Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.7

Well at least I narrowed the choices down? Haha, now all I have to do it put it in a random choice maker.

THE INTERNET HAS DECIDED! The heir poll will be at the end of this chapter because it’s THE FINAL CHAPTER FOR THE GREEN GENERATION OMG!


3.pngMe: So…uh…you guys alright?

Screenshot.jpgHotwire: I’m going to do dastardly things, Dave. Dastardly, I say!

Kid: First of all, we’re supposed to be working on our group project right now. Second of all, my name’s not Dave.

Hotwire: I forgot your name.

Me: Yep…me too.

Screenshot-2Gnome: I found a rock!

Me: Yes you did, freezer bunny. You can do no wrong. Wait… weren’t you in the kitchen???



Screenshot-10.jpgGrotle: Don’t worry, son. I won’t tell anyone that I saw you coming out of a secret room behind a bookcase, smelling of old roots and smoke. Whatever you do in your spare time is your business, evening if it’s dangerous and illegal.

Hawkeye: Thanks.

Screenshot-11.jpgGrotle: I’m such a good mom.

Screenshot-18.jpgHawkeye: Man, I overslept. How come nobody woke me up!?

Hawkeye: Mornin’ dad. What’s for breakfa-… Dad?

Hawkeye: Honey Lemon, Hyacinth, have either of you see-…

Screenshot-17Hawkeye: Mom, are you out here day drinking again?… WHERE IS EVERYONE! They’re gone… Everyone I’ve ever cared about has gone missing…. I might never see them again.

Hawkeye: Now I can focus on my work without being careful!

Hawkeye: Hour number four with no food. The world is turning dark and bleak. I find myself missing my family more than I expected. I have only grown hungrier by the minute. I fear this is the end.

Hawkeye: August! You’re here! Where is everyone? Are we gonna have to repopulate the world?

August: Uhh, of course, I’m here. All the adults went on vacation so it’s only us and Hotwire… remember? We talked about it at the family meeting last night.

Hawkeye: Oh yeah….*Is absent minded*

Me: Why did you grab a hotdog while August is making lunch.

Hawkeye: Wait for it…

August: What are you talking about, it’s fin- Oh…

Me: August didn’t even eat her own cooking…

Hawkeye: I love her but she can not cook.

Hotwire: My minions, we attack at dusk!!! Some of you may perish, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.


Hotwire: Your commanders were strong freezer bunny, but I’m afraid they were no match for me or my army. It’s time to die.

Hotwire: VICTORY IS OURS! Okay guys, let’s burn the kitchen so no evidence of murder can be linked back to us. I’ll go find the matches.

Me: And where are the trusted babysitters during all of this?

Screenshot-40.jpgHawkeye: We’re gonna be great parents.

August: I know, right?

Screenshot-43.jpgHotwire: Oh my sim god…no…. HE’S CALLED FOR REINFORCEMENTS! Purple Dinosaur! Ready the cannon!

Me: The real reason I took this screenshot was the demonstrate how many gnomes they have but Hotwire photobombed.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: Birthday! I’m not showing his picture because he isn’t eligible to be an heir. Sorry Hotwire fans, he’s great. It’s not his fault. If anything, blame Tiffany and Stephen for taking so long to die and free up space.

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: You just completed your lifetime wish, how does it feel?

Ray: I want another baby.


Screenshot-54.jpgGrotle: Ugh! I was gonna sleep on this lounger in the cold!

Me: There’s like 5 other ones on your property… PLUS YOU BOTH HAVE BEDS!

Screenshot-61.jpgHawkeye: Now, a little bit of Hotwire’s tears…

Me: What are you making?

Hawkeye: Happiness potion. Instead of fixing my problems I now have the power to ignore them with magic.

Me: …How did you get the tears?…

Screenshot-62.jpgHotwire: *sniffles* I wanna be on the poll too…

Me: Hotwire! Hide! You can’t let anybody see you not in color!

Hawkeye: And this eyeball I bought from the nice man behind the hardware store for good measure.

Screenshot-64.jpgHawkeye: Well… here goes nothing.

Screenshot-65.jpgHawkeye: UGh! That was disgusting! Hotwire, your tears are disgusting!!!!

Me: But the eyeball wasn’t?

Screenshot-67Me: Well he didn’t turn into a witch yet but it isn’t necessary to be an Alchemy Artisan so he still has time. OKAY SO LET’S SEE OUR POTENTIONAL HEIRS!

Screenshot-6.jpgMe using Game Show Voice: Here we have potentional heir #1 Honey Lemon. Honey Lemon enjoys music and arts but she doesn’t like being naked or anything that comes from it, including children. She is a bit forgetful and might set the house on fire but I can’t imagine her doing that. She’s the most classy of my sims. Her lifetime wish to be a hit movie composer. I believe we already had that lifetime wish. It was Daffodil’s if I remember correctly but all of the other wishes she was offered sucked.

Traits: Virtuoso, Artistic, Absent-Minded, Never-Nude, Dislikes Children.
LTW: Hit Movie Composer.

Screenshot-7.jpgMe: Potential Heir #2, Hoppip. Hoppip is a daddy’s girl in appearance but personality wise she’s a bit concerning. Hoppip enjoys being organized but will freak out when the slightest thing goes wrong. She will then spend hours upon hours thinking about how things could go wrong and why they do. She’s insane but that’s just who she is… an insane paranoid neat freak but don’t worry she’s harmless. Her one wish in life is to find the unicorn that’s been haunting her during her dreams.

Traits: Insane, Neat, Brooding, Neurotic, Good.

LTW: Fairy-Tale Finder

Screenshot-8Me: Potentional heir #3, Hyacinth, also known as ‘The girl with the impossible to pronounce name.’ Hyacinth is a simpler girl who enjoys hot summer days, meditation, nurturing those she cares for and an intellectual challenge. She also likes solving murder mysteries and kicking the asses of those who don’t submit and give her she answers she wants. Continuing to follow her uncle Grovyle’s dream, Hyacinth wants to solve 35 mysteries.

Traits: Genius, Disciplined, Perceptive, Loves the Heat, Nurturing.

LTW: Pervasive Private-Eye

Screenshot-68Me: And last but not least here’s potential heir #4, Hawkeye. Hawkeye enjoys the occult, usually to the point of an obsession. He already has a special someone in his life who knows nothing of his hobby and his plans to turn into a witch. He loves spending his time outdoors and usually has a difficult time staying asleep. He’s a great kisser but will most likely set the house on fire during an absent minded cauldron explosion. I’m not even sure that can happen but I’ve seen weirder things. His one goal in life is to master the art of alchemy and potion making.

Traits: Supernatural Fan, Absent-Minded, Great Kisser, Loves the outdoors, Light Sleeper.

LTW: Alchemy Artisan.

Me: As usual you guys have one week to vote and then afterwards I’ll take some more time to build the new house!










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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.7

  1. I don’t think the girls have competition, cannot wait to see Hawkeye and August with the fun genetics.

    So many gnomes! I know my rabbit ones breed when I have a garden, and the myserious ones *actually* breed. Not sure about the freezer bunny and dog ones…does the family have any pets? It’s been so long since I played with that EP, but I believe both the FB and dog gnomes come from that Pets?

    • Yeah I’m not supposed to play favorites but everyone knows who I’d vote for haha and about the gnomes if I remember correctly there’s maybe a 0.1% chance of a freezer bunny appearing when a dog barks at the fridge and there’s a 0.7% chance of the dog one appearing whenever a dog becomes best friends with someone.

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