Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.5

Screenshot.jpgMe: Shouldn’t you guys be parenting?

Dijon: All the kids are happy right now so we can do what we want!

Jon: Yeah, parenting with 4 adults is so easy. 1 child per adult!

Screenshot-3.jpgMe: He’s so cute! OMG!!!!!

Screenshot-4.jpgMe: Since all the kids are 1-2 days apart, this chapter is nothing but birthdays! Here’s Envy!

Screenshot-5.jpgMe: Bella’s lips will not give up.

Me: At least she’s cute though!!!

Screenshot-9Me: Her eyes are too big to fully close! I love big eyes!

Bonehilda: I wish to take the dark overlord to the movies.

Electrike: Soon, my evil minion, soon.

Screenshot-12.jpgMe: Dang it, Jon. You had one job!!!

Me: I’m sorry for the Electrike spam, but he’s just so cute!

Screenshot-14.jpgElectrike: My cuteness will help me take over the world!

Screenshot-15.jpgElectrike: Right after my nap.

Screenshot-17Electrike: ZzZzz world domination ZzZzz

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: Here you see Envy eating a doll, but Constance is photobombing!

Screenshot-20.jpgConstance: Who’s the birthday girl?! You are!!

Me: Yet another birthday!

Screenshot-26.jpgMe: AQUA’S HAIR WILL HAUNT US FOREVER!!!!

Screenshot-27.jpgElphaba: I’m still cute though, right?

Me: Very.

Screenshot-32.jpgMe: Cuteness spam!

Dijon: Elphaba is cute isn’t she? I can’t wait to see what my youngest looks like!

Screenshot-35.jpgConstance: Hey Evergreen, happy birthday, I’m gonna go get something to eat. Bye.

Me: Constance is sick of birthdays!

Screenshot-37Me: She’s so cute! The hair looks perfect on her! I can see that both of Dijon’s daughters got his hair, I don’t mind though. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Constance’s hair.

Screenshot-39Me: You can tell that her eyes are too big for her face since she can’t close them completely.

Screenshot-42.jpgElectrike: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, I’M SO EXCITED! *Flails*

Electrike: Sparkles? I shall train them and have an army of sparkles to do my bidding.

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: It’s nice to see a new hair color other than blonde and black! He grew up slob. The place is already a mess, what damage can he do?!

Screenshot-46.jpgConstance: Dijon, get up, you’re setting a bad example for the kids!

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: Jon completed his lifetime wish. He can die fulfilled now.

Screenshot-54.jpgMe: The cute repairwoman is back!!!

Screenshot-56.jpgRepairwoman: I actually fixed the tv? No way!!! I just guessed what to do!

Screenshot-60.jpgMe: A cross-eyed sim! Yet another freakin’ birthday!!!

Screenshot-61Me: Envy grew up neurotic! Greeaaat, I really should have toddler trained! Now both of Dijon’s kids are neurotic!

Screenshot-62Me: I got two more kids and 2-3 days to toddler train, say goodbye to their needs!

Screenshot-65.jpgMe: I would not be able to do this if I didn’t have four adults! When one gets miserable, I replace them!

Screenshot-72.jpgMe: The last skill!!! Hurry it up already, Elphaba! You’re aging tonight!

Elphaba: Look uncle Dijon! I’m potty twained!

Dijon: Yeah, but I wish I emptied the potty in between sessions.

Screenshot-79.jpgEvergreen: Wahhh! I’m hungry and smelly and tired!!!! I’m being neglected!

Me: Yeah, but at least your trained!!!

Screenshot-80.jpgMe: This is Electrike and Envy’s room! They share since their the oldest, and the other two can have the room next to theirs. Since they’re pretty much opposites, the room is halfed, two different carpets and two different wall designs, separated by a half wall.

Screenshot-81.jpgMe: Ain’t no party like a zombie party.

Screenshot-83.jpgDijon: Happy birthday! I’m going to leave you on the floor and go to bed. Goodnight!

Me: Everyone is exhausted from the hardcore toddler training.

Screenshot-85.jpgMe: Oh, hi Daffodil! Elphaba grew up Daffodil’s twin and she grew up insane! So the toddler training was for nothing 😦

Screenshot-91.jpgMe: I have high hopes for Evergreen though! She’s just too cute!

Screenshot-93.jpgMe: Elphaba! Don’t swim while you’re tired! You’ll drown and I haven’t saved in a while so I wouldn’t let you come back!

Elphaba: Well, maybe I wouldn’t be tired if I had a bed!

Me: You’ll get a bed when Evergreen grows up and I design the room!

Screenshot-100.jpgMe: She’s even cute cross-eyed!!

Screenshot-103.jpgMe: She rocked the hair as a toddler so I kept it! She’s still super cute! She rolled the sailor trait so at least it’s new! Anyway that’s it for this chapter thanks for reading!!





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