Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.7

ScreenshotMe: Since it was Evergreen’s birthday, I bought her a little sailboat. (Don’t tell Envy. She’ll get mad.)

Screenshot-2.jpgMe: Doesn’t she just look adorable in it?

Screenshot-3.jpgElectrike: HAH! You guys have to take the bus! I’m going to go home and take a nap because I’m a badass like that.

Screenshot-6.jpgMe: Evergreen is so popular.

Screenshot-7Me: Her parents have to take turns just to socialize with her.

Screenshot-21Dijon: Are you sure it’s a good idea to leave the kids unattended for a few days?

Jon: Yeah, it’ll be fine! Electrike will be in charge. Everything is taken care of.

Constance(she’s in there somewhere): The house will be burnt to a crisp when we return.

Screenshot-22.jpgEnvy: No parents for 3 days? What should we do!

Elphaba: Well I’m going to replace all of the knobs on the dressers with almost exact copies, close enough that you won’t be able to tell the different, but different enough to feel like somethings wrong. The adults will never sleep again!

Evergreen: I’m going to stay up on the computer until past bedtime!!

Electrike: You guys are lame (and kind of morbid) We gotta have a party!!!

Screenshot-23Me: After you finish your homework!

Them: Fiiinneee

Screenshot-24Electrike: What do you mean there’s only two other teenagers in town?! Fine, it’ll have to do. We’ll just play the music extra loud to make up for it.

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: It’s a full moon and Elphaba is going bonkers! She’s slapping everyone!

Paparazzo: Wow! What a really nice house you guys have!

Elphaba: How dare you!!! *Slap*

Screenshot-28.jpgMe: Electrike passed out for no reason! He’s not even tired.

Screenshot-30Me: Why…

Screenshot-31.jpgMe: Is…

Screenshot-33.jpgMe: Everyone…

Screenshot-35.jpgMe: PASSING OUT!

Screenshot-36Me: Elphaba woke up in the middle of the night…

Screenshot-38.jpgMe: Full moons are weird.

Me: I miss the laundry slave  Constance.

Screenshot-44Me: So Dijon and Daffodil both aged while on vacation.

Daffodil and Constance: Wow! Standing in the middle of the road sure is fun!

Random guy: Wow! Jon is so cool. He makes me happy!

Dijon: I just got a great idea! Possibly the best idea ever! I’m going to yell at all of the kids for trashing the house!!!!

Dijon: You have one job! How dare you trash the house!

Electrike: It was just a pile of laundry! Calm down!

Screenshot-46.jpgMe: Nobody is safe from his rage.

Screenshot-47.jpgMe: Not even his favorite.

Screenshot-49Me: I bought Electrike this exercise machine in hopes that he doesn’t grow up lanky and awkward like Daffodil.

Screenshot-50.jpgJon: Huh? What’s going on?

Me: Aww, you’re dying, buddy.

Screenshot-51.jpgJon: But I feel fine! Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I’m sure. I’m not surprised though, it was way passed your time.

Screenshot-52.jpgJon: I still don’t feel any different.

Me: Clueless, clueless sim. He stood there confused until the grim reaper reaped him from behind. Jon never saw it coming.

Screenshot-57.jpgMe: What? You JUST aged! And Jon JUST died! Couldn’t you wait a little!?

Screenshot-59.jpgDaffodil: I’ll be with you soon, Jon!


Screenshot-64.jpgDijon: But grim! It’s not my time! I just aged up!

Grim: I don’t make mistakes. Let’s go.

Screenshot-74.jpgMe: I like to think that Jon died of old age, Daffodil died of a broken heart, and Dijon just does whatever Daffodil does since they’re so close.

Screenshot-80.jpgMe: Don’t you die too! Not prematurely anyway.

Screenshot-82.jpgMe: Every so often Elphaba comes upstairs and just stairs at the painting of her father… it’s weird.

