Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.1

ScreenshotMe: Generation 5!!!!!!!!!! Normally that’s the halfway point for legacies, but not for this hardcore simmer! Anyway, here’s the last picture ever taken of the old house! I’m going to miss it!

Screenshot-2.jpgElphaba: Yeah, looks like I need a place to stay since the sim god HATES ME!

Me: It’s not just me. Everyone hates you Elphaba. You didn’t get a single vote!

Screenshot-4Envy: I’m going to miss this room! I’m going to miss everyone, except the sim god.

Me: Don’t hold a grudge! I don’t get a say in who wins! If I did, I wouldn’t pick you though.  By the way, where is Electrike, I didn’t get to say goodbye!

Envy: He booked it earlier, something about not wanting to give you the satisfaction!

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: NEW HOUSE PICS!

Me: Evergreen won the heir poll with a total of 3 votes (Including my boyfriend. Damn I need more readers to spice up the heirpoll.) The other 3 didn’t get any. I guess it makes up for Evergreen almost dying at the end of the previous generation.

Screenshot-18.jpgMe: Electrike! I was hoping I would find you here!

Electrike: At my graduation ceremony? Duh.

Screenshot-20.jpgEvergreen: I have 200 grand, no job, and all of the time in the world. Let’s go to China!

Me: She really does look like Bella from this angle.

Screenshot-22Me: Low skilled martial artists are hilarious! She’s literally just bitch-slapping it!

Screenshot-25.jpgEvergreen: Yeah, that’s right. Fear me!

Screenshot-29.jpgMe: She’s not even kicking it!

Screenshot-30.jpgMe: This guy on the other hand, looks like something out of street fighter.

Screenshot-31.jpgMe: Total badass.

Screenshot-32.jpgMe: Look at the comparisons.

Evergreen: Slap, slap, slap!

Lee: Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag.

Screenshot-33.jpgEvergreen: Ow! It hit me!!!

Screenshot-35.jpgEvergreen: Am I bleeding? I think I might be bleeding!

Lee: *hides laughter* Are you okay? The dummy hit you pretty hard!

Evergreen: Don’t make fun of me!

Screenshot-38Lee: Normally a sparring match between sims and the dummy ends with the sim winning! I’ve never seen it happen the other way around.

Evergreen: It’s out to get me, I swear! It’s mad because I bitch-slapped it!

Screenshot-39Lee: Anyway, I’m Lee, It’s nice to meet you. I can tell we have some things in common.

Evergreen: I’m Evergreen.

Lee: Like the tree?

Evergreen: yeah…it’s a long story…

Screenshot-42.jpgMe: Okay, time to go meet the rest of your potential suitors!

Evergreen: Do I have to? Lee was nice.

Me: These guys are nice too! I scoped out the entire area!

Screenshot-45Me: This one is Bao, He’s on the list because I like his nose and he has the artistic trait and since Jon died, I need a portrait slave.

Evergreen: The next guy lives with his mom? That’s so weird.

Me: You live with your mom.

Evergreen: That’s totally different.

Me: Not really.

Abi: Nice to meet you. My son is inside, he would make a wonderful spouse for your legacy family. He’s good around the house and is very modest, and is a good person.

Evergreen: She talks for him too?

Screenshot-53.jpgEvergreen: So do you want to hang out sometime and maybe get to know each other?

Liang: Sure! But I’ll have to ask my mom!

Evergreen: How old are you?

Liang: 30!

Evergreen: Yeah, we’re done here.

Screenshot-57.jpgShing: Oh hello.It’s not every day that I’m in the presence of a pretty girl ;). How can I help you?

Evergreen: You really think I’m pretty?

Shing: What were we talking about again?

Me: Absent-minded, clumsy, but charismatic, friendly and artistic. Another possible portrait slave!

Screenshot-87.jpgMe: Look guys, she’s improved. She actually kicks the dummy now!

Screenshot-90Me: Maybe there is hope for her!

Screenshot-91.jpgEvergreen: Ow! It hit me again!!!!

Me: Maybe I spoke too soon…

Screenshot-103.jpgEvergreen: Oh it’s nice to be home again! I was homesick!

Me: Really? You were homesick? In China Shang Simla, which is what your home was based off of?

Evergreen: Mostly I just missed the pool.

Screenshot-104.jpgPaparazzo: Constance! Hey, Constance! We trespassed just to see you again!


Screenshot-111.jpgMe: If you’re wondering where Clyde’s urn went, you’re asking the wrong person. I don’t know what happened to it 😦 It jut went missing!

Screenshot-113.jpgMe: Ghosts! The ghosts are back! I haven’t seen them in an entire generation because the roofing in the previous house was preventing them from escaping even though they can walk through roofs and walls and stuff.

Connor: Yeah, but does it have to be Bella, she’s weird!

Bella: Connor, I’m fabulous, you don’t know what you’re talking about!

Screenshot-119.jpgMe: They ended up doing boring regular sim stuff :(. Anyway that’s it for this chapter. Which of the potential spouses was your favorite? Leave a comment below, it’ll help me pick one!






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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Emerald 5.1

  1. Aw, no room for the Daffodil boys in the gorgeous new Emerald house? I love your landscaping, great job!

    Ooh, we’re going to have a spouse from China, fun! I love travelling, it’s so much fun. Can’t wait to see the Fuschia babies! Also, gen 5, well done! You’re going through so fast.

    • Dijon and Daffodil died in a previous so it’s just Constance and Evergreen, Constance doesn’t have a room though. She can sleep on the couch, I don’t care enough. Also I figured if Evergreen was going to spend so much time in China then she might as well get a spouse there 🙂

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