Ultimate Rainbowcy: Fuchsia 6.1

Screenshot-4.jpgFuchsia: Okay, well first I want to get rid of all of this landscaping, maybe replace it with a fountain, maybe some hedges. I just want it to look nice, you know? I also want a huge mansion, that way everyone knows that I’m the best. I also want an indoor pool, I’m sick of paparazzi sneaking into my lawn to swim. You know what? Just build a gate and keep them out altogether.

Screenshot-3.jpgArchitect: No problem, I can design anything! I am going to warn you ahead of time about the price, mansions can get expensive.

Fuchsia: Hey Flaaffy! Can you go get mom’s checkbook?

Screenshot-6.jpgFlaaffy: I don’t know why you’re going through all of the trouble. We don’t even know who the heir is yet, it could be me or Fairy, we all have an equal chance.

Fuchsia: Just get the checkbook.

screenshot-8Fuchsia: This is amazing. It’s perfect, I can’t wait to spend my life in this mansion.

Screenshot-9.jpgFlaaffy: You don’t even know if you won! It might be my house. It’s a little big for my taste though, I’d probably tear it all down and give mom her money back.

Fuchsia: You wouldn’t dare! It’s my house I just know it! Sim god, tell him!

Me: Flaaffy won.

Flaaffy: Told you!

Fuchsia: No…that’s not true! It’s my house!

Me: Buuuuuuttt, he only one by one vote… and thanks to a last minute vote… you won too!

screenshot-11Fuchsia: You mean, we have to SHARE?

Me: Yep, it’s another dual heirship… I don’t like flipping coins. It leaves half of the voters unhappy with the outcome. So you’re sharing. The house has plenty of space anyway.

Fuchsia: He’s going to college, he doesn’t need this house anyway, can’t we build him an underground shed or something?

Me: No, look at him, he’s obviously crying from joy. He stays.

Screenshot-10.jpgMe: You guys can tell I wasn’t planning on a dual heirship because I’m lacking a bedroom, I built one in last minute! I like the results though, I love both of them.

Me: Now it’s time for a house tour! The speed-build will definitely be up next week! I spent like 10 hours in a row on this house, just straight building, no rest!

screenshot-12Me: When you first walk in you get this small foyer with a staircase.

screenshot-13Me: Attached to the foyer in a huge room with an indoor pool because I ran out of room ideas and needing something to take up space.

screenshot-14Me: There’s also a bathroom attached to the pool room.

screenshot-15Me: On the other side of the foyer, there’s another bathroom.

screenshot-16screenshot-17Me: Next to that bathroom is a kitchen with a small table on the other side of it.

screenshot-18Me: Next to that, there’s a dining room.

screenshot-19Me: And connecting all of those rooms is just a plain hall with another staircase.

screenshot-20screenshot-21Me: On the right in the hall there’s a door that leads to the living room.

screenshot-22screenshot-23Me: And the study, which I’m especially proud of.

screenshot-24Me: There’s also a home-gym because why the hell not.

Me: Then upstairs there’s another bathroom, and another hastily built room and two empty rooms that are huge and they’re for the spoiled Green generation children.

Me: Two more empty rooms for two more spoiled children, and on the end is Evergreen’s room. What it’s going to be after she dies? Don’t know! There’s too many rooms!

screenshot-27Me: And on this side you have a bedroom, another bathroom, the legacy room, a nursery, and a playroom. I told you guys, there were more rooms than I had ideas for this place.

Screenshot-28.jpgMe: Flaaffy is loving this house, don’t let him tell you otherwise.

Screenshot-29.jpgMe: Aqua is the first ghost to see the new house.

Aqua: Considering I lived in the smallest house in sim kind, I must say I like this house, this is what I worked for!

Me: And it only took 6 generations!!! And 3 inheritance lifetime rewards I don’t think this family will be needing to work for quite some time.

Screenshot-30.jpgFuchsia: This is the life. Everything is perfect, I’ll spend my days sitting here. The house is so big I’ll probably rarely see mom or Flaaffy.

