Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.4

screenshot-2Me: Evergreen doesn’t even bother leaving the yard anymore…

Evergreen: Byyye, Byeee, Byee… stay away as long as you want, don’t feel pressured to come back soon or call.

screenshot-3Fuchsia: Please tell me you’re going to build a house here…

Flaaffy: I kind of like it, it’ll be like camping!

Fuchsia: I’m going home.

Me: Just calm down! Of course I’m putting a house there!

screenshot-4Me: Better?

Fuchsia: It’s better than camping so yes.

Me: It’s nice. It’s tiny but it’s nice and there’s a nice little area for Flaaffy’s jock parties.

screenshot-8Me: Here’s a closeup of Stephen, the guy that Fuchsia has been seeing. I like his face. Which is a 100% valid compliment in The Sims.

screenshot-10Me: Really? On their first night there? I couldn’t afford the alarm .

screenshot-11Me: Not the T.V. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THE T.V.

screenshot-12Me: Well I guess that’s slightly better than taking the T.V.

screenshot-13Robber: I stole Flaaffy’s game system! I’ll treasure it forever! I’ll put it right next to his used hairbrush and the apple core he threw away.

Me: Leave.

Screenshot-14.jpgMe: Wtf there’s a guy in the house? I’m 99% sure that I had roommates disabled…

screenshot-15Me: What are you doing here?

Guy: Well I noticed that you didn’t have a security alarm so I broke in.

Me: Leave.

screenshot-16Fuchsia: Should I be concerned?

Me: To be honest, I have no idea.

screenshot-32Me: Where are you going?

Fuchsia: I have a date with Stephan, I think today is the day that we make things official.

screenshot-34Me: The dates at ‘The Point.’ Look at that view! I have a good feeling about today!

screenshot-37Me: There’s a guy here already and he’s alone… weird.

screenshot-38Fuchsia: Are you okay? What are you doing here?

Guy: Well I came up here hoping to meet my soul mate but no one appeared. I’ve been here for days… I’m so hungry. But you’re here now! So you must be my soul mate.

Fuchsia: I don’t think that’s how it works, sorry.

Screenshot-39.jpgFuchsia: Okay… well my date’s here so you should go and maybe get something to eat. I didn’t come up here to bury a dead body.

screenshot-40Fuchsia: Seriously, you should probably leave.

Screenshot-41.jpgStephan: Hey Fuchsia, who’s that?

Fuchsia: I’m not sure… he’s been there since I arrived.

screenshot-42Stephen: Well he is creeping me right the hell out…

Fuchsia: yeah… it’s pretty weird.

Stephan: Hey it looks like he’s leaving. So anyway I have tickets to the movie theater, want to see a movie at some point?

Guy: *mutters*

Fuchsia: That’s awesome, I love the movies.

Guy: *mutters*

Fuchsia: Want to know what movie I heard was good? That one with that guy who did that thing.

Guy: If I can’t have you nobody can!!

screenshot-47Stephan: Oh yeah, with that star, right?

Fuchsia: Yeah, that’s the one!

Guy: I’m going home. Enjoy hell bitches.

Fuchsia: Hey did that guy say something a second ago?

Stephan: I’m not sure… well it looks like he’s gone so there’s no problem.

screenshot-49Fuchsia: Since we’re alone… maybe now we can talk about moving forward in the relationship?

Stephan: There’s no need… I think it’s safe to say we both share the same feelings.

Me: D’awww

Me: If you’re wondering why Flaaffy’s been kinda MIA, it’s because he’s either playing sports, or sleeping after said sports. Gotta get that jock influence!

screenshot-54Me: Aww look! They’re playing together!

Flaaffy: Well mostly it’s just Fuchsia hogging the sack and I’m yelling at him to share.

Me: If that’s not sibling bonding then I don’t know what is.

Screenshot-60.jpgGuy: Hello my love, I mean Fuchsia. What is your favorite color?

Fuchsia: Turquoise? I guess? How did you find my house?

Guy: I followed you home.

Fuchsia: Okay… I’m just gonna go…. FLAAFFY!

Screenshot-61.jpgFlaaffy: Uh hey there… buddy? My brother doesn’t have feelings for you so I think it’s best that you leave.

Guy: What do you know? You’re just stupid!

Screenshot-62.jpgGuy: Hahaha you’re so stupid!

Flaaffy: Just because I don’t have nerd influence yet doesn’t mean I’m stupid!

screenshot-64Me: You’re just going to take that and let that guy stalk your brother?

Flaaffy: … he called me stupid.

Screenshot-65.jpgGuy: Well I’m leaving, tell Fuchsia I love him!

Flaaffy: Well at least he’s leaving…

Screenshot-75.jpgMe: So their bonfire pit is being weird… It’s not lit or anything but everytime I go to world view and zoom in fireworks shoot out of the pit. EVERY TIME! It makes my game lag like there’s no tommorrow!

Screenshot-76.jpgFlaaffy: This is it! I am getting that mascot training no matter what!

Screenshot-77.jpgFlaaffy: I will give you every Freezer Bunny game that I own if you give me mascot training.

Mascot: Nice try but I already own every copy!

Screenshot-78.jpgFlaaffy: I don’t have anything else! Do you want a bike? I ride it to class everyday and I will give it to you. I will give you my bike in exchange for mascot training. Please.

Screenshot-79.jpgMascot: Yeah whatever fine.

Mascot: All you have to do is dress in a ridiculous costume and make a fool of yourself in front of random people, like that guy there.

Flaaffy: That’s it?

Mascot: Pretty much…

Flaaffy: I have to walk everywhere for nothing?

Mascot: Yup.

Screenshot-82.jpgMe: HE’S CRYING!!!!!

Screenshot-88.jpgMe: CUTE GIRL ALERT!

Screenshot-90.jpgMe: I’m not sure what’s going on here but I think they like each other!


Screenshot-109.jpgFlaaffy: LOOK! For once I did better than Fuchsia!

Me: Yeah but overall his grade is a B and your’s is a C…

Flaaffy: Yeah but I graduated, he didn’t!

Me: What? How? You both have the same credits and one more term left!

Flaaffy: Maybe it’s because I’m a genius!

Me: You’re the farthest thing from!

Screenshot-117.jpgFlaaffy: Celebratory dance!

Screenshot-125.jpgMe: Look! The cute girl graduated too!

screenshot-126Me: Well here’s Flaaffy in his robe… I definitely know he had at least one more term, same as Fuchsia and Fuchsia had better grades! Why didn’t they graduate on time? I have some theories.

  1. Social groups give you more credits.
  2. Fuchsia failed this term meaning he couldn’t graduate
  3. Flaaffy is indeed a super genius and doubled credits.
  4. That weird guy that has a crush on Fuchsia sabotaged the grades so Flaaffy graduated and Fuchsia didn’t that way he gets Fuchsia to himself.

Either way, it means that college is complete and Flaaffy will have to earn nerd influence back at home! So join us next time to see their adventures back in their totally cool mansion!


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3 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.4

  1. Lol, hungry soulmate is Richard Randall. He also has a nice face. You’re right, that is totally a valid compliment in Sims 🙂

    • So THAT’S his name! I completely forgot it when I started to write the chapter. He does indeed have a nice face. At one point I was going through the guys that lived at the university and I considered stalking him but I guess he found Fuchsia first. Richard is actually a better match for Fuchsia trait wise but I like Stephan’s face better and they share the “Attractive Sim” or whatever moodlet. So I guess opposites do attract.

      • Yeah, I’m not fussed with sims having matching traits, it makes for less interesting gameplay then. But lots of pretty sims at uni, you should definitely consider using one for a future spouse.

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