenshot-38Grotle: *mumbling* Stupid Grovyle. Making a fool out of me. He did this on purpose.

Me: huh?

Screenshot-40.jpgGrotle: *grumbling* Supporting my career, my ass!

Screenshot-43.jpgGrotle: This is your singing telegram, I hope it finds you well! Congratulations on your work out… screw this. I’m not finishing it. You can go to hell.

Grovyle: This is the best day of my life.

Grotle: Enjoy it because it isn’t happening again.

Grotle: I’m here to sing for you about your online bids…. your hair is really cool. Stay young and marry one of my kids.

Becky with the good hair. Yes her name is really Becky: Hahaha! I’m so glad I don’t have to do this.

Grotle: It’s what adulthood is like. Enjoy being young.

Screenshot-87Me: THIS NEXT GUY HAS A PUPPy!

Grotle: Can I go home, he wasn’t specific about what he wanted the gram for.


Screenshot-94.jpgFinnegan: So how much? Price doesn’t matter I’ll just put it on my girlfriends card.

Grotle: For the sing-a-gram?

Finnegan: Wtf’s a sing-a-gram??

Grotle: …yeah, I’m going home. But I am taking your dog.

Screenshot-104.jpgMe: Grotle! You can’t just steal a guy’s dog!

Grotle: Do you want me to give him back?

Me: No.

Screenshot-107.jpgMe: What are you doing?

Bonehilda: Taking a leak, what’s it look like?

Me: I don’t like the new Bonehilda…

Screenshot-108.jpgMe: The new puppy destroys everything!

Screenshot-109Grotle: Bad dog! Don’t destroy my nice furniture!

Screenshot-110.jpgMe: Come on! We just talked about this!

Screenshot-111.jpgGlitter, Yes his name is Glitter: I want to go back to school and get my law degree.

Screenshot-118Glitter: This family doesn’t know a thing about the art of theatre!

Screenshot-134.jpgGrotle Here’s your singing telegram, that you don’t deserve. All you did was complete a workout, I can’t believe you have the nerve!

Girl: Yay! That was awesome!

Screenshot-130.jpgGrotle: Here’s a song I have to sing with a smile on my face. I’m having problems at home but you’d never know because I have to act with grace.

Grotle: Ooh! How nice!

Screenshot-135.jpgGrotle: This is my 10th singing telegram and my creativity has been sucked dry.

Screenshot-136.jpgGrotle: Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to lie down until I die.

Becky: Should I help you up or something?

Grotle: No. Go away.

Screenshot-152.jpgMe: Why is there a blender on the pool table?

Ghost: I call it Extreme Pool. Last one to get pelted wins!

Screenshot-153.jpgGhost: AH! I lost.

Screenshot-154.jpgRay: Hopefully this proves that I love Grotle.

Screenshot-160.jpgMe: Rigging the system! Sing for tips at a party.

Screenshot-170.jpgRay: Grotle. I hope you’re enjoying the party I threw for you. I want to ask you a question in front of everyone.

Grotle: I have to pee.

Me: OOOH! Rejected before you even tried.

Ray: Not if I have anything to do about it.

Screenshot-174.jpgMe: I think they’re trying to form a cult…

Screenshot-185Ray: Grotle, I want you to marry me. I may be family oriented but I’m also a snob. I want the best of the best and that’s you. Maybe we can come to some sort of a compromise.

Grotle: Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!

Me: Just goes to show, no matter what you do your sims are going to get engaged in a bathroom.

Screenshot-191.jpgGrotle: I absolutely hate my job but I want to make it big. You can help me out by giving me a gig.

Proprietor: Oh how cute! Sure you can perform here!

Screenshot-200Me: Meanwhile… Flaaffy dies.

Bonehilda: I read a book once.

Me: and bonehilda photobombs. That’s it for this chapter! What’ll happen next time? Wedding? Yes! Babies? Yes! More kidnapping? You’ll be surprised at the answer!

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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.11

Screenshot.jpgTiffany: There’s no way you’re my daughter! You’re not smart enough!

Grotle: Why do you treat me like this?

Me: Tiffany bullies Grotle in her spare time.

Screenshot-2.jpgMe: Good morning!!!!

Gecko: Uh… good morning?

Me: I’m going to follow you around all day so you can make an impression. Just do what you normally do.

Screenshot-3.jpgGecko: Well first I infuriate Fuchsia by eating cereal while he’s cooking instead of being patient.

Screenshot-4.jpgGecko: Then I do this.

Me: That’s it.

Gecko: Pretty much.

Screenshot-5.jpgMe: The only cool thing about him is that he’s like besties with Grotle.

Garden: No one wanted to sit with me…

Me: Where’s Grovyle?

Garden: Under the seat scoping out the bus driver?

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: Well he’s definitely on the bus so I have no choice but to believe her.

Screenshot-11.jpgGrotle: Please don’t sit so close to me Grovyle.

Grovyle: Siblings share answers.

Gecko: I painted a picture today.

Screenshot-13.jpgGrovyle: What did you get for number 6?

Grotle: If I tell you will you stop embedding your back into my arm?

Gecko: I really liked the painting that I painted.

Screenshot-14.jpgGrovyle: Well I’d love to stay and chat but Gecko you are just awful.

Grotle: I’m going to be on TV one day and that makes me happy.

Screenshot-15Me: Garden thinks homework is for suckas.

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: WHAT?! NOT AGAIN! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED IN THE LEGACY! This is NOT supposed to happened. WHy is my Bonehilda so glitched?

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN!

Screenshot-26.jpgBonehilda: No! I’m not ready to die!

Grim Reaper: But you’re already dead.

Screenshot-31.jpgGarden: I CAN’T READ MUSIC!

Grim Reaper: I’m sorry?

Me: Ignore her, she’s in a bad mood.

Screenshot-36.jpgMe: Try dismissing Bonehilda and see if she fixes herself. I don’t want to buy a new one.

Gecko: Okay.


Screenshot-39.jpgMe: Nevermind, he just teleported. Looks like I need a new Bonehilda.

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: Introducing Bonehilda …5.0?… Maybe 6? I don’t know I lost track. Don’t get used to her because shortly after she just vanished… I’ll just buy Bonehilda 6/7 when I build the new house.

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: Here’s Bonehilda’s urn…. so weird.

Screenshot-42.jpgGecko: Painting….Zzz

Me: Yes Gecko, painting.

Screenshot-43Me: The first of many birthdays this chapter. You won’t get to see him until the end though since the heir poll is in this chapter.

Screenshot-48.jpgMe: I will tell you that he did develop a very unfortunate trait and that this legacy will eat him alive.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: Seriously guys, he won’t make it. He was already sleeping then a ghost appeared so he woke up and passed out on the floor.

