Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.6

I plan on having Hawkeye turn into an occult before the end of the generation. I really want your opinion on which type you would be interested in seeing. The choice of the occult also affects the lifetime wish he’ll have. I want to stick with the supernatual lifestates for him but I’m sure eventually in later generations we’ll get to see the ones like plant sims and mermaids.

Here are the options you’ll have

Witch and Alchemy Artisan (Use 50 Elixers)

Witch and Zombie Master (Turn 10 sims into a zombie)

Witch and Mystic Healer (Cure 12 transformed sims)

Fairy and Greener Gardens (Make 100 plants grow using bloom and reach level 10 gardening skill)

Fairy and Magic Makeover (Grant 12 sims inner beauty and reach level 10 charisma)

Vampire and Turn the Town (Drink from 20 sims and turn 5 into vampires)

Werewolf and Leader of The Pack (Convert 5 sims to werewolves and find 40,000 simoleons worth of objects while hunting)


Hoppip: A date? Sure! I’d love to!

Me: Aww Hoppip, do you have a secret admirer?

Me: Wow, he’s really tall for a teen.

Hoppip: He’s not a teen! He’s 36!

Me: Okay, that’s not legal.

Guy: Yeah and we’re going to get married!

Me: That’s really not legal.

August: Hey, want to go hang out? Maybe go fishing like when we were kids?

Hawkeye: Sorry, I’m…busy. Yes, busy… with…homework?

August: I can help.

Hawkeye: NopeGottaGoBye!

Hawkeye: That was close… I can’t let her find out about my hobby.

Screenshot-20.jpgHawkeye: She’d hate me if she knew.

Hawkeye: that I dabble in the dark arts and the occult….

Screenshot-24.jpgRay: That’s it! I’m done! You keep me locked in this house and I’m sick of it! If I can’t go outside then I’m bringing the outside here with a costume party.

Me: Okay that’s fine but I don’t keep you locked up. You’re on free will. Do whatever you want.

Ray: I want to throw a costume party for spooky day!

Hoppip: What?! She looks prettier than me?! That’s not possible!

Me: She does, once you get past the uniqueness you can see that she has this like…. soft beauty? I can’t describe it.

Hoppip: Well, I hate it! I want to be prettiest in the house.

Me: Okay well then you’d hate to know but you’re like…maybe 4th or 5th prettiest in the house.

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: Okay, make that 3rd prettiest.

Screenshot-28.jpgAugust: Hi, Ray. You haven’t seen Hawkeye have you? I was hoping he and I could spend the party together.


Allora: That’s my face. 😦

Me: Oh, sorry Allora. Everyone, this is Hoppip’s best friend Allora. I think she’s normal but she hangs out with Hoppip so who knows.


Screenshot-33.jpgHoney Lemon: So what is that? Like some kinda art installment.

Hyacinth: Um, I’m an alien from Sixam. Only the best alien planet in existence. I could go on and on about the prophecy but you’re not worth my time. I already spent two weeks making this mask.

Honey Lemon: Oh… I’m a serial killer.

August: Hey guys. Have either of you seen Hawkeye? He’s missing the party!

Honey Lemon: And a serial killer is way cooler than an alien!

Hyacinth: You’re wearing an ugly vest and a hockey mask! OOOOH I’m so scared!

August: Nevermind, I guess.

Screenshot-38.jpgAugust: Hawkeye! There you are!….what are you wearing?


Hawkeye: Yeah but it’s heliotrope. I gotta support the color of the generation right. That’s what a real heir would do.

Me: Nice save.

Screenshot-41.jpgAugust: Hey you can’t get out of this by making a funny face! Where were you! I looked everywhere!

Hawkeye: You’re still mad?

August: Of course I am!

Hawkeye: I was afraid of this.

August: What?

Screenshot-42Hawkeye: Stay there.

August: You can get out of this tha-

Hawkeye: *Tosses potion*

Screenshot-46.jpgAugust: Hawkeye! I’m so sorry I yelled! I don’t even remember why I was so angry!

Hawkeye: It’s okay. Let’s just dance and we’ll figure it out later.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: Awwww! Although it’d be a lot cuter is HAWKEYE WORE THE COSTUME I PICKED!

Screenshot-60.jpgGrotle: Hey, look how sparkly and gold my dress is? I can has gig?

Proprietor: Sorry, but your dress isn’t nearly as sparkly and gold enough.

Screenshot-61.jpgAllora: Hi, Hoppip. Thanks for inviting me over.

Honey Lemon: I swear that girl’s a ghost. Didn’t we ship them all away?

