Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.8

Hi guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My excuse? I’ve been absolutely anime crazy! I’m like a season a day kind of person. Also this is the final chapter for the Emerald generation (it’s a long chapter) so there’s an heir poll at the end!

screenshotMe: Ignore Fuchsia’s burnt butt and admire the lighting! I got a new lighting mod to make the pictures look better for my other legacy and I was too lazy to uninstall it, I’m keeping it.

screenshot-2Me: It’s so beautiful!!!

screenshot-3Me: It appears Evergreen has been busy.

screenshot-4Me: She just does this all day. Seriously… all freakin day.

screenshot-5Flaaffy: ZzzzZ Must set Fuchsia on fire ZzzzZ Must become the heir.

Me: After that fireworks situation Flaaffy has been having some weird dreams. He seems to be forgetting that I’m a good simmer and can handle a fire like a pro!

screenshot-6Me: I’m sorry for the pretty lighting spam.

screenshot-7Me: BUT LOOK AT IT!

screenshot-8Me: Look! Stray kitties! They’re normal too, unlike the strays from Sunset Valley that looked like demon spawn.

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: Seriously, Evergreen. It’s a hassle to pick those up.

Evergreen: Do you want me to stop?

Me: I didn’t say that! A collection of jewels is the opposite of a problem!

Screenshot-10.jpgMe: So the fog from the waterfall is for some reason seeping into the portrait room, I don’t mind though. It gives it a nice spooky aura.

Screenshot-11.jpgFuchsia: ERH MAH GERD A PLERT!

Flaaffy: How come he gets to yell at plates but I’m stuck in time out with my hand jammed into my hip!?

Evergreen*Offscreen*: Because you’re out of control and tearing the family apart.

Flaaffy: It was just a whoopie cushion!


Screenshot-12.jpgFlaaffy: This does not please the Flaaffy.

screenshot-13Evergreen: That’s it! You’re out of control! Go in time out!

Flaaffy: But I was just in time out!

Evergreen: Get back in timeout!

Screenshot-14.jpgFlaaffy: I didn’t even do anything!

Screenshot-15.jpgMe: Omg he’s crying! LOL

Screenshot-16.jpgEvergreen: I baked a pie!

Me: What flavor?

Evergreen: BURNT FLAVOR!

Me: Yikes, did you seriously put the whipped cream on it BEFORE putting it in the oven? I miss Bao.

screenshot-17Me: Again Flaaffy? I think your mom might be broken…

Screenshot-19.jpgFairy: How dare you say that! It’s not pink, it’s Fuchsia!!!

Me: Fairy, who are you talking to?

Screenshot-18.jpgFairy: Myself, why do you ask?

Me: …no reason…

Screenshot-20.jpgMe: It’s so dark.

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: But look how pretty the stars are!

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: It’s so pretty!!!!!

Screenshot-23.jpgPaparazzo: Is that Connor Belland? Wow, he’s a ghost!

Paparazzo2: I know right? Let’s take pictures of him and never leave!

Me: I finally figured out why there were so many Paparazzi on the lawn even though none of the living sims are celebrities. The dead ones are -.-

Screenshot-24.jpgPaparazzo: Your pool looks nice. I’m going to swim in it.

Me: I hate you.

Screenshot-25.jpgAlien: Wow, you guys have a lot of nice things. Look at that car! Anyway, I’m here for Bella.

Me: Hahaha, I bet you think I’ll make the joke that you’re too late, but THINK AGAIN!

Screenshot-26.jpgMe: Bella, there’s someone at the door for you!

Bella: One sec, I almost got the high score!

Me: But the screen isn’t even on!!!

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: LOOK AT THAT MOON!

Screenshot-30.jpgMe: LOOK AT THAT SUN!

Screenshot-32.jpgMe: LOOK AT THAT FREAKIN WATER! Okay, I’ll stop, I promise.

