Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.6


Screenshot-2.jpgMe: I thought the family needed a special family day, so I sent them to the warehouse. Don’t ask why Envy is dressed like a dinosaur, that just seems to be the way she’s rolling right now.

Envy: Hey at least it’s green!!

Screenshot-3.jpgDaffodil: Jon, come here! Let’s try out this machine and base our entire relationship around it!

Constance: I’m stir crazy!

Me: How? You’re out of the house aren’t you?

Constance: Yeah, but I’m still surrounded by these idiots.

Me: You love those idiots.

Screenshot-4.jpgElectrike: Well, you guys look like you have some issues to work out…so you can do that and I’m going to go see how cute the kissing booth lady is.

Screenshot-6.jpgKissing Booth Lady: Aww! Look at you, aren’t you cute! Are you here for a kiss on the cheek?

Electrike: …I was hoping you’d be cuter.

Screenshot-8.jpgJon: I think the paparazzo is a fan girl…

Daffodil: Let her take pictures then. The entire world should know my love for you!

Me: Awwww!!!! *Is the actual fangirl*

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: Evergreen and Dijon get along so well. It’s so cute!!

Screenshot-12Evergreen: I’m going to go for a little swim in the water. If I’m going to be a sailor, I have to be one with the water.

Screenshot-13.jpgMe: You’re a sailor not a deep sea diver, what’s with the suit?

Evergreen: It will help prevent me from drowning. Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of incidental injury and there’s nothing wrong with being prepared!

Me: You’re wading in shallow water…

Evergreen: Four out of every ten drownings happen within two meters of shore or the pool side. And one-quarter happen in shallow water one meter deep or less.

Me: You know what, do whatever you want then.

Screenshot-15.jpgMe: Envy, you’re not an angler, what’s with the fishing?

Envy: I like the outdoors and this is all I can think of for skills…

Me: Carry on then.

Screenshot-16.jpgMe: Evergreen is pretty adorable though!

Screenshot-17.jpgElectrike: Then, after I set fire to all of the buildings, I’ll bring out the missiles and take this entire town down, only then when the remaining townspeople beg for mercy will I completely take over and change the world to my preference. Wait, are you even listening?

Dijon: Huh? Oh! I’m listening, something about fire, right? Did you want to be a firefighter?

Electrike: You’re the first to go.

Elphaba: I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that. Maybe I’ll be spared.

Paparazzo: Ugh how dare she have the same hair as me, she’s awful!

Me: She’s just a child!

Screenshot-20Evergreen: How do I steer this thing?!

Screenshot-21.jpgEvergreen: I’m going to crash! Abandon ship!!

Screenshot-22.jpgEvergreen: It’s a good thing I jumped off, the windsurfing thing hit the wall so hard that it disappeared.

Screenshot-23.jpgAnita(Maybe it’s Carlotta, they’re twins anyway): Booo!!!!!! Elphaba sucks!!

Dijon: Hey, you got a customer here, quit harassing the children.

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: See? Both Anita and Carlotta look exactly the same!

Screenshot-26Me: I felt bad that the children had very little toys… so I made them a makeshift playground!

Screenshot-27.jpgElphaba: Okay, whoever jumps the highest has to do the dishes!

Electrike: What? That’s not fair, I’m already in the air.

Elphaba: That’s higher than I am, you’re stuck with the dishes!

Screenshot-28.jpgMe: Why are there explosives in the tree house!? What’s going on in there!?

Elphaba: *Innocently* …nothing.

Me: Oh, okay.

Screenshot-30.jpgEvergreen: Elphaba! Can I come up too?

Screenshot-32.jpgElphaba: You have my permission!

Screenshot-34.jpgEvergreen: So what are you playing?

Elphaba: I’m playing a game called “Electrike is stupid and can’t come in the tree house.” So be on the lookout!

Screenshot-35.jpgElectrike: I wasn’t originally interested in the tree house, but now that I know I’m not allowed in, I kind of want to go in…

Screenshot-36.jpgElphaba: The stupid Electrike has been spotted! I need an attack plan!

Electrike: I’m coming up! I want to play too!

Elphaba: Security breach! Code red, code red!!!!

Elphaba: We need a plan B!

Evergreen: Make him walk the plank!!

Screenshot-39.jpgEnvy: Hey! I want to play too!

Screenshot-41.jpgEnvy: Guys! I want to come up too!!! Can I?

Screenshot-43.jpgElphaba: Permission granted!

Envy: Yes!!!

Electrike: *slides down the slide plank*

Screenshot-44.jpgElectrike: I’ll be back! You haven’t seen the last of me!

