Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.3

Screenshot-42Me: Evergreen found the wonders of meditation!

Evergreen: I find that my bathroom is the most peaceful place in the house.

Screenshot-43.jpgMe: What the heck is that?

Bao: It’s a depiction of my grief from missing Constance!

Me: You knew her for 30 seconds! Evergreen doesn’t even care as much as you do and their relationship was maxxed!

Screenshot-46Old Lady: You know, It’s a beautiful night to come over and die in my neighbor’s yard!

Me: No!!!

Screenshot-51Cherry: I can’t haunt the bed! There’s people in it!

Me: Then haunt something else!

Cherry: I tried to haunt the easel but Aqua is haunting it!

Me: What?

Screenshot-52.jpgAqua: OOooooohh~ I’m the ghost of terrible paintings!

Screenshot-53.jpgAqua: Well, I’m bored, I’m going to play on the laptop.

Screenshot-54.jpgMe: And what do you think you’re doing?

Evergreen: My pre-chopping dance. It gives me the power to smash through anything.

Screenshot-55Evergreen: Watch and learn.

Screenshot-56.jpgEvergreen: *taps it*

Screenshot-58.jpgEvergreen: Ow! I think I broke my hand!!

Me: The only thing I’ve learned, is that you’re an idiot.

Screenshot-62Me: I remembered I never bought a Bonehilda coffin so I did. Here’s Bonehilda 4.0. Look! Her dress is red!

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: Wow Bao, you’re paintings have improved a ton!

Screenshot-67Me: I spoke too soon…

Screenshot-69.jpgBao: Aww! Thanks for taking me to the festival! You’re the best!

Evergeen: I am, aren’t I?

Screenshot-72.jpgMe: Look who else showed up!!!

Screenshot-73.jpgElectrike: I’m texting this hot girl I met earlier.

Screenshot-74.jpgEnvy: I’m sending a mean text to Electrike.

Screenshot-75.jpgElectrike: What the hell, Envy!? I’m going to text you so many angry emoji’s

Me: So much for a family reunion day…

Screenshot-78.jpgMe: Elphaba, what the heck are you doing?

Screenshot-80.jpgMe: I thought I effectively got rid of the werewolf genes.

Screenshot-86.jpgElphaba: Everyone step aside. I got this!

Electrike: I don’t even know what’s I’m doing here.

Screenshot-92.jpgMe: Classy festival proposal!!!

Screenshot-95.jpgMe: And wedding.

Screenshot-101Screenshot-102Me: Okay that’s it. Everyone needs to stop dying in my yard!!!!

Screenshot-110.jpgConstance: You’ve been here for 3 days straight. Go away! Or at least do laundry or something!

Constance: No! I’m going to stay here forever and ever and ever.

Me: Ugh *resets*

Bao: I’m getting pretty impatient with these ghosts…

Me: And it’s only going to get worse as the generations go on.

Screenshot-120.jpgMe: Whaaat? What’s this? Could it be BABY #1!!!! Find out next time!!!!





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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.3

  1. Babiez, yay! Fuschia gen is almost here :D:D I don’t know why I’m so excited, Fuschia is going to be eye-blinding.

    Dude, your ghosts are annoying. And more people are intent on dying on your lot. Man, I think your game hates you.

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