Screenshot-33.jpgMe: But only because there’s a birthday!!!

screenshot-34Me: It’s the first young adult of the generation! He doesn’t look excited but he should be!

screenshot-35Flaaffy: Could you guys move already?! Ugh, we need a bigger house!

Me: We’ll see who the heir is and what their traits and stuff are. That’s what determines the house.

screenshot-36Me: I love him. He doesn’t look like Bella either! His mouth is weird but it’s not Bella’s!

screenshot-37Me: Does he look like a spoiled brat? Good, because he should. He rolled friendly so now he’s a slobby, friendly, mooch who’s never nude and is easily impressed. He wants to live in the lap of luxury. I made jokes that he would live in his parents basement until he was forty due to his mooch and slobby traits BUT due to the rest he seems more like a trust fund kid who never has to work a day in his life so he’s probably going to marry rich and mooch off his husband (remember we found out he was gay in the last chapter)

screenshot-38Me: OMG EVERGREEN, STAHP!

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: Look! Fairy brought a friend over!
Screenshot-39.jpgMe: Lulu! What happened to your face?!?!

Lulu: Puberty…

Me: Stay away from my legacy sims.

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: I saw that! I saw you flirt with my sim Lulu! I just missed it but I saw it!

Screenshot-42.jpgMe: See? Look! Go away Lulu!!!

screenshot-43Evergreen: Wow! Today’s my birthday! Do I get a celebration like Fuchsia!?

Me: Nope!

Evergreen: Why?!

Me: Because you completed your lifetime wish, and I’m busy focusing on the next generation. I know it’s still the Emerald generation but you’re nothing now.

Screenshot-44.jpgFairy: Wow! Look at all these dead bodies!

Me: You’re so weird. I love you.

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: Okay, this time I promise! This will be the last picture showing the lighting I’m obsessed with. I promise this time, really!

Screenshot-46.jpgMe: I lied…

Screenshot-53.jpgMe: I found this girl at Fuchsia’s graduation! I can’t really tell but she might be pretty! Since the next oldest is Flaaffy, he gets dibs!

Flaaffy: Yeah, uh, hi. I’m kind of hungry so I’m gonna leave, but give me your number and I’ll call you from the safety of my room, and then we’ll become best friends!

Katina(Yes, that’s her name): Um…okay?

Screenshot-57.jpgMe: I miss Bao….

Screenshot-58.jpgMe: The only reason I took this picture was so I could remember to tell you guys that Evergeen wants to send Fairy to boarding school. Just fairy though, not even Flaaffy, who’s apparently the trouble maker, just Fairy. She didn’t even specify which one, she just wants him gone.

Screenshot-59.jpgMe: SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!

Screenshot-60.jpgFlaaffy: I’m hungry. Do you think the bus driver will let me eat this on the bus.

Me: 1. No. 2. You’re literally always hungry.

Flaaffy: I’m going to ask anyway.

Screenshot-61.jpgFlaaffy: He said no.

Screenshot-62.jpgFlaaffy: I’ll just leave it here for when I get back.

Me: I’m having a hard time believing that Fuchsia is the sloppy one.

Screenshot-64.jpgFuchsia: You know, Fairy. This stuff you made isn’t all that bad.

Fairy: You’re actually eating it? I just took random stuff and threw it in a bowl. There’s even the stuff from under the sink. I didn’t even want to eat that, I’d rather eat that burnt whipped cream pie that mom made.

Fuchsia: Yeah but it’s not bad.

Fairy: You’re going to die.

Screenshot-65.jpgMe: Well Bonehilda must think it’s pretty good because she put it in the fridge and not in the trash.

Screenshot-69.jpgFairy: *Chokes self* Blrhgash.

Screenshot-70.jpgFairy: Heh. Kinky.

Me: Let’s just go ahead and ignore that.

screenshot-71Bonehilda: Do you think my eye makeup looks good?

Me: You don’t have eyes.

Bonehilda: Yeah, but it looks good right?

Me: Well at least your not drinking like the others always did.

