Hello everyone, welcome to my legacy, The ultimate Rainbowcy, I have started this before but due to some problems that were out of my control, I had to restart it, but the rules are still the same as before. This legacy is an alphabet and rainbowcy combined, there will be 26 generations each with different colors starting with the letter of the alphabet that the number belongs to, 1 will be A, 2 will be B and so on. and the names of the kids in the generation will have to start with the same letter that the color is, B names could be Ben, Beatrice, ect. But for extra points to myself I could name them after the color and with the same letter. Like B names could be Berry (Blueberry) Or Bluejay. I’m sorry if that’s a bit confusing but it’ll get more simple when you start reading the legacy. Also I’m going to label each post using the name of the color, the number of the generation then the number of the post, so the first post will be Aqua 1.1 and so on. And each generation will start as soon as all of the potential heirs become young adults So other than that, it’s pretty much normal legacy rules.

Alphabet Color Guide

A- Aquamarine
B- Blue
C- Cardinal
D- Dandelion
E- Emerald
F- Fuchsia
G- Green
H- Heliotrope
I- Indigo
J- Jade
K- Khaki
L- Lilac
M- Maroon
N- Navy Blue
O- Orange
P- Pink
Q- Quartz grey
R- Red
S- Silver
T- Thistle
U- Ultramarine
V- Violet
W- White
X- Xanthic
Y- Yellow
Z- Zuccini