Screenshot-54Me: Okay it’s official. Stephen wins the birthday expression award.

Screenshot-55.jpgMe: SO MANY BIRTHDAYS

Screenshot-56.jpgMe: ENOUGH WITH THE HAIR!

Screenshot-58.jpgMe: You know what? I’m not going to help you. You shouldn’t have been standing in the yard for so long.

Screenshot-61.jpgMe: Hahaha not even my sims care.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: …he vanished…

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: It’s graduation day! Grovyle was the valedictorian and Gecko won ‘Most Likely to Never Leave the House”

Screenshot-64.jpgMe: Look who else graduated!

Screenshot-65.jpgGrotle: Uh, I noticed that I’ve been here for five minutes and you haven’t showered me with compliments. Everything okay?

Screenshot-66.jpgRay: Of course, Princess! I just gotta be careful with what I say because I’m an adult now.

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: His favorite color is a shade of purple. It’s like he’s meant for the legacy!

Screenshot-71.jpgTiffany: It’s my birthday!!!

Me: Not it’s not, you’re not cross-eyed.

Tiffany: But it is my birthday!!!

Me: CROSS YOUR EYES IMMEDIATLY It’s weird if you don’t

Screenshot-72.jpgGecko: Well my life is over.

Grovyle: I suspect sabotage!

Screenshot-73.jpgMe: Garden and Grotle get cakes today since their birthdays got screwed up. Here’s Garden’s A+ birthday face.

Screenshot-75.jpgMe: Everyone is so excited for her birthday!

Screenshot-78.jpgMe: Not so much for Grotle’s…

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: Here’s Grovyle. His traits are Photographer’s Eye, Commitment Issues, Loves the Heat, Perceptive, Coward. His LTW is Pervasive Private Eye. So he’ll be a cowardly detective. If he wins, the family is moving to Twinbrook.

Grovyle: Hey, there’s a lot of crime there.

Screenshot-57Me: Here’s Gecko. His traits are Couch Potato, Vehicle Enthusiasts, Excitable, Hopeless Romantic and Artistic. His LTW is to be a fashion phenomenon. He was never very but he might still be popular. If he wins he’ll also be moving to Twinbrook.

Gecko: Hey there’s a lot of crime there. CRIMES OF FASHION! I’ll be their fashion savior.

Me: You’re wearing bright green.

Gecko: Not by choice.

Screenshot-79.jpgMe: Here’s Garden. Her traits are Good, Athletic, Family Oriented, Grumpy, and has no sense of humor. Seriously she’s the most kuudere sim I’ve ever had. I bet she’ll be lots of fun when the focus is on her. Her LTW is Seaside Savior. Yes, seriously. It’s kind of like firefighting except with water. I can imagine it now “You saved me!” “Whatever.”. If she wins the family will move to Isla Paradiso.

Screenshot-80.jpgMe: And here’s Grotle, who is proof that Bella’s genetics will be with us forever. She’s cute either way though. Her traits are Diva, Artistic, Slob, Gatherer, and Disciplined. Her LTW is Vocal Legend so if she wins the family AND Ray will be moving to Starlight Shores. Yes, she is going to be with Ray because he’s obviously her soul mate but who knows if it’ll last so maybe there will be some drama down the road.

Okay guys, be sure to let me know who you voted for in the comments! I’ll see you next generation!






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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.10

screenshotStephen: I had to longest day at work. All I want to do is take a shower, eat some dinner, and go to bed.

screenshot-2Stephen: What? Why does my hair smell like chemicals…?

Stephen: WHY IS MY HAIR BLUE? When I find the kid that did this, they’re gonna get it.

screenshot-8Stephen: It better not have been Garden, not my Garden. She’s my angel.

Fuchsia: Talking to yourself again, Stephen?

Screenshot-9.jpgFuchsia: What’s the matter, Stephen?

Stephen: One of the kids put hair dye in my shampoo.

screenshot-11Fuchsia: That’s so unlike any of them.

Stephen: I know, that’s why I don’t know which one of them did it.

Grovyle: I sense a mystery.

screenshot-13Fuchsia: I’m not sure what advice to give you then.

Stephen: I’ll probably just ask around. I don’t think they’d lie to me.

Grovyle: The mystery! It’s in there!

screenshot-15Grovyle: Hello, Grovyle Belland, expert detective at your service.

Stephen: You want to find out who put hair dye in my shampoo?

Grovyle: Yes.

Stephen: Okay, go ahead. Let me know who it was.

screenshot-17Grovyle: Okay, so it’s between Grotle, Gecko, and Garden. I will find out who did it if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll start asking questions first thing in the morning.

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: Meanwhile…

Grotle: Magic Mirror on the stand, who in the house has the nicest cans?

Mirror: Tiffany.

Screenshot-21.jpgGrotle: Uh no! She’s old and I’m young therefore better. The answer is me!

Screenshot-24.jpgGrotle: Let’s try this again. Magic Mirror, tall and black, who in the house has the nicest rack?

Mirror: Gecko.

Grotle: That doesn’t even make any sense!

Me: I’ll leave you to do whatever it is your doing.

screenshot-29Stephen: PUSH! Let’s do it! Come on! Show that machine who’s boss!

Me: Poor Garden, Stephen WILL NOT leave her alone.

screenshot-31Me: There’s literally a door right next to you.

screenshot-32Me: Poor Gecko doesn’t get much attention this chapter but he’s still cool so don’t count him out yet!

screenshot-33Grovyle: FInally! It’s morning! I can solve the mystery.

Me: Well actually you have to go to school.

Grovyle: Then after school.

Me: There’s prom…

Grovyle: After prom!

Me: It’ll be like 11. You’re just better off waiting until tomorrow.

screenshot-36Me: Yay prom! Look how nice everyone looks! I’m surprised you don’t have a date Grotle, I thought you’d hate to be seen by yourself.

Grotle: I won’t be by myself. I’m going to go there and take advantage of one of the desperate guys that couldn’t get a date, he’ll be so happy that someone noticed him that he’ll wait on me all night.

Me: Uh.. okay have fun?

Screenshot-37.jpgGarden: I’m only going to get away from Stephen but don’t tell him I said that. I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Me: Yeah, he’s obsessed with you. Where’s Gecko?

Grovyle: He takes longer getting ready than Grotle.

Garden: And that’s saying something.

screenshot-38Gecko: Perfection takes time.

Me: Woah, that’s honestly a huge surprise.

Gecko: I dropped out of the race. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a tacky plastic crown.
Me: Wow she wasn’t kidding.


Me: This night is full of surprises. Grotle must be so upset.

Me: So I guess all that time getting ready wasn’t worth it.