Screenshot-87.jpgMe: LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS! Poor guy never gets a birthday cake! 😦

Screenshot-90.jpgMe: I think he’s so cute, I saved a copy of him whether he wins the heir poll or not.

electrike.pngMe: All of that working out paid off, he is not lanky! He grew up genius and wanted to be the emperor of evil (of course) I have some plans for his house if he wins the heir poll, an evil lair of sorts (but don’t let that pressure you guys.)

Screenshot-93Me: There’s Elphaba, staring at her dad’s portrait again..

Elphaba: What?! I miss him, okay?

Screenshot-94.jpgElphaba: Dad… I made the honor roll just like I promised…

Me: Great, now I feel bad…

Screenshot-95.jpgElphaba: *claps for no reason*

Screenshot-96.jpgElphaba: I love clean laundry.

Me: And now I don’t feel bad anymore.


Screenshot-101Envy: I wish that I would start being treated fairly around here!

Me: You got a cake, didn’t you!!!

Screenshot-105.jpgMe: She’s pretty cute now. I guess she grew into her chubby cheeks.

Envy.pngMe: Leader of the free world oddly fits her, doesn’t it. She’ll fight to make everything fair.

Screenshot-106.jpgMe: Hopefully everyone ages up soon because EVERYTHING IS BROKEN! I don’t want to fix them since I’m building a new house soon anyway.

Screenshot-110.jpgElectrike: Hurry up and age up already so we can get new sinks!!!!

Elphaba.pngMe: The only one of the kids that I don’t think is cute, but she was fun to have around. Maybe that’s redeeming for her. This isn’t a prettacy so cuteness doesn’t matter, it’s just a bonus. It’s pretty funny that she got a LTW involving music, isn’t it? Get it, because she’s named after a character from a musical.

Screenshot-112.jpgEvergreen: Let me just light the candles…

Screenshot-113.jpgEvergreen: Then I’ll just walk away…


Screenshot-114.jpgMe: THE CAKE CAUGHT ON FIRE! …and Envy looks suspicious…

Envy: I did nothing… that you can prove… the evidence is burnt.

Screenshot-116.jpgElectrike: What do we do?!!!


Envy: Wow, purely by chance, my odds of becoming heir have increased.

Screenshot-117.jpgEvergreen: Quick!!! Fireman, help me!!!

Me: I regret not fixing the shower…

Envy: I’ll just head over there…

Screenshot-120.jpgFireman: I can’t reach the fire, there’s someone in the way. You guys are on your own.

Electrike: The sink is broken.


Screenshot-123.jpgEnvy: Electrike! What are you doing, you’re ruining everything!!!!

Electrike: The faster we get through this the faster we get a new damn sink!!!!

Screenshot-125.jpgElectrike: Ooh, that looks like it hurts.

Evergreen: This is the worst birthday ever.

Me: But you lived though!!! I was freaking out too.

Screenshot-132Me: Now she’s all cleaned up and aged up. She kept the curly twintails and she’s still super cute.

Me: Expect a lot of traveling is she’s heir. What an ending to a generation though, am I right?! As usual you guys have one week to vote!







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4 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.7

  1. Hmm, all those passouts, so weird! Maybe it was the werewolves turning at the full moon? I have seen sims pass out at that, but I thought it was only Cowards?

    Aw, tough choice for heir. All the dark-haired kids are adorable. Poor Elphie, her long face really doesn’t suit her.

    • Weird things happen on full moons in my game remember the time Clyde kept waking up and freaking out? And Elphie get’s this weird moodlet and goes slap crazy on full moons.
      I completely agree about Elphie, I think she kind of looks like a horse. XD

      • Is Elphie insane? They tend to go extra nuts on the full moon; Elphie went violent, but they can also go romantic on people they barely know! Fiyero, my gen 3 heir, did that in my Rourke legacy.

      • Yeah, she’s insane. I haven’t seen her romantic with anyone though. She just eats bugs, talks to herself and goes slap crazy hahaha

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