Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.1

ScreenshotGrotle: Did you get the stuff?

Grovyle: Yeah, I got it what you asked for although I am going to remind you that what you’re doing is highly illegal.

Grotle: I’m Grotle Belland, I can do whatever I want. Just wait for the cue. When Ray gets here, distract him so I can drug his drink. Stephen and Garden are waiting by to load his body in the car. Gecko is at his house getting his stuff.

Grovyle: So, so illegal… I’m glad I’m not on the other side of this.

Grotle: Don’t get on my bad side.

Screenshot-7Grotle: Hi hon! I’m glad you came. Let’s go inside and have a drink.

Ray: Sure Princess.

Screenshot-8Grotle: Oh hey, Grovyle. What are you up to.

Grovyle: I’m just looking for someone to do this kegstand with. Perhaps in a manner that would cause them to not be able to see you doing something illegal. Like drugging drinks.

Grotle: Let’s be thankful you decided not to be an actor. Ray, why don’t you join Grovyle and I’ll make some drinks.

Ray: Uh okay?

Screenshot-10.jpgRay: So what do I do.

Grovyle: I’m gonna hold you upside down and you’re just going to drink.

Ray: Why though.

Grovyle: College kids do it all the time.

Screenshot-14.jpgGrotle: I wasn’t sure which one he’s going to take so I drugged all of them. Make sure nobody else drinks them.

Me: No promises.

Grotle: Ray, come get a drink! I made them special just for you!

Screenshot-17.jpgRay: Thanks Princess. You’re so considerate.

Screenshot-18.jpgRay: Is everything spinny to you t-

Screenshot-19.jpgGrotle: Okay now let’s just load him in the car and go to our new home?

Garden: Was all of this necessary?

Grotle: What do you mean?

Stephen: Garden is right. Why go through all of this work just so you could move him?

Grotle: Because I was afraid he’d say no.

Stephen: Why would he say no? He loves you. You didn’t even ask. It seems like you just wanted more drama.

Grotle: …just put him in the car.

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: New Starlight Shores house!

Screenshot-22.jpgGrotle: Doesn’t the new house look awesome?!

Gecko: Yeah, when you get settled in do you wanna like go out sometime?

Me: WTF?

Grotle: Sure!

Me: WTF?!?!!?!

Me: EEEWW WTF?! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!? Stupid moving town glitches split the family in half so they’re no longer cousins.

Screenshot-23.jpgMe: Because you were being gross you’re going to get kicked out first. Go out into the world and bag yourself a nice rich starlight shores girl. Don’t have too many kids. I don’t want to spend a lot of time updating the family tree.

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: Goodbye Grovyle. You’re going to be the best cowardly detective ever. Go have fun. But not too much, I don’t want to work hard on the family tree.

Screenshot-25.jpgMe: Goodbye Garden. You were cool. You deserved more attention and for that I’m sorry. You’ll be awesome. I’m sure.

Garden: Whatever.

Me: Deny your family oriented trait please. Limit yourself.

Screenshot-26.jpgMe: Here’s Ray! He’s Family Oriented, Snob, Slob, Flirty, and Green Thumb. His Lifetime with is to be Surrounded By family.

Screenshot-27.jpgRay: …what the…. where the heck am I?

Screenshot-29.jpgRay: Grotle. Where are we?

Grotle: Our new home! Do you love it? I kidnapped you because I wanted it to be a surprise!

Screenshot-33.jpgRay: I guess I should be mad but the house is nice. It’ll be a wonderful home to our many, many children.

Grotle: Wtf did you just say?

Screenshot-34.jpgGrotle: By many, many children you mean like two, right?

Ray: Oh no. I want five.

Grotle: What? Why?! I don’t want five kids! I want to be tended to and to have a career!

Screenshot-37.jpgGrotle I can’t believe I kidnapped you for nothing! If family is so important to you why don’t you just shack up with my sister? I’m out of here. I have to go perform sing-a-grams.

Screenshot-30.jpgGrovyle: Hi dad! Hi uncle Fuchsia!

Fuchsia: You’re not in the legacy therefore you’re dead to us.

Screenshot-38Grotle: *mumbling* Stupid Grovyle. Making a fool out of me. He did this on purpose.

Me: huh?

Screenshot-40.jpgGrotle: *grumbling* Supporting my career, my ass!

