Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.11

Screenshot.jpgTiffany: There’s no way you’re my daughter! You’re not smart enough!

Grotle: Why do you treat me like this?

Me: Tiffany bullies Grotle in her spare time.

Screenshot-2.jpgMe: Good morning!!!!

Gecko: Uh… good morning?

Me: I’m going to follow you around all day so you can make an impression. Just do what you normally do.

Screenshot-3.jpgGecko: Well first I infuriate Fuchsia by eating cereal while he’s cooking instead of being patient.

Screenshot-4.jpgGecko: Then I do this.

Me: That’s it.

Gecko: Pretty much.

Screenshot-5.jpgMe: The only cool thing about him is that he’s like besties with Grotle.

Garden: No one wanted to sit with me…

Me: Where’s Grovyle?

Garden: Under the seat scoping out the bus driver?

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: Well he’s definitely on the bus so I have no choice but to believe her.

Screenshot-11.jpgGrotle: Please don’t sit so close to me Grovyle.

Grovyle: Siblings share answers.

Gecko: I painted a picture today.

Screenshot-13.jpgGrovyle: What did you get for number 6?

Grotle: If I tell you will you stop embedding your back into my arm?

Gecko: I really liked the painting that I painted.

Screenshot-14.jpgGrovyle: Well I’d love to stay and chat but Gecko you are just awful.

Grotle: I’m going to be on TV one day and that makes me happy.

Screenshot-15Me: Garden thinks homework is for suckas.

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: WHAT?! NOT AGAIN! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED IN THE LEGACY! This is NOT supposed to happened. WHy is my Bonehilda so glitched?

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN!

Screenshot-26.jpgBonehilda: No! I’m not ready to die!

Grim Reaper: But you’re already dead.

Screenshot-31.jpgGarden: I CAN’T READ MUSIC!

Grim Reaper: I’m sorry?

Me: Ignore her, she’s in a bad mood.

Screenshot-36.jpgMe: Try dismissing Bonehilda and see if she fixes herself. I don’t want to buy a new one.

Gecko: Okay.


Screenshot-39.jpgMe: Nevermind, he just teleported. Looks like I need a new Bonehilda.

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: Introducing Bonehilda …5.0?… Maybe 6? I don’t know I lost track. Don’t get used to her because shortly after she just vanished… I’ll just buy Bonehilda 6/7 when I build the new house.

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: Here’s Bonehilda’s urn…. so weird.

Screenshot-42.jpgGecko: Painting….Zzz

Me: Yes Gecko, painting.

Screenshot-43Me: The first of many birthdays this chapter. You won’t get to see him until the end though since the heir poll is in this chapter.

Screenshot-48.jpgMe: I will tell you that he did develop a very unfortunate trait and that this legacy will eat him alive.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: Seriously guys, he won’t make it. He was already sleeping then a ghost appeared so he woke up and passed out on the floor.

Screenshot-54Me: Okay it’s official. Stephen wins the birthday expression award.

Screenshot-55.jpgMe: SO MANY BIRTHDAYS

Screenshot-56.jpgMe: ENOUGH WITH THE HAIR!

Screenshot-58.jpgMe: You know what? I’m not going to help you. You shouldn’t have been standing in the yard for so long.

Screenshot-61.jpgMe: Hahaha not even my sims care.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: …he vanished…

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: It’s graduation day! Grovyle was the valedictorian and Gecko won ‘Most Likely to Never Leave the House”

Screenshot-64.jpgMe: Look who else graduated!

Screenshot-65.jpgGrotle: Uh, I noticed that I’ve been here for five minutes and you haven’t showered me with compliments. Everything okay?

Screenshot-66.jpgRay: Of course, Princess! I just gotta be careful with what I say because I’m an adult now.

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: His favorite color is a shade of purple. It’s like he’s meant for the legacy!

Screenshot-71.jpgTiffany: It’s my birthday!!!

Me: Not it’s not, you’re not cross-eyed.

Tiffany: But it is my birthday!!!

Me: CROSS YOUR EYES IMMEDIATLY It’s weird if you don’t

Screenshot-72.jpgGecko: Well my life is over.

Grovyle: I suspect sabotage!

Screenshot-73.jpgMe: Garden and Grotle get cakes today since their birthdays got screwed up. Here’s Garden’s A+ birthday face.

Screenshot-75.jpgMe: Everyone is so excited for her birthday!

Screenshot-78.jpgMe: Not so much for Grotle’s…

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: Here’s Grovyle. His traits are Photographer’s Eye, Commitment Issues, Loves the Heat, Perceptive, Coward. His LTW is Pervasive Private Eye. So he’ll be a cowardly detective. If he wins, the family is moving to Twinbrook.

Grovyle: Hey, there’s a lot of crime there.

Screenshot-57Me: Here’s Gecko. His traits are Couch Potato, Vehicle Enthusiasts, Excitable, Hopeless Romantic and Artistic. His LTW is to be a fashion phenomenon. He was never very but he might still be popular. If he wins he’ll also be moving to Twinbrook.

Gecko: Hey there’s a lot of crime there. CRIMES OF FASHION! I’ll be their fashion savior.

Me: You’re wearing bright green.

Gecko: Not by choice.

Screenshot-79.jpgMe: Here’s Garden. Her traits are Good, Athletic, Family Oriented, Grumpy, and has no sense of humor. Seriously she’s the most kuudere sim I’ve ever had. I bet she’ll be lots of fun when the focus is on her. Her LTW is Seaside Savior. Yes, seriously. It’s kind of like firefighting except with water. I can imagine it now “You saved me!” “Whatever.”. If she wins the family will move to Isla Paradiso.

Screenshot-80.jpgMe: And here’s Grotle, who is proof that Bella’s genetics will be with us forever. She’s cute either way though. Her traits are Diva, Artistic, Slob, Gatherer, and Disciplined. Her LTW is Vocal Legend so if she wins the family AND Ray will be moving to Starlight Shores. Yes, she is going to be with Ray because he’s obviously her soul mate but who knows if it’ll last so maybe there will be some drama down the road.

Okay guys, be sure to let me know who you voted for in the comments! I’ll see you next generation!







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4 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.11

  1. Ooh, tough choice! The future for the girls looks like a lot of fun (and careers I haven’t done before), but I really like the looks of the boys…may have to choose two options!

  2. Randi says:

    I voted for one of the girls. 😉

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