Envy: Electrike is coming back!

Elphaba: Already?! Prepare the weapon! Envy, check to see if he brought an army!

Envy and Evergreen: Aye, Aye captain!!!!

Elphaba: Hey! Electrike! We decided to come let you play with us!

Envy: No army has been spotted, captain!

Screenshot-47Elphaba: Excellent! Evergreen, bring me the weapon!

Elphaba: Hahaha!

Screenshot-50.jpgElectrike: Captain Elphaba! Your rein of terror is coming to an end!

Screenshot-51.jpgElectrike: You see, Captain Elphaba! I had an elaborate plan this entire time! I found queen Constance of the household and she made cookies for a snack, since I’m the one on the ground, I’ll get to the kitchen first and I’ll get first pick and I’m going to take all of the chocolate chip ones! That leaves you with…

Elphaba: N-no! Don’t say it!

Electrike: Oatmeal raisin!!!!!!

Elphaba: Noooo!!! Say it ain’t so!!! You win!!! Just don’t take all of the chocolate chips!!!

Screenshot-60.jpgMe: Despite their imaginations, they all get along fine! 🙂

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: A random elder taking pictures of children in their swimsuits (And Elphaba in her regular clothes) is strangely not the weirdest thing I’ve seen in the sims!

Screenshot-69.jpgElectrike: Aging up in the street! That’s just what I wanted!!! *Sarcasm*

Me: Sorry, I thought you had more time! I needed you to go to the science lab!

Screenshot-71Me: He has Daffodil’s awkward body shape…

Me: But he has a cute face! Maybe I’ll just have him gain some weight and work out a little bit. He gained the ambitious trait! He’s going to make those evil dreams come true!

Screenshot-78Me: I felt like he needed a cool ride. Anyway, since their so close in age the rest of the chapter is birthdays. Sowwy!

Screenshot-79.jpgEnvy: It’s my birthday now! I wish for a cool ride like Electrike’s!

Me: No, you got a cake instead.

Envy: That doesn’t seem very fair!

Me: Life isn’t fair.

Envy: I’ll just learn to invent and build my own ride!!!!

Me: She grew up eccentric…

Screenshot-83.jpgMe: She’s not bad looking, there’s something off about her but I can’t figure out what it is… maybe her chubby cheeks? I don’t know, but she still gets my approval.


Me: What is?

Constance: THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!

Me: What isn’t good?!

Constance: THIS IS A BAD SIGN!

Me: Spit it out already!!!!

Constance: It’s my birthday and I’m not cross-eyed.

Me: Oh, wow, that is a strange occurrence..

Screenshot-88Elphaba: I’m so hungry! I think I might die!!!!

Me: I put a cake in the kitchen, if you age up before school starts, you get cake for breakfast.

Screenshot-89.jpgElphaba: There’s no way I’m letting that opportunity pass!!!

Me: This is the true hunger games.

Screenshot-91.jpgMe: Her parents didn’t even show up!!!! Well, actually, It’s understandable, it is pretty early.

Screenshot-93Me: She freakin’ blinked! COME ON, ELPHABA!!!! She grew up Clumsy… Her traits are rather unfortunate, clumsy AND athletic AND insane. At least she has virtuoso to fall back on!

Screenshot-98Evergreen: Ugh, it’s so early! Why do I have to get up!

Me: There’s cake for breakfast again since it’s your birthday!

Screenshot-99.jpgEvergreen: This better be worth it, this cake better be loaded with sugar so I don’t fall asleep at school.

Me: It’s your birthday, if you age up before 8, you don’t have to go to school!

Evergreen: What?! No school! What am I waiting for!!!?

Screenshot-100.jpgMe: I love her cute little PJs. I sure am going to miss them!

Screenshot-101.jpgMe: I was considering giving her an all new haircut, but I couldn’t go through with it, this is her hair. Anyway she rolled natural born performer. I’m not sure what to do with her traits.

Evergreen: Well! I can be a performer on a sailor ship, and freak out about every little thing, but still be nice about it?

Me: Living the dream.











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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.6

  1. Anita and Carlotta are Face Ones, that’s why they look like clones 😛

    Ooh, pretty teens! I think Evergreen and Electrike are my faves atm. Evergreen still looks so much like Bella!

    • SergeantSS says:

      I’m not supposed to pick favorites but I’m definitely rooting for either Evergreen or Electrike, but there’s still time for change so I guess we’ll see. I also love that Evergreen looks a little like Bella, I love having genes passed down from previous generations

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