Gecko: It means I didn’t take long enough.

screenshot-40Me: What are you doing.

Grovyle: The ice cream truck is being suspicious. It’s been parked out there for hours. I suspect it’s a drug dealer in disguise. I’m cleverly hiding behind this bush to scope it out.

Me: Uh, yeah good luck with that.

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: The second Garden stepped off the bus Stephen rushed over to her. That poor girl.

screenshot-45Grotle: It was so weird! After the prom he was like ‘I’ll see you tomorrow!’ and I was like ‘What?’ and he was like ‘I had a really great time and I hope I can spend more time with you.’ and I was like ‘Your purpose was to get me drinks. That’s it.’ and do you want to know what he said next?

Garden: No.

Grotle: He said ‘but I really like you.’ Like how weird is that?

Garden: You don’t think you’re likeable?

Grotle: I didn’t say that. I mean of course he likes me, I’m me but he wasn’t supposed to tell me! He was supposed to admire me from afar like everyone else!

Screenshot-49.jpgGrovyle: Gecko, where were you on Wednesday evening?

Gecko: Uh… here?

Grovyle: That makes it a possibility that it was YOU who dyed Stephen’s hair! How could you to your own father?!

Gecko: No by ‘here’ I mean in this exact spot. At the sketch table. There isn’t much else I can do yet. Besides, why would I do that? What could I have possibly gained from dying my father’s hair blue?

Grovyle: Aha! I never said it was blue!

Gecko: Everyone knows it was, he told everyone.

Grovyle: Touche… I’ll be back. I will get a motive!

Screenshot-50.jpgGrovyle: Garden, Garden, Garden. Perhaps this cool good girl patience thing you have going on is just an act!

Garden: Huh?

Grovyle: It was you who dyed Stephen’s hair!

Garden: Why would I do that?

Grovyle: I haven’t worked that out yet… but I will find out and when I do you’re in trouble!

Garden: …okay?

Screenshot-52.jpgGrovyle: What are you doing?

Grotle: Fixing my hair.

Grovyle: Again?

Grotle: Well not everybody wants to look gross like you all the time. What do you want?

Grovyle: I’m running out of suspects here. Did you dye Stephen’s hair.

Grotle: No.

Grovyle: Perhaps you’re lying.

Grotle: Why would I dye his hair?

Grovyle: um… hmm.

Grotle: See? Now get out. And Grovyle? If you ever come into my room without knocking again I’ll tell every girl in school that you sleep with a teddy bear and cry during every movie you see.

Screenshot-53.jpgGrovyle: Back to square one. One of them must have done it! I need motives though. Why would they do such a thing?

Screenshot-56.jpgGrotle: Oh god it’s Ray… Hi Ray, what do you want?

Ray: Happy Love day Love.

Grotle: Oh right… it’s love day today isn’t it?

screenshot-57Grotle: So do you want something or do you just want to waste my time.

Ray: Haha I won’t waste your time with smalltalk then, love. Want to go to the festival with me?

screenshot-59Grotle: Listen Ray, you shouldn’t want to hang out with me. I’m absolute garbage, I mean, I’m not. I’m actually perfect but you get the point, right?

Ray: I’m not hearing a no!

Screenshot-61.jpgGrotle: Don’t you think I’m a bit out of your league?

Ray: Oh…

Grotle: Yeah.

Ray: I was hoping that my dream came true and my princess finally noticed me but I get it. I had fun at prom at least.

Grotle: Crap, now I feel bad. Fine, I’ll go.

Ray: Really? Yay! I’ll see you there!

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: That was nice of you.

Grotle: I can’t just break his heart on Love day. I’ll take him to the festival and show him a good time and then let him down easy when he’s happy.

screenshot-64Grotle: Mom, I’m having boy problems. I need advice.

Tiffany: Comics are great!

Screenshot-65.jpgGrotle: Yeah… comics are great…

Tiffany: I’m glad we had this talk.

Screenshot-66.jpgTiffany: Now can you get out of the way I want to talk to Garden.

Grotle: Why do the adults hate me?

Me: That spend too much time focusing on Garden for some reason.

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: Oh Bonehilda, you little alcoholic, you.

Bonehilda: You haven’t put me away since Evergreen died. I’m not supposed to be out 24/7.

Me: And?

Bonehilda: Existence is pain for a Bonehilda.

screenshot-70Ray: Grotle! I’m glad you came, you look gorgeous!

Grotle: I know… now let’s go do something… how about… horseshoes?

Screenshot-71.jpgRay: You can do it!

Screenshot-72.jpgRay: You’re the best!

Screenshot-73.jpgMe: She really sucks.

Screenshot-74.jpgRay: You did great!

Me: Ray seriously keeps cheering for her. I swear he’s excitable or easily impressed or something. He’s crazy about her!

Screenshot-77.jpgMe: And I like his face too.

Screenshot-79.jpgMe: When it was time for Ray to play Grotle couldn’t care less…

Screenshot-100.jpgMe: Look how cute they are! Wait… is that…

Me: A SMILE?! GROTLE! Are you having fun?!

Grotle: He’s actually really really nice.

Me: And their traits are similar too!

screenshot-103Grotle: Look Ray! We reached the highest level!

Ray: That means we’re meant to be!

Screenshot-105.jpgGrotle: I was wrong about you. I thought you’d be lame but you’re a really nice guy.

Ray: I’m glad you finally feel the same way. I’ve always admired you, my princess.

screenshot-112Grotle: Let’s seal our relationship with a kiss.

Ray: Not now.

screenshot-114Grotle: Why? I thought you liked me!

Ray: I do! That’s why I won’t kiss you now. I’m going to give you the best date ever and then afterwards before we leave I’ll give you your first kiss.

Grotle: Why is he so charming?!

Me: He has the flirty trait.

screenshot-127Me: Then the two proceeded to have fun and roller skate really badly for the rest of the night.

Screenshot-129.jpgMe: And when the sun started to set the two shared the most beautiful kiss.

screenshot-130Me: Right in front of a dumpster.


Screenshot-155.jpgGrovyle: Oh man, I love this episode!

Screenshot-156.jpgStephen: Hey! Did you ever find out who dyed my hair?

Grovyle: Huh? Oh yeah! I almost forgot about that!

Screenshot-158.jpgStephen: Did you ever find out who it was?

Grovyle: Yeah! It was me, I put the dye in your shampoo.

Stephen: What?

Grovyle: I wanted a mystery to solve so I created one. It was me all along! It’s a twist.

Stephen: It’s not a twist, it’s a dick move.

screenshot-161Stephen: You’re grounded.

Grovyle: …Yeah I figured.

