Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.2

Screenshot-3.jpgFlaaffy: Come on guys! Pull through. If we tell them we refuse to eat until changes are made then we’ll stick by it!

Me: Is that really fair? You JUST ate beforehand and that guy back there looks like he’s going to die.

Other guy: Yeah and it’s pretty funny, carry on.

Screenshot-5.jpgFlaaffy: Well what would you rather have us do? Hold hands and sing peacefully? That’s stupid. Plus we already tried.

Screenshot-11.jpgProtestors: Now let’s protest the yeti! He’s gone out of control and is tearing the nation apart!

Flaaffy: Another protest? I just finished this one! Let me get something to eat and I’ll be back.

Screenshot-16.jpgFlaaffy: Hi guys, I hope you don’t mind me, but I have an announcement to make.

Screenshot-17.jpgFlaaffy: It’s really important.

Screenshot-19.jpgFlaaffy: I FREAKIN’ HATE CLOUDS!!

Me: It looks like nobody cares about the clouds Flaaffy.

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: I cannot leave you alone for even a minute. Now what are you doing?

Flaaffy: I’M A REBEL!

Screenshot-24.jpgGirl: Oh, I forgot I was already cooking.

Me: Flaaffy and Fuchsia live with a bunch of idiots, I swear.

Flaaffy: I saved your lives.

Everybody: *doesn’t care*

Flaaffy: I’m late for class because of you guys, next time I’m just leaving you guys.

Screenshot-28.jpgMe: This guy looks like he’d be PERFECT for Fuchsia.

Screenshot-29.jpgFuchsia: Man, where is he, I can’t cover for him forever?!

Screenshot-30.jpgFlaaffy: Sorry I’m late. The dorms caught on fire.

Fuchsia: You sound a little too casual about that.

Flaaffy: Well after that time you caught on fire from playing with fireworks, I became sort of a pro.

screenshot-32Flaaffy: Annnnd perfect!

Me: What did you do?

Flaaffy: Laced it.


Flaaffy: It’s just peppermint, damn! I’m trying to be a rebel here!

Screenshot-35.jpgFlaaffy: I’m so tired, I’m gonna sleep here.

Screenshot-37.jpgMe: Looks like you burnt it.

Flaaffy: Yeah.

screenshot-38Flaaffy: PEPPERMINT TIME!

Me: Damn, how much peppermint do you have?

Flaaffy: So much.

screenshot-41Flaaffy: Rebels cheat on tests, right?

Me: I guess they can…

Flaaffy: Awesome. I have a cheat sheet.

Me: You know what? Do whatever you want. Just don’t get caught, I don’t want you ruining your grades because of a phase.

Flaaffy: Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.

Screenshot-42.jpgFlaaffy: I got caught.

Me: Damn, you didn’t get expelled, did you?

Flaaffy: Fortunately, they went easy on me, all I have to do is make an anti-cheating video that they can show the freshman before exams.

Me: I hope you learned your lesson.

Flaaffy: Nope.

Screenshot-43.jpgFlaaffy: Hey, bro. I finally got around to protesting the yeti that everyone’s been talking about. I know there’s a gnome on this flyer, but trust me, we’re talking about yetis.

screenshot-44Flaaffy: Hey, everyone’s been talking about stopping the yeti, so I’m holding a protest!

Screenshot-46.jpgMe: I guess nobody cared about the yeti as much as they seemed.

Screenshot-51.jpgMe: Just kidding, they practically worship Flaaffy!

Screenshot-52.jpgMe: See?

Screenshot-53.jpgMe: Uh oh.

Flaaffy: Guys? A little help here.

Screenshot-54.jpgFlaaffy: Guys?

Screenshot-55.jpgFlaaffy: Well f*ck you too.

Screenshot-57.jpgFuchsia: You’d be dead without me. Just remember that.

Screenshot-59.jpgFuchsia: Get up, let’s go home, I’m tired.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Well hi there sims 1.

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: They glitched… well this was SUPPOSED the be the end of the chapter buuuut it looks like I still have time so I’ll start their new college semester.

Screenshot.jpgMe: They get to live at a fraternity now!

Screenshot-2.jpgMe: Look! One of their roomates is an old guy!

Old Guy: It’s my secret to immortality. No one ages here.

Screenshot-3.jpgMe: The worst part about frat houses are the rooms! They get their own! That in itself isn’t a problem, I’m lazy and didn’t want to redo two rooms. At least they have their own bathroom.

Screenshot-4.jpgFlaaffy: This is where I’m living now?

Screenshot-5.jpgFlaaffy: I’m so happy, I think I might cry.

Me: Gotta love over emotional sims.

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: Where would everyone be without you, Fuchsia?

Fuchsia: Probably dead in the ground.

Me: That was supposed to be rhetorical.

Screenshot-14.jpgFlaaffy: I love protesting so much, I think I might cry!

Screenshot-38.jpgFlaaffy: It’s not what it looks like, I swear!

Screenshot-39.jpgMe: He was dared to kiss a random sim. I figured, ‘eh, she was there and she likes him.’

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: She’s like ridiculously hairy. I hate werewolves.

Me: We leave this chapter on one last protest before he gets enough rep to max the rebel group.

Screenshot-50.jpgFlaaffy: There’s a lot of people here…

Girl: Rowdy protests get me so rowdy! Let’s fight.

Screenshot-52.jpgMe: Get her, Flaaffy!

Screenshot-54.jpgFlaaffy: That’ll show you to start fights at my protests!

Me: With that note, we end the chapter!











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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.2

  1. LMAO, Flaaffy is a brilliant Rebel. I take it Fuschia was a nerd (without the capital) and was boring studying at uni? Oh well, that’s why we love the boys, so different!

    • Yeah, pretty much! Fuchsia hasn’t done much but study and go to class and take care of himself autonomously. Flaaffy. on the other hand, I can’t leave alone for a second or he’s digging through garbage! There will definitely be more of Fuchsia once they graduate. College was more of Flaaffy’s thing anyway. You can tell by their grades, Flaaffy is barley scraping by and Fuchsia has an A.

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