Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.6

Me: I love seeing the spouses getting along with each other. Especially since they’re opposites.

screenshot-3Me: Did you guys know that in my game, Tiffany is a witch… because Tiffany’s a witch. I’ve never played one before so she can stay that way.

screenshot-5Tiffany: I can make sparkles out of nothing even though it’s not my birthday!

Me: Can you do anything else?

Tiffany: Nope!

screenshot-10Me: I know you love your new brain chair thing but your brother is throwing a dinner party to celebrate everyone’s engagements and you’re not even dressed yet!

Flaaffy: Oh yeah, that. I’m not going.

Me: Why the hell not?

Flaaffy: I’m anti-social.

Me: You’re also friendly.

Flaaffy: Tiffany doesn’t have to go!

Me: Yes she does.

Flaaffy: Well tell that to her because she’s not even here.

Me: I can not keep track of all of you.

Screenshot-13.jpgMe: At least you’re dressed. Where were you?

Tiffany: Reading a book.

Me: You can read books at the house!

Tiffany: Yeah, and I can also read books at the park.

Me: Just go to the party.

Tiffany: I need to change first! There’s a hole in my dress!

Me: WHAT?!

Tiffany: How do you think I fit the broom through my dress?

Screenshot-12.jpgGuy: So you just keep dead bodies in your house?

Me: It’s not real…. probably.

Screenshot-15.jpgTiffany: Who in the world leaves food on the ground in the rain?! I’m going to be late to the party, this place falls apart when I leave and I need to clean it.

screenshot-19Me: At least someone is being responsible for the party.

Fuchsia: Hey, thanks for coming! I just wanted to chat and see how you’ve been and also ask you for money.

Guy: Sure! I’ll give you money.

Me: Nevermind.

Screenshot-20.jpgMe: Remember the children’s only friend from childhood? Yeah, she’s all grown up now and looks slightly better than she did as a teen.

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: She’s talking to Envy who looks like the sweetest old lady.

Envy: Of course, no one suspects an old woman with ribbons in her hair to commit a lot of crimes.

Me: I always imagined Electrike as the evil one…

Envy: He’s my partner!

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: He looks adorable too! I see he kept the piercings, though.

Electrike: Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I have to be lame.

Me: And that about covers it for the guests…. my sims have no friends.

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: Look at you being involved and making your guests drinks!

Flaaffy: Huh? Oh, no. These are all for me, I’m going to need to be buzzed if you want me to talk to them.

Me: Just don’t make a fool of yourself.

Flaaffy: No promises.

Me: Here we go! Now this person must be the perfect host for tonight! Are you making drinks for the guests?

Stephen: Nah, me and Flaaff are doing shots, first one to pass out has to take the family to dinner!

Me: Who’s manning the guests!?

Stephen: They can take care of themselves.

Screenshot-27.jpgFlaaffy: What’s the matter? Tired already? I’ve barely begun.

Stephen: NO! Im tha purty animul her, I juss gotta figur out howta mix thus drink without spilling it. Ima take a nap now.

Flaaffy: I think it’s safe to say I won.

Screenshot-28.jpgFlaaffy: He just passed out right there.

Tiffany: Amateurs, let me show you how it’s done!

Tiffany: Oops.

Flaaffy: Sim god, you were right, I’m having a great time.

Me: I hate all of you.

Screenshot-30.jpgTiffany: Sorry… but trust me, if anyone has any calculus questions I am on it!

screenshot-36Electrike: I had so much fun at the party I didn’t even realize dying and becoming a zombie.

Me: Well party’s over. I can’t trust anyone here. Go home.

Screenshot-38.jpgEnvy: The party was great wasn’t it? The food wasn’t great though, it really needed human flesh.

Me: You’re a zombie too? Both of you, out. No zombies in the house.

Electrike: Well that’s just discrimination.

Envy: He’s right! I want to enjoy the party more!

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: Ugh there’s drinks everywhere. What a mess.

Cherry: Don’t think of it as a mess, think of it as a challenge.

Screenshot-45.jpgFuchsia: Why is this place a mess?

Me: I don’t know, ask your family.

Fuchsia: My wedding is today!

screenshot-47Fuchsia: I’m going to have a drink and close my eyes for ten minutes. When I open them I want this place clean.

Me: Are you really in a position to tell ME what to do? Tell your brother or something.

screenshot-52Fuchsia: Flaaffy. I’m getting married in two hours.

Flaaffy: Good for you, bro. I’m so happy.

Fuchsia: You want me to be happy right?

