Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.5

ScreenshotMe: Look at this cute toddler!

Screenshot-2Fairy: Huh? I’m cute!

Me: Yes!

Screenshot-3.jpgMe: Flaaffy is pretty cute too!

Screenshot-5Repoman: Hahaha! See how you live without your possessions!

Me: Whatever, take what you want. Everything is broken anyway.

Screenshot-6Me: I was so busy focusing on toddlers and the repoman that I forgot about Evergreen’s lifetime wish. We are now back in China!

Screenshot-8.jpgEvergreen: Do you think the kids will be okay by themselves? Bao is getting pretty old!!

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: Wow, this place is crowded.

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: first victim  opponent!

Screenshot-12.jpgMe: Come on! What’s with the photobombing!

Old Lady: Pretty awesome stuff happening behind me, I bet you wish you could see it!

Old man: She’s lying, nothing’s happening!

Screenshot-13.jpgMe: He was right, I don’t know what Evergreen was doing but it wasn’t awesome!

Evergreen: I told you! It’s my pre-spar battle dance!

Old man: See? I told you. Nothing is happening.

Opponent: Should we… uh, fight now?

Screenshot-17Me: I think she is low-skilled. She still does the bitch-slapping thing.

Screenshot-18.jpgOpponent: But I still won!

Me: Evergreen, I am so disappointed in you.


Screenshot-21.jpgEvergreen: See? I won! I’m better! It was all thanks to my battle dance.

Opponent: I am ashamed.

Screenshot-30.jpgMe: Eventually Evergreen had to fight her again and she brought her family!!!!

Opponent: What? It’ll amuse them!

Screenshot-34.jpgMe: She looks so offended!

Screenshot-42.jpgEvergreen: Come on! I’ll beat you while wearing pajamas!

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: I saw one of the opponents dancing with her husband. Isn’t it sweet?

Screenshot-50.jpgOpponent: I am so sorry! I completely ruined the moment.

Husband: I want a divorce.

Screenshot-51Me: How come whenever you go home all you think about is your pool?

Evergreen: I really like my pool!

Screenshot-52.jpgFuchsia: YO DAD I’M STILL WAITING ON DINNER. LET’S GO!

Me: Just go make your own dinner!

Fuchsia: One does not simply pause an online game!

Screenshot-53.jpgMe: One does not simply put all his laundry on the floor either but it still happened!

Screenshot-54.jpgFlaaffy: What the heck did I walk in on!

Bao: I’ve been taking battle dance lessons from Evergreen.

Fairy: I EAT BWOCK!!!!

Screenshot-56.jpgMe: Look how cute he is! He’s so smart getting the shapes right!

Screenshot-59.jpgMe: …and then there’s this one…


Screenshot-80.jpgMe: He’s still cute though!


Me: …at least he’s cute.

Screenshot-85.jpgFlaaffy: Wow! Good job, sim god. You didn’t miss my birthday!

Screenshot-86.jpgMe: You better be cute and original! I’m sick of clones.

Screenshot-87.jpgMe: He’s cute but it’s too early to tell if he’s original. Anyway, he rolled friendly. a friendly loner? How does that work?

Me: I love toddlers. I never thought I’d say it but these faces make all the training and crying worth it!

Screenshot-97.jpgMe: Evergreen you’re supposed to close your eyes when you meditate.

Evergreen: Every time I close my eyes the kids make a mess or break something!

Me: But it’s creepy. Close your eyes.

Screenshot-99Me: Look! The kids made a friend, he name is Lulu!

Screenshot-100.jpgEvergreen: Back to China? I can’t go back to China what if the oven breaks and Bao tries to fix it and then he gets electrocuted and dies then all of the kids starve.

Me: Unlikely.

Evergreen: What if Bonehilda enslaves the human race while I’m gone!

Me: Even more Unlikely.

Evergreen: What if they make a mess of the house and break everything.

Me: inevitable.

Screenshot-102.jpgEvergreen: Are you sure it’s safe to spar with a broken sink???

Opponent: Nope!

Screenshot-105.jpgMe: I like her battle face

Screenshot-124.jpgMe: This is what I call a ‘lose-lose’ situation. If Evergreen wins she’s an asshole for beating up an old-man, and if she loses then she’s weak for getting beaten up by an old man.

Screenshot-137.jpgMe: Remember him? Yeah, he literally brought his mom to watch him spar!

Screenshot-142.jpgMe: Literally me a party.

Flaaffy: I’m a loner.

Me: Yeah but you’re friendly.

Flaaffy: I’m still part of the conversation, I just have to talk really loudly!


Screenshot-150.jpgMe: Friendship buddies!

Screenshot-151.jpgFairy: I want fweinds!

Me: You’re friends with your mom and dad! 🙂

Screenshot-152.jpgMe: Just look how cute he is! Don’t worry you’ll make plenty of friends!

Screenshot-153.jpgFuchsia: You were so focused on him that you forgot my birthday!!!!

Me: I really need to stop doing that!

Screenshot-155Me: I like him! He grew up never-nude though. He has the WORST personality! Never-nude, mooch, slob and easily impressed. To be honest I’m sensing a gold digger or someone who mooches off their parents until they’re like 40, then they get kicked out and sleep on their friend’s couch.







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