Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.2

Woah guys! Two chapters in one day! Make sure you don’t miss the first one since they’re back to back! It’s awesome!

Screenshot-209Me: We begin this chapter on a beautiful lot for a wonderful wedding party.

Screenshot-210.jpgMe: Which is stressing me out because I set the party two hours before her gig by accident and they WON’T GET MARRIED.


Screenshot-215.jpgMe: FINALLY! Oh don’t worry Grotle, you’re only two hours late to your gig.

Screenshot-220.jpgGrotle: I didn’t even get to sing.

Me: Well maybe if you were on time…

Screenshot-226Me: Where are you guys going?

Ray: Well Grotle said that if I want to have a big family then I need to do what she says. Today she wants matching tattoos.


Screenshot-227Grotle: Ray what tattoo do you want to get? How about the pink butterfly tramp stamp?

Screenshot-230.jpgGrotle: Oh that’s right. I get to choose. Pink butterfly it is!

Screenshot-232Tattoo Artist: If you held still it would go by faster.

Grotle: but it hurts!

Screenshot-235.jpgGrotle: I want a tramp stamp! Why are you putting it on my arm.

Tattoo artist. Just trust me.

Screenshot-236Grotle: WOw! That was amazing! You’re talented.

Tattoo Artist: Then why won’t you tip me?

Grotle: Here’s your tip. My husband is up next and he’s a bigger bitch than I am.

Screenshot-237.jpgTattoo Artist: Woah, not even a flinch. You’re the perfect customer!

Ray: I tolerate it for my love.


Tattoo Artist: Hey kid. “You know, it’s funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”

Ray: I love that show! Bojack Horseman is awesome!

Tattoo Artist: and I see you completely missed the point.

Me: At least you tried inspirational tattoo guy. That sounds like a cool superhero. He saves people by inspiring them and not fighting crime at all.

Screenshot-243.jpgRay: Babies. Now.

Grotle: Excuse me?

Ray: I got your tattoo now it’s time to make babies.

Screenshot-244.jpgGrotle: YOU’RE SO DEMANDING!

Ray: I was kidding, my princess. You know I’d never upset you for real.

Me: I think this might be my favorite generation.

Me: Aww Fuchsia! I’d be sad but I really need the extra space…

Screenshot-249.jpgMe: Grotle, you’ve been standing there for a long time.

Grotle: …

Me: Are you stuck?

Grotle: …

Me: Ugh *resets*

Screenshot-251.jpgMe: Aren’t you going to answer that?

Grotle: …


Screenshot-252Me: She fixed herself shortly after and even made it on time to her gig. Okay Grotle. Time to perform!

Grotle: I’m on the stage.

Me: Yes, now sing.

Grotle: I’m on the stage.

Me: Why are you being all glitchy?

Screenshot-253.jpgMe: That’s not your career outfit… I’m also starting to see a belly… Grotle are you pregnant? There’s no moodlet for some reason.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant, I’m just hungry!

Me: There’s seriously NO pregnancy moodlet…

Screenshot-255.jpgMe: Look who’s aging up!

Screenshot-256.jpgMe: AHAHSDHHA KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Screenshot-258.jpgMe: Nevermind, she’s fine.

Screenshot-265.jpgMe: No pregnancy moodlet and for some reason she’s able to work…

Grotle: My ankles hurt like a bitch but yet I still wear heels and just last night I ate 32 meals.

Guy: Sounds like you’re pregnant.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant!

Screenshot-274Ray: What happened to your belly? Weren’t you just wildly pregnant last night.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant.

Screenshot-277.jpgMe: She’s lying. But she’s still glitchy.


Me: Yeah, sure it is. Just go home and have the kid.

Grotle: I’m not pregnant!

Screenshot-288.jpgGrotle: Hey Ray! You were right I WAS pregnant! She’s beautiful.

Me: I think you mean THEY’RE beautiful.

Grotle: What?

Screenshot-289.jpgMe: SURPRISE! Their names are Honey Lemon, named after the girl from big hero six, who’s superhero suit was purplish pinkish. Hyacinth, named after the flower and Hoppip, named after the Pokemon.

Screenshot-290.jpgGrotle: Now back to work!

Me: You had two shows and missed them both, I doubt you’re going to be able to get another gig.

Screenshot-293.jpgMe: WHAT?!



Screenshot-298.jpgMe: WHY IS NO ONE HELPING!?

Screenshot-302Me: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You’re the real hero of this legacy. You guys have no idea how grateful I am for her just randomly running in the building and saving her. I honestly thought Grotle was going to die. I was thinking about my options afterwards. Whether I’d revive her somehow or just carry on. I’m happy I don’t have to make that choice… that girl saved the generation! I want her in my legacy.

Screenshot-305.jpgGrotle: I still look good.

August: As pretty as a flower.

Screenshot-310.jpgGrotle: Thank you for saving me. You’re so brave.

August: It was my duty as a citizen. I could never let anyone die when I’m around.

Me: Our very own Princess Charming!