Me: And there you have it! Grotle found love which was completely unexpected and Grovyle solved a mystery kind of. Next chapter will be the final for the generation which means HEIR POOOOLLLLLLLL! What will happen? Will Garden and Gecko finally get one on one time with the sim god? Probably not because there isn’t much teens can do. See you next time!










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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.9


Me: No.

Gecko: Can I at least get the pancakes.

Me: I don’t care, eat whatever you want.

Gecko: I am an expert negotiator.

screenshotGecko: I should probably get out of here before Aunt Tiffy wakes up.

Screenshot-5.jpgStephen: Fuchsia! I’m making breakfast!

Fuchsia: I’m just going to eat this cereal.

Stephen: What? Why?

Fuchsia: You can’t cook.

Screenshot-6.jpgStephen: I can cook…

screenshot-8Stephen: …nevermind.

Screenshot-11.jpgFuchsia: Everyone’s at work and the kids are going to school… finally some me time.

Me: You guys ready for a day in the life of Fuchsia?

Screenshot-12.jpgFuchsia: Maybe I can convince Stephen to give me a pedicure… hmm… would one of the kids do that? Gecko seems like he might.

Screenshot-13.jpgFuchsia: Hmm… should I buy some ice cream for the kids and keep it in the freezer to surprise them when they get home?

Screenshot-14.jpgFuchsia: Nah. Give me a cone.

Screenshot-16.jpgFuchsia: I work hard. I deserve this.

Screenshot-17.jpgFuchsia: ZzzzZzz

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: 1,2,3… wait. We’re missing a kid.


Screenshot-21.jpgMe: Grovyle, where have you been?!

Grovyle: Uh, here doing homework?

Me: Well stop. You almost gave me a heart attack. You’re great, great, great, great, great uncle Boone was kidnapped by the police at one point.

Grotle: Hey dad, can you look up the answer to this question for me?

Flaaffy: Sorry hon, I’m busy with work right now.

screenshot-23Flaaffy: Oh no, delete! Delete! Undo it!

Screenshot-24.jpgFlaaffy: Damn!

Me: You must be working really hard.


Flaaffy: Alt Tab. ALT TAB!

Screenshot-28.jpgFlaaffy: I’m just sitting here… writing code and stuff.

screenshot-30Stephen: You and your brother definitely have my smile!

Garden: …Yeah… that’s uh… great dad. Good for you, buddy.

Me: Everyone kinda hates Stephen.

screenshot-32Me: Family study session!

Screenshot-33.jpgMe: Hey Bonehilda! I’ve been meaning to ask you, what happened to our butler? I haven’t seen her in a few days.

Bonehilda: What butler? We never had a butler.


screenshot-40Grotle: I seriously hate video games! They’re nothing but time wasters. There’s more important things to worry about.

Gecko: Yeah, like your split ends.

Grotle: Woah, I was just trying to have a conversation here but I just realized what a bitch you are, Gecko.

Screenshot-43.jpgMe: Yeah… Sure you hate video games.

Grotle: I do! I just can’t help it! It’s in my blood!

Me: Well, you are your father’s daughter.

screenshot-46Gecko: Your playing is trash, Grotle.

Grotle: Yeah? Well, you’re literally wearing trash.

Me: I can’t tell whether or not they’re friends…

Screenshot-48.jpgGrovyle: Hey, what are you guys doing?

Grotle: Playing baseball, what does it look like?

Gecko: Woah, tone down that attitude, Grotle.

screenshot-49Me: Flaaffy’s kids, man. Flaaffy’s kids.

Screenshot-50.jpgGarden: I’ve landed on this unknown planet, I have yet to see any aliens. But I must keep my guard up for they could be anywhere. I must use my knowledge I’ve acquired from my last mission in the past, battling the Grovyle-saures rex.

screenshot-51Garden: Woosh!

Me: It’s nice seeing the different play types of all of the children. Grovyle and Grotle often play video games, Garden likes to dress up, and Gecko likes to wear trash and demand things on top of a chair.

screenshot-56Me: Okay, woah. This is definitely not the same painting I put there.

screenshot-57Me: This one is different too! Supernatural is AWESOME!

Me: Why doesn’t anyone in this family eat regular food?

Me: How was the gaming convention? I’m disappointed that it was inside a rabbit hole. I was hoping it was like some cool kind of party.

Flaaffy: Eh, it wasn’t that great. We made money though.

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: Woah, Fairy is that you?! You look… normal?

Fairy: I did it for you! Can I be in the legacy now?

Me: No.

screenshot-73Stephen: *grumbling* Stupid Flaaffy, making me fix his laptop.

Me: You’re the only one with handiness skill!

Screenshot-76.jpgStephen: I’m hitting it with a screwdriver but it’s not getting any better.

Me: Maybe I should have called a repairman.


Bonehilda: I am fixing Grovyle’s computer.

Me: You electrocuted yourself. You look weird.

Screenshot-81.jpgMe: YOU LOOK SO CREEPY!


Screenshot-86.jpgMe: Better.

screenshot-89Me: Finally, now that everything is back to normal it’s time for a birthday!


Grovyle: Uh, I’m about to blow out my candles.

Me: Yeah hang on a minute.

Screenshot-95.jpgMe: ANOTHER ONE BONEHILDA?

Grovyle: About to age up here…

Screenshot-96.jpgMe: THIS IS SO COOL!

Grovyle: Currently sparkling over here.

screenshot-97Me: Yeah, sorry Grovyle. BUT DID YOU SEE THAT!

screenshot-101Me: DAMN IT HE BLINKED! Anyway this is Grovyle, I like him. He rolled commitment issues.

Grovyle: I’m married to my job.

Me: You don’t have a job.

Grovyle: I’m…married to my school work.

Me: Anyway, his traits are Commitment issues, Perceptive, loves the heat, and photographers eye. I like his traits too, I can definitely work with them.


Grovyle: When can I stop?

Me: He’s had a wish to train someone for quite a while… you’re screwed.

Screenshot-104.jpgGrovyle: What am I doing here?

Me: Well I figured you could have some time away from everyone. You know, impress the readers.

Grovyle: Well shouldn’t I go hang out with other people?

Me: Yeah…about that.

Me: I think my story progression broke… I did manage to reset the mod and slowly but surely people are moving back in but I’m probably going to move once this generation is over.



screenshot-106Grovyle: So what should I do?

Me: Anything to impress the readers.

Grovyle: yeah, I’m just going to go home.

screenshot-125Garden: Sim god! There’s a gross ghost using my stuff again!

Me: And there’s 6 of them downstairs making a mess of the kitchen, what do you want me to do?

screenshot-127Me: I’m such a nice simmer today.

screenshot-128Me: Look who came to celebrate! Evergreen!!

Screenshot-132.jpgMe: ENOUGH WITH THE HAIR!

