Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.6

ScreenshotMe: Do you guys notice anything weird?

Screenshot-2Me: Anything at all out of the ordinary?

Screenshot-3.jpgMe: It can be anything.

Screenshot-4Me: How about now?

Screenshot-5.jpgMe: All of my world adventures furniture got replaced! I’ll fix it…

Screenshot-6.jpgMe: That’s better.

Screenshot-7Zombie: Wow, what a nice house. I think I’ll go take a nap.

Me: Who left the freakin’ door open?!

Screenshot-9.jpgGuy: Help! I’m being attacked!

Me: Well maybe next time don’t trespass.

Screenshot-18.jpgMe: It seems that literally every ghost decided to come out. If you think they’ll do something cool, you’re wrong.

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: They just make these disgusted faces at each other.

Me: See?

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: Also, Flaaffy’s hair is magic and grows a foot when it’s wet.

Flaaffy: You’re just jealous, it’s perf.

Screenshot-23.jpgMe: It’s so weird.

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: We interrupt my sims being weird with a birthday!

Screenshot-25.jpgMe: Doesn’t he look so excited?!

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: He grew up a loner. So he’s a Loner, Insane, and grumpy. I love him so much.

Screenshot-28.jpgFreakin’ annoying old lady: What a beautiful lawn, I hope you don’t mind if I stay on it for the next three days!

Me: The yard is not a park!

Screenshot-30.jpgFAOL: I’m so hungry! I should go into the house and help myself!

Fuchsia: You need to leave.

Screenshot-32.jpgFAOL: Of course! I’ll leave as soon as I finish my nap.

Screenshot-33.jpgFuchsia: OW! She elbowed me on her way down!

Me: Get rid of her.

Screenshot-35.jpgFuchsia: Your nap is done. Go home.

Screenshot-36.jpgFAOL: Woo! I can finally leave! I’ve been trapped here for so long!

Fuchsia: I hope she dies and becomes a ghost.

Me: As long as it’s not on our property.

Screenshot-38.jpgFuchsia: Mom hasn’t made dinner yet so I’m going to drink this.

Me: Plasma? Don’t drink Plasma, you’ll get sick! Where did you even find that?

Fuchsia: hmm….the internet?

Screenshot-39.jpgMe: You’re like a cannibal right now.

Fuchsia: But it tastes good!

Screenshot-41Fairy: Everyone! Get in here, Fuchsia is a cannibal! I demand he be exiled!

Screenshot-43.jpgFuchsia: I feel sick! I hope I don’t throw up on my clean clothes.

Me: I warned you.

Screenshot-45.jpgEvergreen: Yeah, take me to China. My kids are driving me nuts!

Screenshot-46.jpgEvergreen: Okay, who’s next? I’m doing my pre-battle dance so you know I’m going to win!

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: Evergreen, you better win this. This guy looks as strong as a feather!

Screenshot-56.jpgMe: I can’t believe you lost this.

Screenshot-59.jpgMe: Anyway, a few matches later and she completed her lifetime wish! Evergreen how do you feel?

Evergreen: Hungry, let’s get out of here.

Screenshot-60.jpgMe: You’ve been standing out here for ages, just go inside.

Evergreen: The place is going to be a disaster, I just know it.

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: Fairy do you feel okay?

Fairy: Yes, I feel fine. Why?

Screenshot-64.jpgMe: Your dad is impaling you with a plate and his legs.

Screenshot-65Fuchsia: Did you know that dad is trash!

Fairy: Omg that’s so funny!

Bao: What? I’m not trash!

Me: I’ve never seen a sim so offended…

Screenshot-66.jpgFairy: I’m starving.

Screenshot-67.jpgFairy: And I have to pee!

Screenshot-68.jpgFairy: Oops.

Me: I’m not a bad simmer, Fairy just can’t take care of himself!

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: See? He’s even going to bed in his formal wear!

Screenshot-70.jpgMe: Aww, look at this cute little study group! I love that this neighborhood has so many children!

Screenshot-72.jpgMe: Fairy wished to have a tea party so I bought him a bear and all he did was grab some juice and bow. I’m so disappointed. I thought he’d wear a cute outfit and have little cakes and teacups.

Screenshot-73.jpgMe: Fairy is the only kid who does anything interesting though.

Screenshot-74Me: All Flaaffy does is play video games.

Screenshot-78.jpgMe: And Fuchsia is obsessed with comics.

Fuchsia: I can go on a whole rant about how the movie misrepresented the comic book character.

Fairy: Can’t you talk about anything else?

Me: If you notice that these two talk to each other a lot it’s because they’re best friends for some reason, although neither of them talk to Flaaffy.

Me: Okay just one more birthday then that’s it for this chapter!

Screenshot-87Me: He’s so short.

Screenshot-88.jpgMe: Aww look, his brother came to celebrate!

Screenshot-89.jpgMe: So did his other brother!

Flaaffy: Can you guys stop celebrating so we can eat. I’m hungry!

Screenshot-92.jpgMe: The whole family came! This is the first time that everyone celebrated I think.

Screenshot-95Me: Flaaffy grew up over-emotional so now he’s over-emotional, loner, friendly, and heavy sleeper. He’s an absolute mess. Anyway, does anyone else think my sims all look exactly the same, because I think all my sims look exactly the same. Next generation I’m going to pick a spouse with very distinct features and mix things up a little.


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.6

  1. Ugh, hate when the game messes up on you like that. Though the random statues and haybales next to the pond did add a certain aura 😛

    I think Bella’s genetics are so strong that it’s causing everyone to look similar. That mouth is so very distinctive. You could always pay for an heir to get plastic surgery, it’s a less cheaty way to change up their look (rather than messing with their face in CAS).

    • I think it would be more fun to just breed out her genetics. I don’t mind waiting, I love her genetics anyway but I don’t want to see them for the next 20 generations. At least it’s Bella’s eyes and mouth that keeps showing up and not her nose! haha

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