Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.3

Woah, how’s that for frequent updating?! Haha, I’m housesitting and they don’t have Netflix, and I can’t record for my youtube channel since I don’t want to bring all of my equipment so here I am, playing the sims nonstop!

Old guy: Stick around, Fuchsia, I might need you if I freeze. We both know the rest of these assholes would let me die.

Fuchsia: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

screenshot-2Me: This place is a complete mess!

Screenshot-3.jpgFuchsia: I’m doing you guys the biggest favor, you don’t even know.


Butler: Oh goodness! What has happened in here?

Me: Frat boys happened.

Screenshot-7.jpgMe: Fuchsia also does all of the cooking, they would probably starve or die in a fire without him.

Fuchsia: This is not how I wanted to live my life.

Me: Soon, Fuchsia. I promise you can be as lazy as you want.

Screenshot-10.jpgMe: See what I mean?


Me: Just order a pizza!

Screenshot-11.jpgFuchsia: That’s it, there’s no way I’m going back to the frat house with those animals tonight. If Flaaffy can stay out all night then so can I!

Me: So what are you going to do? Protest? Vandalize? Flaaffy is also wicked into sports now and he’s been playing lacrosse.

Fuchsia: Nope, unlike Flaaffy, I’m classy,

Screenshot-12.jpgFuchsia: Hello, I’d like to order the most expensive thing you have on the menu.

Barista: We have… a 5 dollar latte.

Fuchsia: I’ll take that!

Screenshot-14.jpgFuchsia: Mmm, classy.

Me: Yeah, okay.

Screenshot-16.jpgFuchsia: I wonder what Stephan is doing? Perhaps I’ll visit him.

Screenshot-17.jpgFuchsia: Hey, wanna go bowling?

Stephan: It’s kind of late, but it sounds fun so let’s go!

screenshot-19Fuchsia: I’ve never been bowling before so you have to go easy on me, okay?

Screenshot-20.jpgFuchsia: I barely know how to play. Do I just roll the ball?

Screenshot-21.jpgFuchsia: Wait, I think I messed up!

screenshot-22Stephan: Holy sh*t dude, you got a strike! That’s awesome, you have a knack for this.

Fuchsia: I have a knack for everything, I just choose not to show it.

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: The one pin angers the Stephan.

Screenshot-29.jpgMe: Even though Fuchsia was out all night kicking Stephan’s ass at bowling he was able to get to class the next morning.

Screenshot-30.jpgMe: I wonder what they’re talking about.

Screenshot-31.jpgFlaaffy: I FREAKIN’ HATE CLOUDS!

Me: …of course.

Screenshot-32.jpgMe: Aww, look at who’s all tuckered out from lacrosse. Well, he’s gotta earn jock respect somehow and this is the easiest way.

Screenshot-33.jpgMe: This COLLEGE PROFESSOR was trying to hit on Fuchsia, I know Fuchsia is a gold digger but COME ON!

Screenshot-38.jpgFlaaffy: Teach me the ways of the mascot.

Screenshot-39.jpgMascot: You’re not READY to be a mascot!

Flaaffy: Can I at least get a picture with you?

Mascot: Can we do duck lips?

Flaaffy: How else would we take a picture?

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: Well this is going on the wall

Screenshot-44.jpgCurt: TEACHER! TEACHER! Some guy is taking pictures with our mascot and it distracts me!

Everyone: *literally doesn’t care*

Screenshot-47.jpgMe: The term ended and they went back home! Flaaffy did one last protest to max the rebel group and look who came to the protest! It’s Fairy, and he hasn’t bathed in a week!

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: I spent hours making this cute apartment for Flaaffy and Fuchsia! I wanted them to upgrade each set of terms from a dorm to a frat to an apartment then to a house.

Screenshot-51.jpgMe: isn’t it nice? Unfortunately, they won’t be living there, though. In the sims university your sims aren’t allowed to switch residential lots and every time I load the game there’s a random family living in the apartment so I have to place my sims in a random lot then move the family out only to be unable to move Fuchsia and Flaaffy to the apartment and since I don’t want to rebuild the apartment on the lot that Fuchsia and Flaaffy were placed I would love if you could do me a favor and just pretend they lived there! They’ll be moving directly to a house, they’re skipping a step and my perfectionism hates it 😦



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