Screenshot-134.jpgTiffany: HOW DARE YOU BE LATE TO SCHOOl!

Gecko: But it’s my birthday! I don’t have school today!

Tiffany: You are grounded!

Screenshot-135.jpgTiffany: Now if you’ll excuse me I’m late for work.

Screenshot-136.jpgMe: Woah, he certainly changed. He looks pretty awesome. But I think he might be a Fuchsia clone…  but I don’t think he has Fuchsia’s eyes! He rolled vehicle enthusiast. So he’s artistic, couch potato, excitable, and vehicle enthusiast.

Screenshot-137.jpgMe: He’s so cute though.

screenshot-138Me: He can finally use his little art table thing!

Screenshot-139.jpgFuchsia: You see that! I’m only 500,000 points away from Flaaffy’s score!

Garden: Uh huh. Good for you, dad.

Screenshot-142.jpgStephen: Finally, my own son is a teenager. We can finally do things together. Want to go to the gym! You can count my reps for me or spot!

Gecko: Sorry dad, I’m not really into any of that. That actually sounds absolutely horrid.

screenshot-146Gecko: Uncle Flaaffy! You’re back! Since we’re both vehicle enthusiasts can you teach me how to drive! Oh, and can you show me how you style your hair! You can do art too right?! Can you show me how? Flaaffy you’re so cool!

Stephen: Hmph, I’m going to go talk to the kid that likes me.

screenshot-151Stephen: Okay, get comfy, I’m going to tell you a story from when I was in highschool!

Garden: Do I have to? I really don’t want to.

Stephen: It’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t.

Garden: …fine.

Screenshot-157.jpgTiffany: Okay so this part right here is my favorite part of the story. It’s so funny! I could just read it over and over. You’re such a good listener!

Garden: …*sigh* I know.

Screenshot-159.jpgGrotle: Blah, blah, blah, I’m Tiffany and I’m going to spend all of my time with Garden instead of my own perfect daughter! I’m going to read Garden stories and give her attention and compliments and not even talk to the perfect daughter. And I’m Flaaffy and I’m going to spend my time bonding with Gecko instead of my perfect daughter!

Me: I’m sure Garden would love to switch places with you.

screenshot-161Garden: Finally, the adults are leaving me alone. Time to sleep without an adult wanting to tell me a bed time story.

Screenshot-162.jpgGrotle: Hi mom! I’m really tired, maybe you could tell me a story.

Tiffany: Oh, I love stories! I like to write them on the computer to gain skill for my job.

Screenshot-163.jpgGrotle: That’s great! Maybe you could rea-

Tiffany: Well I’m going to the bathroom then to bed, night kiddo.

Screenshot-169.jpgStephen: Gecko! I’m trying to have a conversation with you but your art table is in the way!

Gecko: Uh… sorry dad I gotta go to school. Bye!

Screenshot-171.jpgStephen: How do I reach that kid.

Screenshot-174.jpgGrotle: Ugh! I’m way too pretty for school work! I’m going to be famous!

screenshot-178Me: Wow, I’m a really nice simmer this chapter.

Screenshot-180.jpgFlaaffy: YEAH LOOK AT YOU GO! AGING UP LIKE A PRO!

Me: I’m also excited but at least I can contain it Flaaffy.


Grotle: Seriously? It’s my birthday! You didn’t go yell at Garden!

Screenshot-183.jpgGrotle: Time to make a wish right? This will be easy.

screenshot-184Grotle: Fame.Fortune.Better Family. Fame.Fortune.Better Family.

screenshot-187Me: Here’s Garden! See? I told you she’d grow into her looks! She rolled family oriented so she’s good, athletic, family oriented, and grumpy. I love her. She’s a pretty good mix of both parents I think.

screenshot-189Me: Here’s Grotle. She’s cute too and she’s also a decent mix of both parents. She rolled Gatherer so she’s a Diva, a gatherer, a slob, and disciplined.

Screenshot-185.jpgMe: It’s also Fuchsia and Flaaffy’s birthday but they’re turning into elders so I don’t care.


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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.8

screenshotMe: Oh my gosh, everyone is sleeping at the same time!

screenshot-2Me: Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Garden woke everyone up and then made this ugly crying face.

Screenshot-3.jpgGarden: Ugly?

Me: Okay, that one’s pretty cute.

screenshot-5Me: Remember last time when I said that Grovyle was the idiot of the generation? Yeah, never mind.

screenshot-7Tiffany: Yay, it’s my birthday! I’ll just cheer twice as hard to make up for everyone else forgetting!

Me: Yeah, sorry. I just don’t care that much.

screenshot-11Me: AND WITH THAT I AM DONE TODDLER TRAINING! I feel like a pretty damn good simmer but everyone is miserable.

Screenshot-18.jpgMe: Happy birthday to you!

Grovyle: You remembered?

Me: Of course, I will never forget your birthday, until you turn into a young adult, after that, I stop caring. Do me a favor and grow up adorable, okay?

Grovyle: Like this?

Me: …no.

screenshot-23Me: Not bad, not bad at all. He gets my approval so far. He rolled photographer’s eye. So along with his perceptive and loves the heat trait, I’m thinking journalism or detective. We’ll see.

screenshot-20Me: Here’s his half of the room. There’s an investigation board that he can’t use yet but it ties the place together.

screenshot-24Flaaffy: I’m pretty sure his room was more expensive than mine.

Me: You don’t get to complain considering you live in the biggest house I’ve ever built with everything suited to yours and your brother’s interests. He gets his own computer and you get a hot tub inside.

screenshot-25Me: Aww! Poor Gecko is hungry, look how sad he is!

screenshot-26Me: He’s not even throwing a tantrum! He’s just crying!

screenshot-27Me: Oh wait, nope. There’s the tantrum.

screenshot-31Me: Flaaffy to the rescue!

Bonehilda: *ahem*

Me: And Bonehilda helped… but not really.

Flaaffy: Chapter 2 of The Introduction to Basic Chemistry: The Nuclear Halflife Formula and How to Apply it.

Me: That doesn’t sound like it’s for children…

Flaaffy: He picked it out! I don’t even understand what’s going on.

Me: Also why are you in Fuchsia’s room.

Grovyle: It’s the nicest.

Me: Carry on.

Screenshot-34.jpgMe: Aww look at him sleeping peacefully. He’s going to be miserable. He stayed up all night manipulating the adults into reading him stories. He hasn’t slept at all and it’s almost 7AM! He has to go to school like that.


Grovyle: Can I go back to sleep then?

Me: I guess.

screenshot-36Me: What is up with these kids and their ugly crying faces?

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: And their ugly birthday faces… but I guess that’s more of a family thing than just a kid thing.

