Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.10

screenshotStephen: I had to longest day at work. All I want to do is take a shower, eat some dinner, and go to bed.

screenshot-2Stephen: What? Why does my hair smell like chemicals…?

Stephen: WHY IS MY HAIR BLUE? When I find the kid that did this, they’re gonna get it.

screenshot-8Stephen: It better not have been Garden, not my Garden. She’s my angel.

Fuchsia: Talking to yourself again, Stephen?

Screenshot-9.jpgFuchsia: What’s the matter, Stephen?

Stephen: One of the kids put hair dye in my shampoo.

screenshot-11Fuchsia: That’s so unlike any of them.

Stephen: I know, that’s why I don’t know which one of them did it.

Grovyle: I sense a mystery.

screenshot-13Fuchsia: I’m not sure what advice to give you then.

Stephen: I’ll probably just ask around. I don’t think they’d lie to me.

Grovyle: The mystery! It’s in there!

screenshot-15Grovyle: Hello, Grovyle Belland, expert detective at your service.

Stephen: You want to find out who put hair dye in my shampoo?

Grovyle: Yes.

Stephen: Okay, go ahead. Let me know who it was.

screenshot-17Grovyle: Okay, so it’s between Grotle, Gecko, and Garden. I will find out who did it if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll start asking questions first thing in the morning.

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: Meanwhile…

Grotle: Magic Mirror on the stand, who in the house has the nicest cans?

Mirror: Tiffany.

Screenshot-21.jpgGrotle: Uh no! She’s old and I’m young therefore better. The answer is me!

Screenshot-24.jpgGrotle: Let’s try this again. Magic Mirror, tall and black, who in the house has the nicest rack?

Mirror: Gecko.

Grotle: That doesn’t even make any sense!

Me: I’ll leave you to do whatever it is your doing.

screenshot-29Stephen: PUSH! Let’s do it! Come on! Show that machine who’s boss!

Me: Poor Garden, Stephen WILL NOT leave her alone.

screenshot-31Me: There’s literally a door right next to you.

screenshot-32Me: Poor Gecko doesn’t get much attention this chapter but he’s still cool so don’t count him out yet!

screenshot-33Grovyle: FInally! It’s morning! I can solve the mystery.

Me: Well actually you have to go to school.

Grovyle: Then after school.

Me: There’s prom…

Grovyle: After prom!

Me: It’ll be like 11. You’re just better off waiting until tomorrow.

screenshot-36Me: Yay prom! Look how nice everyone looks! I’m surprised you don’t have a date Grotle, I thought you’d hate to be seen by yourself.

Grotle: I won’t be by myself. I’m going to go there and take advantage of one of the desperate guys that couldn’t get a date, he’ll be so happy that someone noticed him that he’ll wait on me all night.

Me: Uh.. okay have fun?

Screenshot-37.jpgGarden: I’m only going to get away from Stephen but don’t tell him I said that. I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Me: Yeah, he’s obsessed with you. Where’s Gecko?

Grovyle: He takes longer getting ready than Grotle.

Garden: And that’s saying something.

screenshot-38Gecko: Perfection takes time.

Me: Woah, that’s honestly a huge surprise.

Gecko: I dropped out of the race. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a tacky plastic crown.
Me: Wow she wasn’t kidding.


Me: This night is full of surprises. Grotle must be so upset.

Me: So I guess all that time getting ready wasn’t worth it.

Gecko: It means I didn’t take long enough.

screenshot-40Me: What are you doing.

Grovyle: The ice cream truck is being suspicious. It’s been parked out there for hours. I suspect it’s a drug dealer in disguise. I’m cleverly hiding behind this bush to scope it out.

Me: Uh, yeah good luck with that.

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: The second Garden stepped off the bus Stephen rushed over to her. That poor girl.

screenshot-45Grotle: It was so weird! After the prom he was like ‘I’ll see you tomorrow!’ and I was like ‘What?’ and he was like ‘I had a really great time and I hope I can spend more time with you.’ and I was like ‘Your purpose was to get me drinks. That’s it.’ and do you want to know what he said next?

Garden: No.

Grotle: He said ‘but I really like you.’ Like how weird is that?

Garden: You don’t think you’re likeable?

Grotle: I didn’t say that. I mean of course he likes me, I’m me but he wasn’t supposed to tell me! He was supposed to admire me from afar like everyone else!

Screenshot-49.jpgGrovyle: Gecko, where were you on Wednesday evening?

Gecko: Uh… here?

Grovyle: That makes it a possibility that it was YOU who dyed Stephen’s hair! How could you to your own father?!

Gecko: No by ‘here’ I mean in this exact spot. At the sketch table. There isn’t much else I can do yet. Besides, why would I do that? What could I have possibly gained from dying my father’s hair blue?

Grovyle: Aha! I never said it was blue!

Gecko: Everyone knows it was, he told everyone.

Grovyle: Touche… I’ll be back. I will get a motive!

Screenshot-50.jpgGrovyle: Garden, Garden, Garden. Perhaps this cool good girl patience thing you have going on is just an act!

Garden: Huh?

Grovyle: It was you who dyed Stephen’s hair!

Garden: Why would I do that?

Grovyle: I haven’t worked that out yet… but I will find out and when I do you’re in trouble!

Garden: …okay?

Screenshot-52.jpgGrovyle: What are you doing?

Grotle: Fixing my hair.