Screenshot-43.jpgGrotle: This is your singing telegram, I hope it finds you well! Congratulations on your work out… screw this. I’m not finishing it. You can go to hell.

Grovyle: This is the best day of my life.

Grotle: Enjoy it because it isn’t happening again.

Grotle: I’m here to sing for you about your online bids…. your hair is really cool. Stay young and marry one of my kids.

Becky with the good hair. Yes her name is really Becky: Hahaha! I’m so glad I don’t have to do this.

Grotle: It’s what adulthood is like. Enjoy being young.

Screenshot-87Me: THIS NEXT GUY HAS A PUPPy!

Grotle: Can I go home, he wasn’t specific about what he wanted the gram for.


Screenshot-94.jpgFinnegan: So how much? Price doesn’t matter I’ll just put it on my girlfriends card.

Grotle: For the sing-a-gram?

Finnegan: Wtf’s a sing-a-gram??

Grotle: …yeah, I’m going home. But I am taking your dog.

Screenshot-104.jpgMe: Grotle! You can’t just steal a guy’s dog!

Grotle: Do you want me to give him back?

Me: No.

Screenshot-107.jpgMe: What are you doing?

Bonehilda: Taking a leak, what’s it look like?

Me: I don’t like the new Bonehilda…

Screenshot-108.jpgMe: The new puppy destroys everything!

Screenshot-109Grotle: Bad dog! Don’t destroy my nice furniture!

Screenshot-110.jpgMe: Come on! We just talked about this!

Screenshot-111.jpgGlitter, Yes his name is Glitter: I want to go back to school and get my law degree.

Screenshot-118Glitter: This family doesn’t know a thing about the art of theatre!

Screenshot-134.jpgGrotle Here’s your singing telegram, that you don’t deserve. All you did was complete a workout, I can’t believe you have the nerve!

Girl: Yay! That was awesome!

Screenshot-130.jpgGrotle: Here’s a song I have to sing with a smile on my face. I’m having problems at home but you’d never know because I have to act with grace.

Grotle: Ooh! How nice!

Screenshot-135.jpgGrotle: This is my 10th singing telegram and my creativity has been sucked dry.

Screenshot-136.jpgGrotle: Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to lie down until I die.

Becky: Should I help you up or something?

Grotle: No. Go away.

Screenshot-152.jpgMe: Why is there a blender on the pool table?

Ghost: I call it Extreme Pool. Last one to get pelted wins!

Screenshot-153.jpgGhost: AH! I lost.

Screenshot-154.jpgRay: Hopefully this proves that I love Grotle.

Screenshot-160.jpgMe: Rigging the system! Sing for tips at a party.

Screenshot-170.jpgRay: Grotle. I hope you’re enjoying the party I threw for you. I want to ask you a question in front of everyone.

Grotle: I have to pee.

Me: OOOH! Rejected before you even tried.

Ray: Not if I have anything to do about it.

Screenshot-174.jpgMe: I think they’re trying to form a cult…

Screenshot-185Ray: Grotle, I want you to marry me. I may be family oriented but I’m also a snob. I want the best of the best and that’s you. Maybe we can come to some sort of a compromise.

Grotle: Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!

Me: Just goes to show, no matter what you do your sims are going to get engaged in a bathroom.

Screenshot-191.jpgGrotle: I absolutely hate my job but I want to make it big. You can help me out by giving me a gig.

Proprietor: Oh how cute! Sure you can perform here!

Screenshot-200Me: Meanwhile… Flaaffy dies.

Bonehilda: I read a book once.

Me: and bonehilda photobombs. That’s it for this chapter! What’ll happen next time? Wedding? Yes! Babies? Yes! More kidnapping? You’ll be surprised at the answer!


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.1

  1. Re: family tree issues, I think that happens when the family graves are in family inventory instead of a sim’s inventory. I think that happens regardless of the way you move the family, unfortunately. You could fix it using Master Controller, but I’ have trouble re-attaching ghosts to the family tree in the past. Kicking the cousins out is probably the easiest option…though it won’t stop them hooking up to one another in SP.

    Grotle’s heir, yay! Gotta keep Bella’s genes in the family somehow šŸ˜› I love watching all her Sing-a-grams, so funneh.

    • Master controller is so confusing to me anyway, I think I’ll just let them do whatever and trust them not to be gross. XD Grotle has been a very fun heir to work with, especially with all of the craziness!

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