Flaaffy: Of course.

Fuchsia: Then make sure my wedding is spectacular. I want this place cleaned!

Flaaffy: Okay, I’ll wake up Tiffany and have her clean and I’ll call and order some p-

Fuchsia: Sim god, if he says pizza I might lock him in Bonehilda’s closet.

Flaaffy: Performers to sing at the party.

Me: See? Don’t assume things Fuchsia.

screenshot-65Flaaffy: What do you mean you don’t do last minute parties? Please? I don’t care who you send, send your dumbest singer I don’t care!

Me: I hope you don’t regret that.

Screenshot-66.jpgFuchsia: I’ve noticed it’s raining.

Screenshot-67.jpgFuchsia: …that’s fine.

Screenshot-68.jpgFuchsia: …that’s absolutely fine.

Me: You don’t sound so sure.

screenshot-71Fuchsia: …just fine…

Me: You look like you need to be alone… so I’ll just… leave you alone.

screenshot-72Me: What are you doing in the bathroom?

Singer: I think that everyone could use some entertainment in the bathroom.

Me: There’s not even anyone in there!

Singer: Oh.

screenshot-74Me: You’re getting married in like 30 minutes. Fuchsia will kill you if you aren’t ready.

Stephen: I have it all planned out. 28 minutes to work out, 1 minute to shower, 30 seconds to dry off and get dressed and another 30 minutes to jump out the window and tuck and roll right to the altar.

Me: That sounds like the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard but it’s your life.

screenshot-78Me: Tiffany you aren’t even ready?!

Tiffany: Every time I clean something up someone makes something else a mess!

Singer: I find that the key to a happy marriage is to keep a happy house, you can tame and relax your house by singing to it like this.

Me: Go home.

Screenshot-82.jpgStephen: See? I told you I could do it! I’ve got 2 seconds to spare!

Me: You know what? You were right. Good job.

Screenshot-83.jpgStephen: Hey Fairy, check out this ugly chick!

Me: Don’t insult your guests, she’s Fuchsia’s only friend.

Screenshot-84.jpgMe: No! No you do not die! We have a ceremony to start!

screenshot-88Stephen: What’s the hold up?

Me: Someone died because someone always dies at my parties!

Stephen: Damn, must be a good party then.screenshot-93Fuchsia: You know what? Maybe I was over-exaggerating, this party was perfect!

Stephen: I’m glad we’re starting our marriage off on the right foot.

Me: I guess in the end, easily impressed sims are still easily impressed. Now let me just zoom in and I can get some totally awesome pictures. Awesome lighting, awesome scenery. This is going to be cover-photo worthy. Nothing can ruin this.

Screenshot-94.jpgEvergreen: This seems like a good place to stand.

Me: NO! No! No! NOOO!

Screenshot-95.jpgEvergreen: My baby’s getting married!


Screenshot-110.jpgMe: Trouble in paradise?

Stephen: You’re such an idiot!

Screenshot-113.jpgFuchsia: Bitch, please. I’m a genius.

screenshot-114Me: WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE HER!?

screenshot-116Me: They’re all good!

screenshot-121Fuchsia: Stephen, I can’t cut into the cake!

Stephen: That’s a wall, dear.

Screenshot-129.jpgMe: The ceremony is over, I don’t care what happens to anyone else.

Envy: But I didn’t eat my cake!

screenshot-134Flaaffy: Aunt Envy! Nooo!

Tiffany: That’s so gross. I can’t believe I was within ten feet of a dead body.

screenshot-135Tiffany: I’m going to spend the rest of the day showering.

Flaaffy: But my aunt’s dead!

Tiffany: And filthy!

Screenshot-152.jpgMe: They’re still good too.

Screenshot-157.jpgMe: So good that they’re getting married. I ran out of party throwing patience. He’s a loner anyway there’s no need. At least I sent them to the park and they didn’t get married in the kitchen.

Screenshot-163.jpgMe: On an unrelated note, Flaaffy completed his lifetime wish and then he joined the game tester career. Here he is telling the wall. That means next time everyone will be less busy so will there be babies finally? Probably.












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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.6

  1. Ooh, gamer career, I haven’t tried that one out!

    LMAO, the wedding fail. Good work Evergreen. And then Envy and random elder dying on you.
    Belland parties so epic!

    One suggestion: I know you have a set hex code for each generation’s colour, would it be possible to either use less of it, or tone down the brightness through the house? It’s very eye-blinding to have walls/floors and objects all the same colour. Maybe use more white/black/wood? 🙂

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