Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.7

screenshotFlaaffy: Why did she have to die! She was so ni- She was so gener- she was so lov-… She was my 2nd cousin!

Me: I don’t know why you’re all worked up about it, you didn’t even know she existed before yesterday.

Screenshot-2.jpgEnvy: Did you miss me?

Me: Wtf are you doing here? I deleted your grave.

Envy: I came to take a nap.

Me: Take a nap in the underworld! No ghost other than heirs and spouses allowed!

Screenshot-3.jpgMe: I took this picture to tell you guys how sweet they are! These two are ALWAYS together autonomously.

screenshot-5Fuchsia: Hi mom! How is your day going?

Evergreen: Why is that loser talking to me?

screenshot-8Me: Hey Evergreen… I hate to rush you but I really want some green babies around so I kind of need you to die soon…

Evergreen: I will die when I’m damn well ready!

screenshot-9Me: I took this picture of Flaaffy’s angry gamer face to talk about the gaming career. All you need is a good mood, nerd influence, to play games and later on, logic skill. Considering he has all of those and the ambitious trait he gets promoted literally every day!

Screenshot-10.jpgMe: You’re more cross-eyed than a sim on their birthday!

Tiffany: But it’s not my birthday.

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: SURPRISE!!!! I became impatient waiting for Evergreen to die, we’ll just do what we can until she gives us the space back.

Me: Now THAT’S a birthday face!

Screenshot-16.jpgMe: What the heck did you do to your hair?

Flaaffy: I’m going through a midlife crisis, I need a change! You’re stifling me!

Me: You’re an adult, who JUST got married, you have no kids yet, you went to and graduated from college, you get paid to play video games. WHY ARE YOU HAVING A CRISIS!? Change it back!

Screenshot-17.jpgMe: Their birthday is now on the same day for some reason. Here’s Fuchsia’s less awesome birthday face.

screenshot-19Me: I forgot why I took this picture, I’m sure I had some funny joke planned. I decided to keep it in though to show off Tiffany’s belly. Both her and Flaaffy wished for a girl.

screenshot-22Me: Let’s see if they get it!

screenshot-26Me: It’s a beautiful baby bo-

screenshot-25Me: OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE!? Anyway, this is Grovyle, he’s named after a pokemon just like his dad! Grovyle is a green, grass type so it fits! His traits are perceptive and loves the heat.

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: Waste no time! I want all of the kids 1-2 days apart, just like with the dandelion generation.

Screenshot-32.jpgFuchsia: Are you sure it’s safe.

Me: Yes.

Fuchsia: It doesn’t look safe.

Me: It is.

Fuchsia: Are you really sure?

Me: Damn it, Fuchsia. I want another green baby in 6 sims hours, get on it!

Screenshot-35.jpgStephen: Man, it is hot in the future or is it just me?

Fuchsia: I’m comfortable, it must be you.

Me: That’s surprisingly innocent.

screenshot-37Fuchsia: ASdhdsf!

screenshot-40Stephen: Fuchsia is lame. I’ll show you guys how it’s done! I’m the best at this!

Screenshot-41.jpgStephen: Told you.

Me: I was hoping he would fall so I could document the irony, but true to his word, he did not fall.

Screenshot-43.jpgFuchsia: …Can we exchange it for another one?

Me: Why wants wrong with it?

Screenshot-44.jpgFuchsia: …I think his mother is a jackal.

Me: No, he looks… just like you… from a distance…at an angle… anyway, I think it’s the skin mod I have. I don’t mind, they grow out of it during the toddler stage. His name is Gecko and his traits are couch potato and excitable!

Screenshot-45.jpgBonehilda: I like the new baby.

screenshot-46Me: Of course you would.

screenshot-47Me: Everybody rolled a wish to get a butler after the kiddies were born. I used up the extra room!

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: OUR SAVIOR HAS ARRIVED! She looks badass, like a secret agent or something.

screenshot-50Me: Evergreen, I really, really need that extra space soon.

Evergreen: I will die…when I damn well please.

Screenshot-54.jpgBonehilda: Who the hell does this woman think she is, doing my job. Trying to replace me.

Me: Mostly I wanted her for laundry reasons.

screenshot-58Tiffany: Is she trying to mother my child? Who the hell does she think she is?

