Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.4

Screenshot-123.jpgEvergreen: Bao! I’m pregnant! We’re going to be parents!

Screenshot-125.jpgEvergreen: Aren’t you excited!?

Bao: Yeah! It’s going to be great being a parent! I’m so excited!

Me: Well that’s better than the thumbs up I’ve seen from other spouses in the past.

Screenshot-127Me: I’m happy she can still skill up while pregnant!

Screenshot-134.jpgEvergreen: Okay, I am either really really hungry or my baby is coming…

Me: You can’t tell the difference???

Screenshot-141.jpgMe: His name is F*cking Fuchsia. No seriously, his name is ‘F*cking Fuchsia’. We’ll call him Fuchsia for short, but he’ll live his life knowing that his name is F*cking Fuchsia. I don’t know if any of my readers play sim dates, but there’s one called Kingdom Days and there’s a character who very much dislikes when someone calls Fuchsia pink, because it’s not pink, it’s F*cking Fuchsia. Yeah, he’s named after that. He rolled Slob and Easily impressed.

Screenshot-142.jpgMe: And very soon after that…

Evergreen: Woah, I’m pregnant again!

Screenshot-143.jpgMe: Babyhood never lasts long…

Screenshot-144Me: Look at him! Isn’t he just adorable! He doesn’t even have Bella’s lips! But he has black hair and blue eyes! I love when genetics get passed down from grandparents. Look how cute he looks in pink  Fuchsia.

Screenshot-145Me: Bao has retired from painting and is now the baby skilling slave.

Screenshot-147.jpgMe: And look, Evergreen maxxed her martial arts skill! I mean it doesn’t really go towards her lifetime wish, but it helps!!

Screenshot-149.jpgEvergreen: …my water broke.

Me: Why am I never getting any labor pictures? What’s wrong with me this chapter.

Screenshot-150.jpgMe: Maybe I’ll get a picture for baby#3, the final baby.

Screenshot-152.jpgBao: Woo! Look at you go!

Fuchsia: Okay, there’s no way I can go while you’re watching me.

Me: I’m more concerned with the state of the bathroom. This place is a mess, where is Bonehilda?

Screenshot-153.jpgMe: I decided to go all out with toddler skilling. books, toys, training. I want to do it all! We’ll see how that goes. And that baby over there is seriously baby#2. I’m terrible with pictures today. His name is Flaaffy, he’s named after the Pokemon. He’s a loner and a heavy sleeper. I can totally see it now, he’s going to grow up to be emo…

Screenshot-155.jpgFucshia: Wahhh!!! I’m being neglected. Nobody takes care of me!

Me: Stop complaining and read your books!

Screenshot-156.jpgEvergreen: That doll given to my son by a relative who I have never heard of before is watching him and it’s creeping me out.

Me: Yeah, don’t worry about that. I’ll get around to deleting it…eventually.

Screenshot-157.jpgFuchsia: I’m so hungry, tired, stinky, and miserable.

Evergreen: But at least your smart!

Screenshot-158Me: Do you guys want to know how bad I am at picture taking this chapter? This picture right here. I stared at it for 5 minutes trying to figure out what was going on and why I took it and then after I looked at the pictures coming after this one I realized. She’s having the baby! I’m so bad with pictures this chapter!!

Screenshot-159Screenshot-160Me: It’s also Flaaffy and Bao’s birthday. Bao aged into an elder, I didn’t get a picture because I never care about the elders enough.

Screenshot-161.jpgMe: I told you guys that Bella’s lips would make an appearance somewhere! …I’m sure he’ll grow into them…

Screenshot-164.jpgMe: The new baby’s name is Fairy, named after the Pokemon TYPE!

1.pngIt’s kind of cutting it close, but hey, not that many things are Fuchsia and start with an F. Anyway, he’s grumpy and insane. I like him.

Screenshot-165.jpgMe: Also Evergreen aged up and her hair deflated 😦

Screenshot-168Fuchsia: Hey, I’m giving you a warning so you can get a good picture! I’m aging up in 5 seconds.

Me: What? But you haven’t learned all the skills from your toys! I’ve been so preoccupied with the toddler’s skills that I think it’s the reason I’ve been taking bad pictures!

Screenshot-169Fuchsia: I am aging now, make sure you take the picture!

Me: I forgot to take a picture from create-a-sim

Fuchsia: You had one job!

Me: He rolled mooch. So he’s a slob, easily impressed, and a mooch. The type of person who lives in their parents basement until their 40!

Screenshot-171.jpgMe: Flaaffy, you’re supposed to READ the book, not sit on it!

Screenshot-172.jpgMe: Fairy is growing up! Another toddler to train.

Screenshot-174.jpgMe: He’s BLONDE?!?!?!?!?!

Screenshot-176.jpgFuchsia: Since I haven’t been able to get a picture in, I’m going on strike. I’m skipping school.

Me: Don’t feel bad, no one has been able to get pictures in. Next time till be better!




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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.4

  1. Three boys? Damn, and fuschia would work so well for the girls. Love the names though, good choices!

    Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award! https://epicrourke.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/sunshine/

    • I know right? I was hoping for at least one girl! It’s kind of ironic actually and anyway Thank you for the nomination! I’m most likely not going to do it because everyone I would nominate myself has already nominated me (I was nominated like 5 times on my other blog) but I still really appreciate the nomination! Thank you again.

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