Screenshot-43.jpgMe: I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S UP WITH HIM AND THAT HAIR! Seriously, he keeps aging up into it. From baby to toddler and now toddler to child.

Gecko: It looks fabulous.

Me: You’re getting rid of it, but don’t worry. We’ll compromise.

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: He just loves all things fabulous, those were the shoes he aged up in.

screenshot-46Me: Okay, here’s Gecko. I like him too, although he has a permanent pout. He rolled Artistic, so he’s Artistic, Excitable and a couch potato. Considering his love for all things fabulous, I’m thinking he’ll be an architect or a stylist. We have too many painters anyway.

Screenshot-44.jpgMe: Here’s his half of the room, also filled with clutter and things he isn’t old enough to use.

Screenshot-47.jpgGrovyle: The ghost won’t let me sleep.

Me: I was afraid this would happen. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d move their ghost butts to a graveyard.

screenshot-48Me: Another snow day. These poor kids will never make it to school. Gecko decided to paint autonomously, I won’t stop him from skilling.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: And Grovyle is playing chess.

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: It’s really kind of boring watching them. All of the adults are at work, Fuchsia is… I don’t know what he normally does, but he’s probably either in the hot tub, drinking, and playing with the tots, and they’re just skilling. I haven’t gotten like any pictures this chapter. Why don’t you guys go play in the enormous play room I built for you.

Screenshot-51.jpgMe: The tots are playing and look how adorable they are! Look they both have boy dolls, they’re playing as Fuchsia and Stephen.

Grotle(As Fuchsia doll): Stephen, buy me more things.

Garden(As Stephen doll): F*ck off.

Me: …maybe a bit too accurately…except they usually kiss after that.

Screenshot-52.jpgMe: Look, they’re playing! Future besties!

Grovyle: So… I heard you paint sometimes…

Gecko: Are we really going to force small talk?

Screenshot-54.jpgGrovyle: So… how about that laundry detergent.

Gecko: …Yep.

screenshot-56Grovyle: Garden, please don’t put that in your mouth. You could choke!

Me: Aww, he’s worried for his little sister/cousin!

Grovyle: I’m the oldest one here! I’m responsible for you. At least wait until I leave if you’re going to do something stupid. Let Gecko get in trouble.

Me: Nevermind.

screenshot-57Me: I like to think that deep down, they’re all best friends…

screenshot-61Me: Flaaffy reached level ten of the gaming career. It’s pretty cool, it was by far the easiest career I’ve ever done. Now he can hold gaming conventions, we’ll see what that’s like next chapter.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Okay short-stuff. If you’re going to fit in with this family, you’ll need an awkward birthday face. Show me what you can do.

Garden: How’s this?

Me: Perfect.

Screenshot-63.jpgGrotle: And mine?

Me: Beautiful. You get extra points for being in a bathroom. Classy.

Screenshot-65.jpgMe: Here’s Garden’s face, she’s in either her pajamas or bathing suit for some reason, I don’t know. She still looks like a genetic mix of both of her parents. It’s awesome, I usually get clones or almost clones. She’s still kind of awkward and has that permanent pout that her brother has but I  think she’ll be okay in the future. She rolled Grumpy, so she’s Grumpy, Good, and Athletic.

Screenshot-66.jpgMe: Here’s Grotle, rocking Bella’s lips of course. She’s super cute. She rolled Diva so her traits are Diva, Slob, and Disciplined. Maybe… she could be a singer? But one of those party-girl singers. The ones that wake up in bathtubs but never bathe and they sing about money and alcohol.

Screenshot-64.jpgMe: Here’s their room! I like it, it’s empty. I gave Grotle a magic mirror, it’s not too weird since her mother is a witch. Okay, that’s it for this chapter. What do you guys think of the kids? I like all of them! I’m so excited to see how they grow up.

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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.7

screenshotFlaaffy: Why did she have to die! She was so ni- She was so gener- she was so lov-… She was my 2nd cousin!

Me: I don’t know why you’re all worked up about it, you didn’t even know she existed before yesterday.

Screenshot-2.jpgEnvy: Did you miss me?

Me: Wtf are you doing here? I deleted your grave.

Envy: I came to take a nap.

Me: Take a nap in the underworld! No ghost other than heirs and spouses allowed!

Screenshot-3.jpgMe: I took this picture to tell you guys how sweet they are! These two are ALWAYS together autonomously.

screenshot-5Fuchsia: Hi mom! How is your day going?

Evergreen: Why is that loser talking to me?

screenshot-8Me: Hey Evergreen… I hate to rush you but I really want some green babies around so I kind of need you to die soon…

Evergreen: I will die when I’m damn well ready!

screenshot-9Me: I took this picture of Flaaffy’s angry gamer face to talk about the gaming career. All you need is a good mood, nerd influence, to play games and later on, logic skill. Considering he has all of those and the ambitious trait he gets promoted literally every day!

Screenshot-10.jpgMe: You’re more cross-eyed than a sim on their birthday!

Tiffany: But it’s not my birthday.

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: SURPRISE!!!! I became impatient waiting for Evergreen to die, we’ll just do what we can until she gives us the space back.

Me: Now THAT’S a birthday face!

Screenshot-16.jpgMe: What the heck did you do to your hair?

Flaaffy: I’m going through a midlife crisis, I need a change! You’re stifling me!

Me: You’re an adult, who JUST got married, you have no kids yet, you went to and graduated from college, you get paid to play video games. WHY ARE YOU HAVING A CRISIS!? Change it back!

Screenshot-17.jpgMe: Their birthday is now on the same day for some reason. Here’s Fuchsia’s less awesome birthday face.

screenshot-19Me: I forgot why I took this picture, I’m sure I had some funny joke planned. I decided to keep it in though to show off Tiffany’s belly. Both her and Flaaffy wished for a girl.

screenshot-22Me: Let’s see if they get it!

screenshot-26Me: It’s a beautiful baby bo-

screenshot-25Me: OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE!? Anyway, this is Grovyle, he’s named after a pokemon just like his dad! Grovyle is a green, grass type so it fits! His traits are perceptive and loves the heat.

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: Waste no time! I want all of the kids 1-2 days apart, just like with the dandelion generation.

Screenshot-32.jpgFuchsia: Are you sure it’s safe.

Me: Yes.

Fuchsia: It doesn’t look safe.

Me: It is.

Fuchsia: Are you really sure?

Me: Damn it, Fuchsia. I want another green baby in 6 sims hours, get on it!

Screenshot-35.jpgStephen: Man, it is hot in the future or is it just me?

Fuchsia: I’m comfortable, it must be you.

Me: That’s surprisingly innocent.

screenshot-37Fuchsia: ASdhdsf!

screenshot-40Stephen: Fuchsia is lame. I’ll show you guys how it’s done! I’m the best at this!