Screenshot-72.jpgFlaaffy: Yeah, high score!!!!

Screenshot-73.jpgMe: I can’t even think of a joke because I have no idea what this is. Anyway, Flaaffy, I understand you’re a loner, but you’re also friendly, why don’t you do something social?

Screenshot-75.jpgFlaaffy: So… there’s hail and stuff outside.

Fuchsia: I know???

Flaaffy: Well that’s enough social activity for the day.

Screenshot-77.jpgFuchsia: Mom, I’m really hungry, can I have some food?

Screenshot-79.jpgEvergreen: Sure! Here you go!

Fuchsia: I..uh… I’m not quite sure where you got this from….

Screenshot-80.jpgMe: He put it down.

Fuchsia: I don’t trust it. She pulled it from thin air. I can’t wait until I’m living in the lap of luxury and my butler will make me food that isn’t from thin air or made of stuff from under the kitchen sink.

Me: I’m still concerned with why you ate that stuff but not the burrito from your mom.

Screenshot-83.jpgFairy: Hehehe, I’m fairy, I have a stupid name!

screenshot-84Fairy: I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

Screenshot-85.jpgFairy: Then I’m just going to yell louder!!!!! How about that?!

Screenshot-86.jpgFairy: Ugh! I’m so unreasonable!!!

Screenshot-87.jpgFairy: So anyway, how am I doing? How are the wife and kids?

screenshot-88Fairy: That’s great, I’m glad to hear it.

Screenshot-97.jpgMe: How did the conversation with yourself go?

Fairy: How do you THINK it went?

Screenshot-102.jpgFuchsia: So I don’t know about this new game that Flaaffy bought, it’s weird. I’m not sure I like it.

Fairy: I agree, it is very sunny out today.

Me: It’s nice to know that these two are still best friends for some reason.

Screenshot-103.jpgFairy: Anyway, did you see that new game Flaaffy got, I don’t know if I like it.

Fuchsia: I think my chances for heir are pretty good to be honest, I’m up against a lunatic and a loser.

screenshot-104Me: Fuchsia called you a loser.

Flaaffy: A loser? Me? I’m about to get the high score! That’s something a winner would do!

Me: Well maybe it’s because all you do is play video games.

Flaaffy: Your right… I should use my friendly trait more often and socialize. I could be so much more than this. I think I’m going to go to college! I’ll make something of myself!

Me: Great idea, you can become a doctor, or a journalist, maybe even a news reporter!

Flaaffy: But mostly I’m going to drink and socialize.

screenshot-109Flaaffy: I wish that I’ll make lots of friends!

Me: Aww. what a cute wish!

Me: Eh, he’s kind of chubby. Nothing that a treadmill won’t fix! Anyway he grew up a vehicle enthusiast because he’s lame like that. His lifetime wish is to max all social groups or something like that. If he’s the heir he will definitely be going to college!

Me: He’s also pretty cute. No real complaints from me.

Screenshot-134.jpgMe: I’m also going to go ahead and age up Fairy a few days early. Shhh, it’s my legacy, I do what I want. This chapter is way too long already!

Me: He’s my least favorite but if you like him, choose him. I have some things in mind for him. All of them really, I’ll be content with whoever the winner is.

fairyflaaffyfuchsiaMe: So that’s it for this chapter…and I guess this generation!!!! WOW! That’s unbelievable! Generation 6 is coming up! So I apologize for the length of the chapter, I just couldn’t stop playing! Let’s just say it makes up for the fact that I haven’t been posting frequently but I promise when the heir poll ends, I’ll lay off the anime and post on time!







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3 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.8

  1. LMAO, looks like your Bonehilda has a mid-life crisis. Too funny.

    Aw, I love all the boys, who to choose? There is no poll in the post, so I’ll pick…Fuschia! As much as I love Bella, so ready to get rid of her mouth.

    Also, love that new lighting mod! Which one are you using? I’m always looking for new ones to try out.

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