Bonehilda:  Yeah, doesn’t feel good, does it?

screenshot-59Me: You are 100 days old and all of your siblings are dead. I love you but seriously. GO AWAY!Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Oh, I see you’re in the legacy room. Don’t you want to join them? All you have to do is DIE!

Evergreen: Flaaffy, the sim god is being so horrible to me.

Flaaffy: The other day you called Fuchsia a loser and last week you ruined all of their wedding pictures.

screenshot-63Evergreen: I figured that If I always hold a baby, the sim god won’t want me dead, because If I died then the baby would fall and the sim god loves the babies.

Tiffany: Please give me back my son.

Evergreen: Why? I’m outside, if I do kick the bucket he’ll land on a cushion of snow.

Tiffany: Now.

screenshot-68Evergreen: See?

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: DON’T JUST LEAVE HIM THERE!

screenshot-74Me: YAY, a birthday! It’s Grovyle’s birthday! I can’t wait to see how cute he is!

screenshot-76Me: AWWWWWW LOOK AT HIM! HE’S SO CUTE! And he doesn’t have Bella’s mouth!

screenshot-77Me: Yay, a baby to fill the void of the baby aging up.

screenshot-78Me: They finally had their baby girl, although this time they wished for a boy… Meet Grotle, named after another green, grass type pokemon. She’s a slob and Disciplined.

screenshot-81Me: And Fuchsia once again, freakin falls.

Screenshot-82.jpgFuchsia: Stephen, help me!

Stephen: Nah, I wanna check out those futuristic hot tubs!

Screenshot-83.jpgFuchsia: It happened again…

Me: Yeah it’s going to happen every time until I get rid of the mod, which I won’t because it makes you guys look gorgeous. Anyway, meet Garden, her traits are good and athletic, the perfect daughter already. If you’re wondering how I was able to get them to have a baby without Evergreen dying, I have a mod that allows me to move people in after there’s already 8 sims, they just can’t have more kids, so I moved Evergreen out and I’m going to move her back in afterward.

Screenshot-84.jpgFuchsia: So to recap, all that matters in the world is money.

screenshot-85Fuchsia: Which you don’t need to make on your own. You can just beg others for theirs!

screenshot-86Me: Guess who FREAKIN DIED right after bringing home the last baby!

Evergreen: I am ready now.

Screenshot-90.jpgMe: It’s Gecko’s birthday!!!

Screenshot-92.jpgMe: He’s cute, he has the chubbiest little cheeks!

Screenshot-93.jpgMe: Soooo cute!

Screenshot-95.jpgFuchsia: I don’t understand why I have to do all the dirty work.

Me: Would you rather have a job?

Fuchsia: I’d rather be in the hot tub drinking a daiquiri.

Screenshot-96.jpgMe: I think we can all agree who the idiot of the generation is.

Grovyle: I fit!

Screenshot-101.jpgFuchsia: And the legacy room contains the dead bodies of all of our ancestors, if you play your cards right, you’ll be among them.

screenshot-112screenshot-113Me: Double birthday!!!

screenshot-114Me: Here’s Grotle, and before you say anything, YES Flaaffy is her father. I have no idea why she’s darker than everyone else but it suits her, she’s gorgeous. She also looks a lot like Flaaffy, it seems Bella’s lips will continue to haunt us for the entirety of the legacy.

Screenshot-115.jpgMe: Here’s Garden, when I first saw her I literally thought, “Wow, that is definitely Stephen’s daughter!” But looking at her again, I see a lot of Fuchsia in there. She’s a perfect genetic mix of the two. She’s cute but awkward looking, I’m confident she’ll grow into her looks though. I love them all so much!!!!!!


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.7

  1. Wow, all the kids have such ginormous eyes! Especially Garden, think maybe it’s where the eyes are positioned on her face. But they are all very cute and unique looking.

    Damn Evergreen for trolling you like that! After you go to all the effort to move her out and back in, she goes and dies on you! That’s interesting about your mod to allow move ins but not new babies – my game tends to be the opposite. Unless you mean “add sim to household” using MC, I’ve done that.

    • I think the ginormous eyes are also from Bella, that’s when my sims started getting them. No complaints from me though, I love them and the mod I have is the Mover mod or something that that, in edit town I can move as many sims as I want into a household but that’s all I can do. That’s why I had to manually move her out and then move her in. It was troublesome but it all worked out in the end, even if Evergreen was being a prick.

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