Grovyle: Again?

Grotle: Well not everybody wants to look gross like you all the time. What do you want?

Grovyle: I’m running out of suspects here. Did you dye Stephen’s hair.

Grotle: No.

Grovyle: Perhaps you’re lying.

Grotle: Why would I dye his hair?

Grovyle: um… hmm.

Grotle: See? Now get out. And Grovyle? If you ever come into my room without knocking again I’ll tell every girl in school that you sleep with a teddy bear and cry during every movie you see.

Screenshot-53.jpgGrovyle: Back to square one. One of them must have done it! I need motives though. Why would they do such a thing?

Screenshot-56.jpgGrotle: Oh god it’s Ray… Hi Ray, what do you want?

Ray: Happy Love day Love.

Grotle: Oh right… it’s love day today isn’t it?

screenshot-57Grotle: So do you want something or do you just want to waste my time.

Ray: Haha I won’t waste your time with smalltalk then, love. Want to go to the festival with me?

screenshot-59Grotle: Listen Ray, you shouldn’t want to hang out with me. I’m absolute garbage, I mean, I’m not. I’m actually perfect but you get the point, right?

Ray: I’m not hearing a no!

Screenshot-61.jpgGrotle: Don’t you think I’m a bit out of your league?

Ray: Oh…

Grotle: Yeah.

Ray: I was hoping that my dream came true and my princess finally noticed me but I get it. I had fun at prom at least.

Grotle: Crap, now I feel bad. Fine, I’ll go.

Ray: Really? Yay! I’ll see you there!

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: That was nice of you.

Grotle: I can’t just break his heart on Love day. I’ll take him to the festival and show him a good time and then let him down easy when he’s happy.

screenshot-64Grotle: Mom, I’m having boy problems. I need advice.

Tiffany: Comics are great!

Screenshot-65.jpgGrotle: Yeah… comics are great…

Tiffany: I’m glad we had this talk.

Screenshot-66.jpgTiffany: Now can you get out of the way I want to talk to Garden.

Grotle: Why do the adults hate me?

Me: That spend too much time focusing on Garden for some reason.

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: Oh Bonehilda, you little alcoholic, you.

Bonehilda: You haven’t put me away since Evergreen died. I’m not supposed to be out 24/7.

Me: And?

Bonehilda: Existence is pain for a Bonehilda.

screenshot-70Ray: Grotle! I’m glad you came, you look gorgeous!

Grotle: I know… now let’s go do something… how about… horseshoes?

Screenshot-71.jpgRay: You can do it!

Screenshot-72.jpgRay: You’re the best!

Screenshot-73.jpgMe: She really sucks.

Screenshot-74.jpgRay: You did great!

Me: Ray seriously keeps cheering for her. I swear he’s excitable or easily impressed or something. He’s crazy about her!

Screenshot-77.jpgMe: And I like his face too.

Screenshot-79.jpgMe: When it was time for Ray to play Grotle couldn’t care less…

Screenshot-100.jpgMe: Look how cute they are! Wait… is that…

Me: A SMILE?! GROTLE! Are you having fun?!

Grotle: He’s actually really really nice.

Me: And their traits are similar too!

screenshot-103Grotle: Look Ray! We reached the highest level!

Ray: That means we’re meant to be!

Screenshot-105.jpgGrotle: I was wrong about you. I thought you’d be lame but you’re a really nice guy.

Ray: I’m glad you finally feel the same way. I’ve always admired you, my princess.

screenshot-112Grotle: Let’s seal our relationship with a kiss.

Ray: Not now.

screenshot-114Grotle: Why? I thought you liked me!

Ray: I do! That’s why I won’t kiss you now. I’m going to give you the best date ever and then afterwards before we leave I’ll give you your first kiss.

Grotle: Why is he so charming?!

Me: He has the flirty trait.

screenshot-127Me: Then the two proceeded to have fun and roller skate really badly for the rest of the night.

Screenshot-129.jpgMe: And when the sun started to set the two shared the most beautiful kiss.

screenshot-130Me: Right in front of a dumpster.


Screenshot-155.jpgGrovyle: Oh man, I love this episode!

Screenshot-156.jpgStephen: Hey! Did you ever find out who dyed my hair?

Grovyle: Huh? Oh yeah! I almost forgot about that!

Screenshot-158.jpgStephen: Did you ever find out who it was?

Grovyle: Yeah! It was me, I put the dye in your shampoo.

Stephen: What?

Grovyle: I wanted a mystery to solve so I created one. It was me all along! It’s a twist.

Stephen: It’s not a twist, it’s a dick move.

screenshot-161Stephen: You’re grounded.

Grovyle: …Yeah I figured.

Me: And there you have it! Grotle found love which was completely unexpected and Grovyle solved a mystery kind of. Next chapter will be the final for the generation which means HEIR POOOOLLLLLLLL! What will happen? Will Garden and Gecko finally get one on one time with the sim god? Probably not because there isn’t much teens can do. See you next time!











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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.10

  1. Aw, the mystery thing was so cute. I love Grovyle. But Grotle has a potential spouse, so she’s gotta be ahead in the running for heir already.

    • Yeah I gotta say Grotle totally cheated by hooking a guy, a cute one too! I 100% was not expecting it, I sent her to the festival to dump him but they were like soul mates! I guess we’ll see what happens next chapter. I’m not counting anyone out yet!

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