Screenshot-41.jpgStephen: Told you.

Me: I was hoping he would fall so I could document the irony, but true to his word, he did not fall.

Screenshot-43.jpgFuchsia: …Can we exchange it for another one?

Me: Why wants wrong with it?

Screenshot-44.jpgFuchsia: …I think his mother is a jackal.

Me: No, he looks… just like you… from a distance…at an angle… anyway, I think it’s the skin mod I have. I don’t mind, they grow out of it during the toddler stage. His name is Gecko and his traits are couch potato and excitable!

Screenshot-45.jpgBonehilda: I like the new baby.

screenshot-46Me: Of course you would.

screenshot-47Me: Everybody rolled a wish to get a butler after the kiddies were born. I used up the extra room!

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: OUR SAVIOR HAS ARRIVED! She looks badass, like a secret agent or something.

screenshot-50Me: Evergreen, I really, really need that extra space soon.

Evergreen: I will die…when I damn well please.

Screenshot-54.jpgBonehilda: Who the hell does this woman think she is, doing my job. Trying to replace me.

Me: Mostly I wanted her for laundry reasons.

screenshot-58Tiffany: Is she trying to mother my child? Who the hell does she think she is?

Bonehilda:  Yeah, doesn’t feel good, does it?

screenshot-59Me: You are 100 days old and all of your siblings are dead. I love you but seriously. GO AWAY!Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Oh, I see you’re in the legacy room. Don’t you want to join them? All you have to do is DIE!

Evergreen: Flaaffy, the sim god is being so horrible to me.

Flaaffy: The other day you called Fuchsia a loser and last week you ruined all of their wedding pictures.

screenshot-63Evergreen: I figured that If I always hold a baby, the sim god won’t want me dead, because If I died then the baby would fall and the sim god loves the babies.

Tiffany: Please give me back my son.

Evergreen: Why? I’m outside, if I do kick the bucket he’ll land on a cushion of snow.

Tiffany: Now.

screenshot-68Evergreen: See?

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: DON’T JUST LEAVE HIM THERE!

screenshot-74Me: YAY, a birthday! It’s Grovyle’s birthday! I can’t wait to see how cute he is!

screenshot-76Me: AWWWWWW LOOK AT HIM! HE’S SO CUTE! And he doesn’t have Bella’s mouth!

screenshot-77Me: Yay, a baby to fill the void of the baby aging up.

screenshot-78Me: They finally had their baby girl, although this time they wished for a boy… Meet Grotle, named after another green, grass type pokemon. She’s a slob and Disciplined.

screenshot-81Me: And Fuchsia once again, freakin falls.

Screenshot-82.jpgFuchsia: Stephen, help me!

Stephen: Nah, I wanna check out those futuristic hot tubs!

Screenshot-83.jpgFuchsia: It happened again…

Me: Yeah it’s going to happen every time until I get rid of the mod, which I won’t because it makes you guys look gorgeous. Anyway, meet Garden, her traits are good and athletic, the perfect daughter already. If you’re wondering how I was able to get them to have a baby without Evergreen dying, I have a mod that allows me to move people in after there’s already 8 sims, they just can’t have more kids, so I moved Evergreen out and I’m going to move her back in afterward.

Screenshot-84.jpgFuchsia: So to recap, all that matters in the world is money.

screenshot-85Fuchsia: Which you don’t need to make on your own. You can just beg others for theirs!

screenshot-86Me: Guess who FREAKIN DIED right after bringing home the last baby!

Evergreen: I am ready now.

Screenshot-90.jpgMe: It’s Gecko’s birthday!!!

Screenshot-92.jpgMe: He’s cute, he has the chubbiest little cheeks!

Screenshot-93.jpgMe: Soooo cute!

Screenshot-95.jpgFuchsia: I don’t understand why I have to do all the dirty work.

Me: Would you rather have a job?

Fuchsia: I’d rather be in the hot tub drinking a daiquiri.

Screenshot-96.jpgMe: I think we can all agree who the idiot of the generation is.

Grovyle: I fit!

Screenshot-101.jpgFuchsia: And the legacy room contains the dead bodies of all of our ancestors, if you play your cards right, you’ll be among them.

screenshot-112screenshot-113Me: Double birthday!!!

screenshot-114Me: Here’s Grotle, and before you say anything, YES Flaaffy is her father. I have no idea why she’s darker than everyone else but it suits her, she’s gorgeous. She also looks a lot like Flaaffy, it seems Bella’s lips will continue to haunt us for the entirety of the legacy.

Screenshot-115.jpgMe: Here’s Garden, when I first saw her I literally thought, “Wow, that is definitely Stephen’s daughter!” But looking at her again, I see a lot of Fuchsia in there. She’s a perfect genetic mix of the two. She’s cute but awkward looking, I’m confident she’ll grow into her looks though. I love them all so much!!!!!!

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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.6

Me: I love seeing the spouses getting along with each other. Especially since they’re opposites.

screenshot-3Me: Did you guys know that in my game, Tiffany is a witch… because Tiffany’s a witch. I’ve never played one before so she can stay that way.

screenshot-5Tiffany: I can make sparkles out of nothing even though it’s not my birthday!

Me: Can you do anything else?

Tiffany: Nope!

screenshot-10Me: I know you love your new brain chair thing but your brother is throwing a dinner party to celebrate everyone’s engagements and you’re not even dressed yet!

Flaaffy: Oh yeah, that. I’m not going.

Me: Why the hell not?

Flaaffy: I’m anti-social.

Me: You’re also friendly.

Flaaffy: Tiffany doesn’t have to go!

Me: Yes she does.

Flaaffy: Well tell that to her because she’s not even here.

Me: I can not keep track of all of you.

Screenshot-13.jpgMe: At least you’re dressed. Where were you?

Tiffany: Reading a book.

Me: You can read books at the house!

Tiffany: Yeah, and I can also read books at the park.

Me: Just go to the party.

Tiffany: I need to change first! There’s a hole in my dress!

Me: WHAT?!

Tiffany: How do you think I fit the broom through my dress?

Screenshot-12.jpgGuy: So you just keep dead bodies in your house?

Me: It’s not real…. probably.

Screenshot-15.jpgTiffany: Who in the world leaves food on the ground in the rain?! I’m going to be late to the party, this place falls apart when I leave and I need to clean it.

screenshot-19Me: At least someone is being responsible for the party.

Fuchsia: Hey, thanks for coming! I just wanted to chat and see how you’ve been and also ask you for money.

Guy: Sure! I’ll give you money.

Me: Nevermind.

Screenshot-20.jpgMe: Remember the children’s only friend from childhood? Yeah, she’s all grown up now and looks slightly better than she did as a teen.

