Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.7

screenshotEvergreen: It’s time to get over my fear and anxiety and talk to a ghost. Hi, ghost.

Cherry: Ew, why is this loser talking to me?

screenshot-3Evergreen: Loser? But I’m your granddaughter!

Cherry: Come back when you are able to impress me. I’m a celebrity you know.

Evergreen: Yeah, by one star!

Screenshot-6.jpgFlaaffy: Mom! Can you stop playing video games? I’m trying to work out!

Evergreen: No way! I’ve almost got the high score!

Screenshot-8.jpgMe: Is this really necessary? Taking a boat taxi to go 5 feet seems pointless. The town should just build more bridges!

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: Look how pretty the graveyard is! Let’s just take a minute to appreciate it.

Screenshot-10.jpgBao: It’s the first time I’ve been outside since I moved in! I was so stir crazy!

Screenshot-11.jpgBao: I’m going to go in here! What could possibly go wrong!

Me: Well, your feet could sink into the floor…. like they already are.

Screenshot-12.jpgBao: Apparently, a lot can go wrong.

screenshot-19Me: I really like Flaaffy’s face.

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: Fuchsia’s isn’t bad either. His traits suck, though! He’ll be too lazy to get a job and will have to marry a rich sim.

Fuchsia: You say that like it’s a bad thing!

Fuchsia: Am I still beautiful?

Me: Maybe on the inside….

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: Fairy is still too young to see what his face could be but his birthday is coming up!

Screenshot-25.jpgMe: Look! Ghosts! Hi Daff, are you going to be doing something interesting?

Daffodil: Your shower’s broken.

Me: I’ll take that as a no.

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: What about you, Dijon?

Dijon: Your shower’s broken.


screenshot-33Connor: I’m going to beat you so bad that the family will throw your urn in the garbage.

Daffodil: That makes no sense yet it still made me feel bad. Person Person Plus!

screenshot-35Me: Evergreen’s been busy!

Screenshot-39.jpgEvergreen: Did another old lady get stuck on my lawn?

Screenshot-40.jpgOld lady: Do you mind if I go inside and watch tv.

Evergreen: Yes I mind! Go home!

Screenshot-42.jpgOld lady: I would love to go home! I haven’t slept in days!

Evergreen: Okay, bye then.

Old lady: I think I might sleep on your lawn instead.

screenshot-44Me: Did you guys know that Fairy had an imaginary friend? Because I didn’t. *deletes*

Me: Also prom happened. Notifications! Yay!
Me: Fuchsia got a boyfriend  romantic interest! I had no idea he was gay! It’s a good thing that same-sex sims can have children thanks to into the future. So Fuchsia is still in the heir race.

Me: Fuchsia is having a great night! That’s good because Flaaffy isn’t

Me: The same tuxedo? Aren’t they all the same? Plus your formal wear is Fuchsia. If anyone is wearing the same suit, it’s your brother.

Me: I don’t know if Fred will appreciate that, Fuchsia.

Me: How could anyone deny his cute face! Whatever. We’ll get you a better girlfriend!

Me: With your luck, I wouldn’t count on it.

Me: If it didn’t work the first time, why would you try again!?

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: I’m sorry you had to do your homework on the sidewalk, but if it helps your birthday is tomorrow! You get cake after school.

Fairy: Can’t I just age up in the morning and not go to school?

Me: Do you really want all of the homework you just did to be for nothing?

Fairy: Yes.

Screenshot-46.jpgMe: I assumed that Fairy would recieve the asian culture hidden trait because Bao has it, but here he is eating with a fork? It might be because he’s a child though.

screenshot-47Me: Flaaffy has the trait so I’ll assume that it’s because Fairy is a child and can’t eat with chopsticks.

Screenshot-51.jpgFuchsia: Somebody died my hair the most ridiculous color!

Me: It’s only slightly brighter than the color of your clothes, and your room, and your name.

Fuchsia: It’s ridiculous I say.

Screenshot-53.jpgFairy: Yay! It’s my birthday! I’m finally going to be a handsome teenager like my brothers.

Screenshot-55.jpgMe: ….Meh…. anything he grew up easily impressed so he’s insane, grumpy, easily impressed, and I think loner, but don’t quote me on it.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Come on dude, not in the pool! How is the grim reaper going to get to you?!

Screenshot-65.jpgMe: Well, I guess that’s one way.

screenshot-67screenshot-70screenshot-74screenshot-76Me: …He glitched… *Resets*

screenshot-80Fuchsia: Hey, want to meet somewhere? The sim god will decide whether or not we can date.

Fred: What? That makes no sense but sure. Let’s go to the festival!

screenshot-81screenshot-82Me: Look! It’s Envy and Elphaba! They work at the consessions stand!

Screenshot-83.jpgMe: Eh… he’s not bad but he looks so average. We’ll look for someone better but if we can’t find anyone, he’s our go-to.

Screenshot-85.jpgFuchsia: Hey… my dad died and I’m really upset about that, so I need time for myself. I just want to stay friends.

Screenshot-86.jpgFred: Hey, it’s fine. I understand.

Me: He took that so well!

Screenshot-89.jpgMe: I’m not going to waste a day-off though! Let them have their fun.

Screenshot-97.jpgFuchsia: Hahaha! You’re gay! I bet you kiss boys!

Screenshot-98.jpgFuchsia: Haha! Missed me!

Screenshot-102.jpgFred: Hey! Your gay too! You can’t say a thing!

Screenshot-99.jpgMe: ooh! That’s gotta hurt.

Screenshot-103.jpgMe: Look how professional they look!

Screenshot-104.jpgFairy: Can you send help? I got my fingers stuck in my phone again.

Screenshot-115.jpgFuchsia: How many fireworks can I buy with 75 tickets?

Envy: A lot.

Fuchsia: Give me some.

Envy: How many?

Fuchsia: All.

Screenshot-119.jpgMe: This reminds me of the first time I ever played the sims. My sister had a copy of the original sims game on her computer. She decided to let me play once and I made this perfect little family and I built this perfect little house for them and I saw this rocket thing in the buy mode and decided ‘why not?’ and I placed it in their living room. I had one of the sims set it off and the place caught on fire, I didn’t know what to do since I’ve never played so the fire eventually killed the entire family.

Screenshot-120.jpgMe: No!!!!

Screenshot-122.jpgMe: PUT IT OUT!!!

screenshot-124Me: Flaaffy, stop yawning and put it out! You’re brother is going to die!!

Screenshot-125.jpgFlaaffy: But I’m so tired!


Screenshot-126.jpgFlaaffy: I can’t because I’m so tired!

Me: OMG! Fuchsia just jump into the pool!

screenshot-130Me: Finally!


Screenshot-133.jpgMe: The crisis has been averted.

Screenshot-134.jpgMe: Wait, no it hasn’t!

screenshot-139Me: Evergreen saved the day!

Screenshot-141.jpgMe: But did I learn my lesson? NOPE!







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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.7

  1. LMAO, Glitchy Grim is too funny. Dying (of old age) in the pool is obviously dangerous for everyone.

    And the fire, lols, this is why you shouldn’t play with fireworks, kiddies!

    • Haha even though I was clicking extinguish, and I was telling Fuchsia to jump in the pool, they both stood there for quite some time. I thought I was going to lose Fuchsia. It’s funny too because earlier when I sent Bao to the graveyard I was thinking to myself “My ghost are so boring, they died of old age, I want a cool ghost like fire or starvation.” I guess be careful for what you wish for!

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