Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.8

screenshotMe: Oh my gosh, everyone is sleeping at the same time!

screenshot-2Me: Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Garden woke everyone up and then made this ugly crying face.

Screenshot-3.jpgGarden: Ugly?

Me: Okay, that one’s pretty cute.

screenshot-5Me: Remember last time when I said that Grovyle was the idiot of the generation? Yeah, never mind.

screenshot-7Tiffany: Yay, it’s my birthday! I’ll just cheer twice as hard to make up for everyone else forgetting!

Me: Yeah, sorry. I just don’t care that much.

screenshot-11Me: AND WITH THAT I AM DONE TODDLER TRAINING! I feel like a pretty damn good simmer but everyone is miserable.

Screenshot-18.jpgMe: Happy birthday to you!

Grovyle: You remembered?

Me: Of course, I will never forget your birthday, until you turn into a young adult, after that, I stop caring. Do me a favor and grow up adorable, okay?

Grovyle: Like this?

Me: …no.

screenshot-23Me: Not bad, not bad at all. He gets my approval so far. He rolled photographer’s eye. So along with his perceptive and loves the heat trait, I’m thinking journalism or detective. We’ll see.

screenshot-20Me: Here’s his half of the room. There’s an investigation board that he can’t use yet but it ties the place together.

screenshot-24Flaaffy: I’m pretty sure his room was more expensive than mine.

Me: You don’t get to complain considering you live in the biggest house I’ve ever built with everything suited to yours and your brother’s interests. He gets his own computer and you get a hot tub inside.

screenshot-25Me: Aww! Poor Gecko is hungry, look how sad he is!

screenshot-26Me: He’s not even throwing a tantrum! He’s just crying!

screenshot-27Me: Oh wait, nope. There’s the tantrum.

screenshot-31Me: Flaaffy to the rescue!

Bonehilda: *ahem*

Me: And Bonehilda helped… but not really.

Flaaffy: Chapter 2 of The Introduction to Basic Chemistry: The Nuclear Halflife Formula and How to Apply it.

Me: That doesn’t sound like it’s for children…

Flaaffy: He picked it out! I don’t even understand what’s going on.

Me: Also why are you in Fuchsia’s room.

Grovyle: It’s the nicest.

Me: Carry on.

Screenshot-34.jpgMe: Aww look at him sleeping peacefully. He’s going to be miserable. He stayed up all night manipulating the adults into reading him stories. He hasn’t slept at all and it’s almost 7AM! He has to go to school like that.


Grovyle: Can I go back to sleep then?

Me: I guess.

screenshot-36Me: What is up with these kids and their ugly crying faces?

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: And their ugly birthday faces… but I guess that’s more of a family thing than just a kid thing.

Screenshot-43.jpgMe: I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S UP WITH HIM AND THAT HAIR! Seriously, he keeps aging up into it. From baby to toddler and now toddler to child.

Gecko: It looks fabulous.

Me: You’re getting rid of it, but don’t worry. We’ll compromise.

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: He just loves all things fabulous, those were the shoes he aged up in.

screenshot-46Me: Okay, here’s Gecko. I like him too, although he has a permanent pout. He rolled Artistic, so he’s Artistic, Excitable and a couch potato. Considering his love for all things fabulous, I’m thinking he’ll be an architect or a stylist. We have too many painters anyway.

Screenshot-44.jpgMe: Here’s his half of the room, also filled with clutter and things he isn’t old enough to use.

Screenshot-47.jpgGrovyle: The ghost won’t let me sleep.

Me: I was afraid this would happen. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d move their ghost butts to a graveyard.

screenshot-48Me: Another snow day. These poor kids will never make it to school. Gecko decided to paint autonomously, I won’t stop him from skilling.

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: And Grovyle is playing chess.

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: It’s really kind of boring watching them. All of the adults are at work, Fuchsia is… I don’t know what he normally does, but he’s probably either in the hot tub, drinking, and playing with the tots, and they’re just skilling. I haven’t gotten like any pictures this chapter. Why don’t you guys go play in the enormous play room I built for you.

Screenshot-51.jpgMe: The tots are playing and look how adorable they are! Look they both have boy dolls, they’re playing as Fuchsia and Stephen.

Grotle(As Fuchsia doll): Stephen, buy me more things.

Garden(As Stephen doll): F*ck off.

Me: …maybe a bit too accurately…except they usually kiss after that.

Screenshot-52.jpgMe: Look, they’re playing! Future besties!

Grovyle: So… I heard you paint sometimes…

Gecko: Are we really going to force small talk?

Screenshot-54.jpgGrovyle: So… how about that laundry detergent.

Gecko: …Yep.

screenshot-56Grovyle: Garden, please don’t put that in your mouth. You could choke!

Me: Aww, he’s worried for his little sister/cousin!

Grovyle: I’m the oldest one here! I’m responsible for you. At least wait until I leave if you’re going to do something stupid. Let Gecko get in trouble.

Me: Nevermind.

screenshot-57Me: I like to think that deep down, they’re all best friends…

screenshot-61Me: Flaaffy reached level ten of the gaming career. It’s pretty cool, it was by far the easiest career I’ve ever done. Now he can hold gaming conventions, we’ll see what that’s like next chapter.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Okay short-stuff. If you’re going to fit in with this family, you’ll need an awkward birthday face. Show me what you can do.

Garden: How’s this?

Me: Perfect.

Screenshot-63.jpgGrotle: And mine?

Me: Beautiful. You get extra points for being in a bathroom. Classy.

Screenshot-65.jpgMe: Here’s Garden’s face, she’s in either her pajamas or bathing suit for some reason, I don’t know. She still looks like a genetic mix of both of her parents. It’s awesome, I usually get clones or almost clones. She’s still kind of awkward and has that permanent pout that her brother has but I  think she’ll be okay in the future. She rolled Grumpy, so she’s Grumpy, Good, and Athletic.

Screenshot-66.jpgMe: Here’s Grotle, rocking Bella’s lips of course. She’s super cute. She rolled Diva so her traits are Diva, Slob, and Disciplined. Maybe… she could be a singer? But one of those party-girl singers. The ones that wake up in bathtubs but never bathe and they sing about money and alcohol.

Screenshot-64.jpgMe: Here’s their room! I like it, it’s empty. I gave Grotle a magic mirror, it’s not too weird since her mother is a witch. Okay, that’s it for this chapter. What do you guys think of the kids? I like all of them! I’m so excited to see how they grow up.


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.8

  1. The kids are all adorable, I especially like Grovyle’s natty suit. Seems like next generation will be a profession one – I’m on board with that! Will get us out of the house some 🙂

    Also, thanks for toning down the colours, way easier to see everything now! Still very Green and Fuschia, so we’re unlikely to forget this generation’s colours.

    • I know right?! I’m so excited for the Green generation, I’m so sick of those cushy rabbit-hole jobs. The profession will be a nice change. I’m really happy how they all turned out trait-wise since i’ll most likely be getting some profession lifetime wishes from them.

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