Me: Just because she never leaves doesn’t mean she’s a ghost.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Damn, someone learned their way around the easy bake oven.

Screenshot-65.jpgHawkeye: Brilliant! The potion worked. I wonder what else I can learn. The world is so shrouded in mystery. I want to uncover it all! I guess I’ll just lock myself in here the entire weekend and learn everything I can.

Screenshot-66.jpgAugust: *mumbling* Ugh. Frickin Hawkeye dissappearing every morning after breakfast then everyday after school. WHERE DOES HE GO!!!!!!????

Me: At least your turning your anger into something productive.

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: I think I found the perfect man for Hoppip!

Guy: Man? I’m not a man! I’m a yeti! Left hand: He’s lying! Right hand: No he’s not!

Me: Soul mates.

Me: Um….Ow???

Ray: The best way to make a dog tolerate a bath is to get in which them.

Me: Couldn’t you have done that without impaling yourself into the tub?

Screenshot-80.jpgHawkeye: How did I get here?

Me: Part of me is concerned that his memory loss is from spending too much time around dangerous magic potions. The other part remembers that he’s always been like this.

Grotle: Okay, that’s it. Who brought a BABY to my concert!!!!

Everyone: *mumbling* I don’t know. It’s not mine.


Me: You seem to have things under control over here.

August: What are you doing over here?

Hawkeye: Nothing. I’m certainly not making magical potions or anything like that.

August: Can we please go hangout. I haven’t seen you all week.

Hawkeye: I don’t know…

August: If you don’t I’m going to follow you and see where you go.

Hawkeye: Let’s go to the park.

Screenshot-87.jpgHoppip: What are you guys doing dressed like that?

Honey Lemon: We could ask you the same thing.

Hoppip: We’re going to the beach.

Hyacinth: It’s snowing!

Hoppip: The polar bear club waits for no one!

Screenshot-88.jpgAugust: See, isn’t this fun?

Hawkeye: Hanging out with you is always fun.

August: Then why do you avoid me…

Hawkeye: It’s more complicated than that. Let’s go by the fire.

Screenshot-90.jpgHawkeye: I don’t avoid you. I’m just working on something. It’s important.

August: Then I can help.

Hawkeye: No you can’t

Screenshot-92.jpgAugust: I used to see you everyday but it’s like you hate me now.

Hawkeye: I could never hate you.

August: Then will you go to prom with me?

Hawkeye: I was going to stay home that day but if you want then I’ll go.

Screenshot-91.jpgHoney Lemon: Should we stop her?

Hyacinth: It’s not our job to stop her from doing stupid things, it’s our job to carry her home safely when she suffers the consequences.

Me: Woah, how are you doing that?

August: If I want to grow up and be a hero I need to learn to scale any surface.


Screenshot-96.jpgProprietor: Ugh. Not her again.

Grotle: That’s right, bitch. I’m back.

Screenshot-98.jpgProprietor: Look! I’m sorry! I can’t have a nobody singing at my location! Okay?

Grotle: “Nobody?” Bitch, I came here in a limo. I wear a dress that cost more than your house!

Screenshot-99.jpgProprietor: Whatever, I’m leaving.

Grotle: You haven’t seen the last of me!

Screenshot-104.jpgGrotle: That’s it! I’m done! YOU listen to me now, got it?! I want a gig here. I’m done auditioning. If you say no, I’m pointing the sparks right at your face!

Proprietor: Sure, you can have a gig here.

Grotle: Really?! Awww, thank you!

Screenshot-107Me: Oh…right. It’s your birthday… Sorry but I don’t care. I’m too busy looking at PROM NOTIFICATIONS!

Me: Not a prom notification but it happened at around the same time. WTF is this? Grotle are you going around telling people your psychic?

Grotle: Yeah! And they believe it! It’s hilarious! They’ll believe anything a celebrity tells them!

Me: Were we really expecting anything different?
Me: Awwwww! I mean it’s a little creepy how he just like creeped up and snuck the kiss but still!
Me: Looks like Honey Lemon got herself a little romantic interest too!
Me: And Hyacinth gets nothing.

Screenshot-108.jpgMe: The triplets birthdays were right after prom! You get to see them next time! Next chapter is also the end of the generation so there will be a poll!!


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  1. Aw, Hawkeye and August are so cute together. They’re going to make some interesting-looking babies, that’s for sure. I think Alchemy is a good fit for Hawkeye, so a witch will be right up his alley. That, and it’s way easier to brew that elixir than the fairy or vampire ones 😛

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