Screenshot-31.jpgFlaaffy: Wanna go to college with me?

Fuchsia: Now why would I want to do that? There’s more work, tiny dorms, annoying college people.

Flaaffy: There’ll be cute boys.

Fuchsia: Yeah, cute poor boys. College students are typically poor, I suppose some of them are well off but they’re most likely jerks. I want a nice business man or a doctor.

Flaaffy: Come on, please? It’ll be fun brother-bonding.

Fuchsia: I’ll go if you promise to never say “Brother-bonding” again.

Screenshot-32.jpgFuchsia: *mumbling* I better find a cute boy. Then all of my dreams will come true. Big house and a cute boy to take care of me.

Me: I can’t say I’m surprised… without any useful traits, I don’t know what skills to level up 😦

Me: Flaaffy’s is worse!

Me: But I suppose they’re both doing better than Fairy… who apparently never graduated from Elementary School. I’m really not surprised.

Screenshot-33.jpgEvergreen: Byeee, byeee, byeee, byeee.

Me: You sound eager to see them off.

Screenshot-35.jpgMe: She literally ran back to the house.

Evergreen: I have the entire house to myself! Finally!!!!

Me: No empty nest syndrome for Evergreen!

screenshot-37screenshot-38Me: She ran so fast that she’s levitating.

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: They stand out quite a bit…

Screenshot-41.jpgFuchsia: Are we seriously sharing a room?!

Flaaffy: Yeah! Brother’s stick together!

Me: You can’t stay in that room!

Fuchsia: Oh thank you.

Me: It’s not nearly Fuchsia enough!

Screenshot-42.jpgMe: That’s better.

Asala(Ithink): Wow! Look at that desk, that is a nice desk.

Me: We locked the door, get out!

Screenshot-44.jpgFuchsia: I spent all of our money and then some, on a house that we can’t even live in! I hate university already.

Flaaffy: Come on, give it a try. It could be fun!


Girl: Wow, you guys have some really nice stuff in here!

Flaaffy: I know, right? Have you seen this cup of pens!?

Me: At least I can check to see if she’s cute.

Screenshot-51.jpgMe: Eh, she’s not bad, but I think we can do better.

Screenshot-53.jpgDude: Wow! Look at that laptop!


Screenshot-55.jpgMe: This girl isn’t bad either! I like her blue eyes. Her name is Tiffany.

Screenshot-56.jpgMe: I like her nose, but she just looks angry.

Screenshot-60.jpgGirl: UR SO CUTE, MARRY ME!

Guy: Ugh, no. The girl’s here are so clingy!

Me: Getting frustrated with girls? Fuchsia is on his way!

Fuchsia: Hi, how are you?

Screenshot-66.jpgMe: Look Flaaffy, she’s a game nerd too!

Screenshot-71.jpgMe: I love her freckles!

Screenshot-78.jpgMe: Look how cute he is with his backpack and going to class… even though he looks terrified.

Screenshot-81.jpgMe: There’s lots of cute girls here for Flaaffy!

Screenshot-88.jpgMe: This guy is pretty cute!

Screenshot-91.jpgMe: Success!!

Screenshot-95.jpgMe: She’s cute too, but I’m not digging the purple hair.

screenshot-98Me: Hey, look at that!

Screenshot-101.jpgMe: Accurate representation of college students.

Screenshot-102.jpgMe: Flaaffy, what are you doing?

Flaaffy: I was dared to eat raw cinnamon!

Me: Okay, you do that then!

Screenshot-110.jpgFlaaffy: Now I was dared to eat this flower!

Me: Okay, have fun.

screenshot-112Flaaffy: That was a bad idea.

Screenshot-118.jpgFlaaffy: The first step to becoming a rebel is DESTROY EVERYTHING.

Screenshot-124.jpgFlaaffy: Down with astronauts! Down with astronauts! They get to escape all of the world’s problems by hiding out in space! That’s unfair to the rest of us!

Screenshot-130.jpgMe: It seems like a lot of people agree. I can’t believe it’s been an entire sim week. Join us next time for another term at college!













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