Grotle: I’m arranging a marriage.

August: What?

Grotle: You’ll see.

Screenshot-316.jpgGrotle: Maybe I can keep her young with a potion…

August: What?

Grotle: Nothing. Take me to your hippie parents.

Screenshot-318.jpgGrotle: Hi, my name is Grotle. You might recognize me from being f*cking awesome.

Stardust: *Makes however you would describe that facial expression*

Screenshot-321.jpgGrotle: I’ll just come right out and say it. I want your daughter. Not for anything weird though. I just want to keep her in my house, keep her a toddler until I’m done having kids then I’m going to raise her to marry one of them. She’ll complete all of her dreams and be under careful watch of the SimGod.

Me: Seems weird to me.

Grotle: She saved my life, shut up.

Stardust: I think it’s a great idea!

Grotle: Wait, are you sure? That’s completely out of your character. You love your daughter and together you try to stop the deforestation of the area and in fact, you and your husband hate performers like me because we perform in the venues that caused said deforestation and then bring money into the business that causes it. You should hate your daughter being raised by me.

Stardust: As you can see, I have a new daughter to protest with. You’re boring Guadalupe and I. Just take her.

Grotle: …if you say so. She’s probably better off with me. You guys are poor.

Me: They are poor… it’s the first thing Grotle noticed.

Screenshot-326.jpgStardust: I know 😦

Screenshot-331.jpgMe: Introducing August Woods. Before she was sold to be a bride her traits were Brave, Neat, Excitable and Unflirty so she’s going to keep those traits as she ages. I’m going to keep her a toddler until all of the kiddies are born and when she’s older she’s going to marry one of them. Whether that person becomes the heir is unknown and it doesn’t matter. I just need her in the family. She grows up with a bit of an awkward face but who cares, she’s awesome. Also THOSE EYES!

Screenshot-341.jpgGrotle: I Apologize for being late to every show I had but if you gave me another chance I would be really glad!

Proprietor: Cute but no.

Me: I told you, you’d have a hard time getting another gig. Try again after you get a promotion.

Screenshot-354.jpgMe: Birthday!!!

Screenshot-356Me: D’awwwwww! Honey Lemon is so cute! And she doesn’t have Bella’s lips! Her traits are absent minded and virtuoso.

Screenshot-357.jpgMe: Here’s Hyacinth. She’s also cute. She also doesn’t have Bella’s lips. Her traits are Genius and Dicsiplined.

Screenshot-358.jpgMe: Here’s Hoppip. She’s the daddy’s girl it seems the curse of Bella didn’t affect any of the triplets. Her traits are good and insane. We’re getting some interesting traits this generation!

Screenshot-364.jpgDaffodil: These kids are going to revive me only to kill me again.

Me: Same.

Screenshot-369.jpgGrotle: Are you going to be the one August falls in love with? Probably not because you’re crazy.

Me: If you can’t tell. Grotle is pregnant again. There’s like no pictures though because the time was spent toddler training.

Screenshot-370.jpgMe: Toddler Training be like.

Hya: I’m stuck.

Grotle: Well if you don’t get unstuck I’m just tossing her on top of you.

Honey Lemon: TOO LATE!

Screenshot-371.jpgGlitter: I sense something is going on.

Grotle: What are you talking about? I’m fine.

Screenshot-376Me: This one was just a singleton! His name is Hawkeye, named after to marvel hero who’s suit was purplish. That’s it for this chapter, what will happen next time? Another baby? Maybe. Will Tiffy and Stephen finally kick the bucket giving me room for another baby? Also Maybe. Will Grotle get arrested for kidnapping? Probably not.


Me: We end this chapter with notifications. Here we have Gecko moving into his own place almost immedietly after I kicked him out. I guess he didnt want to be with Grovyle or Garden. Here’s proof that Grovyle hired Grotle to provide him with a sing-a-gram. I was supposed to post it last chapter but I forgot.


Garden and Gecko both found love pretty quickly.


Me: At first I was like “Wtf how is he a grandfather? Who had a kid? It was Garden! Her daughter Carisa was born before the Heliotrope children were. She and her boyfriend were married shortly after.

Me: Grovyle eventually found love too but I don’t trust him since he has to commitment issues trait and Garden had another kid.















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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.2

  1. OMG, thank goodness August saved Grotle, that could have been disastrous for the legacy. Then again, technically Grotle has already birthed a heir and two spares so… you’re not playing an ISBI where the heir has to be kept alive until the next generation are old enough to take over. I love the idea of adopting her into the family.

    Love the names of the H gen, especially Honey Lemon. She’s already my favourite, just because of the name. And none of the girls have Bella’s lips *gasp*

    • I have not lost a sim to anything but old age yet and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon! Haha mostly I wanted her around for lifetime wish reasons. She can do whatever she wants after both her and Ray complete their LTW’s. I try not to play favorites but Honey Lemon makes it hard! She’s so cute and I love her traits currently. I guess we’ll find out when they’re all grown.

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