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: She’s talking to Envy who looks like the sweetest old lady.

Envy: Of course, no one suspects an old woman with ribbons in her hair to commit a lot of crimes.

Me: I always imagined Electrike as the evil one…

Envy: He’s my partner!

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: He looks adorable too! I see he kept the piercings, though.

Electrike: Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I have to be lame.

Me: And that about covers it for the guests…. my sims have no friends.

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: Look at you being involved and making your guests drinks!

Flaaffy: Huh? Oh, no. These are all for me, I’m going to need to be buzzed if you want me to talk to them.

Me: Just don’t make a fool of yourself.

Flaaffy: No promises.

Me: Here we go! Now this person must be the perfect host for tonight! Are you making drinks for the guests?

Stephen: Nah, me and Flaaff are doing shots, first one to pass out has to take the family to dinner!

Me: Who’s manning the guests!?

Stephen: They can take care of themselves.

Screenshot-27.jpgFlaaffy: What’s the matter? Tired already? I’ve barely begun.

Stephen: NO! Im tha purty animul her, I juss gotta figur out howta mix thus drink without spilling it. Ima take a nap now.

Flaaffy: I think it’s safe to say I won.

Screenshot-28.jpgFlaaffy: He just passed out right there.

Tiffany: Amateurs, let me show you how it’s done!

Tiffany: Oops.

Flaaffy: Sim god, you were right, I’m having a great time.

Me: I hate all of you.

Screenshot-30.jpgTiffany: Sorry… but trust me, if anyone has any calculus questions I am on it!

screenshot-36Electrike: I had so much fun at the party I didn’t even realize dying and becoming a zombie.

Me: Well party’s over. I can’t trust anyone here. Go home.

Screenshot-38.jpgEnvy: The party was great wasn’t it? The food wasn’t great though, it really needed human flesh.

Me: You’re a zombie too? Both of you, out. No zombies in the house.

Electrike: Well that’s just discrimination.

Envy: He’s right! I want to enjoy the party more!

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: Ugh there’s drinks everywhere. What a mess.

Cherry: Don’t think of it as a mess, think of it as a challenge.

Screenshot-45.jpgFuchsia: Why is this place a mess?

Me: I don’t know, ask your family.

Fuchsia: My wedding is today!

screenshot-47Fuchsia: I’m going to have a drink and close my eyes for ten minutes. When I open them I want this place clean.

Me: Are you really in a position to tell ME what to do? Tell your brother or something.

screenshot-52Fuchsia: Flaaffy. I’m getting married in two hours.

Flaaffy: Good for you, bro. I’m so happy.

Fuchsia: You want me to be happy right?

Flaaffy: Of course.

Fuchsia: Then make sure my wedding is spectacular. I want this place cleaned!

Flaaffy: Okay, I’ll wake up Tiffany and have her clean and I’ll call and order some p-

Fuchsia: Sim god, if he says pizza I might lock him in Bonehilda’s closet.

Flaaffy: Performers to sing at the party.

Me: See? Don’t assume things Fuchsia.

screenshot-65Flaaffy: What do you mean you don’t do last minute parties? Please? I don’t care who you send, send your dumbest singer I don’t care!

Me: I hope you don’t regret that.

Screenshot-66.jpgFuchsia: I’ve noticed it’s raining.

Screenshot-67.jpgFuchsia: …that’s fine.

Screenshot-68.jpgFuchsia: …that’s absolutely fine.

Me: You don’t sound so sure.

screenshot-71Fuchsia: …just fine…

Me: You look like you need to be alone… so I’ll just… leave you alone.

screenshot-72Me: What are you doing in the bathroom?

Singer: I think that everyone could use some entertainment in the bathroom.

Me: There’s not even anyone in there!

Singer: Oh.

screenshot-74Me: You’re getting married in like 30 minutes. Fuchsia will kill you if you aren’t ready.

Stephen: I have it all planned out. 28 minutes to work out, 1 minute to shower, 30 seconds to dry off and get dressed and another 30 minutes to jump out the window and tuck and roll right to the altar.

Me: That sounds like the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard but it’s your life.

screenshot-78Me: Tiffany you aren’t even ready?!

Tiffany: Every time I clean something up someone makes something else a mess!

Singer: I find that the key to a happy marriage is to keep a happy house, you can tame and relax your house by singing to it like this.

Me: Go home.

Screenshot-82.jpgStephen: See? I told you I could do it! I’ve got 2 seconds to spare!

Me: You know what? You were right. Good job.

Screenshot-83.jpgStephen: Hey Fairy, check out this ugly chick!

Me: Don’t insult your guests, she’s Fuchsia’s only friend.

Screenshot-84.jpgMe: No! No you do not die! We have a ceremony to start!

screenshot-88Stephen: What’s the hold up?

Me: Someone died because someone always dies at my parties!

Stephen: Damn, must be a good party then.screenshot-93Fuchsia: You know what? Maybe I was over-exaggerating, this party was perfect!

Stephen: I’m glad we’re starting our marriage off on the right foot.

Me: I guess in the end, easily impressed sims are still easily impressed. Now let me just zoom in and I can get some totally awesome pictures. Awesome lighting, awesome scenery. This is going to be cover-photo worthy. Nothing can ruin this.

Screenshot-94.jpgEvergreen: This seems like a good place to stand.

Me: NO! No! No! NOOO!

Screenshot-95.jpgEvergreen: My baby’s getting married!


Screenshot-110.jpgMe: Trouble in paradise?

Stephen: You’re such an idiot!

Screenshot-113.jpgFuchsia: Bitch, please. I’m a genius.

screenshot-114Me: WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE HER!?

screenshot-116Me: They’re all good!

screenshot-121Fuchsia: Stephen, I can’t cut into the cake!

Stephen: That’s a wall, dear.

Screenshot-129.jpgMe: The ceremony is over, I don’t care what happens to anyone else.

Envy: But I didn’t eat my cake!

screenshot-134Flaaffy: Aunt Envy! Nooo!

Tiffany: That’s so gross. I can’t believe I was within ten feet of a dead body.

screenshot-135Tiffany: I’m going to spend the rest of the day showering.

Flaaffy: But my aunt’s dead!

Tiffany: And filthy!

Screenshot-152.jpgMe: They’re still good too.

Screenshot-157.jpgMe: So good that they’re getting married. I ran out of party throwing patience. He’s a loner anyway there’s no need. At least I sent them to the park and they didn’t get married in the kitchen.

Screenshot-163.jpgMe: On an unrelated note, Flaaffy completed his lifetime wish and then he joined the game tester career. Here he is telling the wall. That means next time everyone will be less busy so will there be babies finally? Probably.











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