Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.4

Screenshot.jpgMe: Half-assed wedding party? Yes.

Screenshot-5.jpgMe: Okay, I did NOT invite all of these people. I don’t even know half of them!

Me: WOW, my sims stick out!

Screenshot-7.jpgDijon: Honey? Why are you crying? Are you okay?

Screenshot-8.jpgConstance: …I think so…

Screenshot-9.jpgConstance: I’m afraid I’m making a terrible mistake.

Dijon: Okay, that’s enough. It’s starting to get a little offensive.

Screenshot-10.jpgDijon: Hey, I know you’re stressed out but I know in my heart that I’m ready to marry you and I hope you feel the same way.

Screenshot-11.jpgConstance: I guess you’re right. I don’t even know why I was upset to begin with!

Me: Neurotic sims are weird.

Screenshot-12Me: And the rest of the ceremony went without a problem!

Screenshot-18Me: Uh, Dijon. Shouldn’t you be waiting for your wife?

Dijon: Nah, I’m hungry.

Screenshot-19Me: There’s always that ONE SIM that gets stuck. Ugh *resets*

Screenshot-20.jpgMe: Emerald baby time?

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: Emerald baby time confirmed!

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: Constance freaked out while posing for the portrait. I’m not redoing, it’s her fault.

Screenshot-26.jpgMe: Isn’t it beautiful?

Screenshot-29.jpgConstance: Why am I cross-eyed? It’s not my birthday, is it?

Me: No, you’re birthday already passed.

Screenshot-31.jpgConstance: Well, it seems to be better now. Must have been a false alarm.

Screenshot-32.jpgConstance: Oh, hey! I’m going to be a mom.

Me: That scares me, I’m not sure that she’s stable enough for this.

Constance: I’m going to be a great mom! You’ll see!

Constance: Dijon, you’re going to be a dad! Isn’t that great!

Dijon: Yes! I’m so excited! Let’s go tell everyone!

Screenshot-40.jpgDaffodil: You’re having a baby! That’s awesome, you guys are so lucky!

Me: He instantly rolled a wish to have a baby, the poor thing 😦

Screenshot-44.jpgDaffodil: I’m an heir! What kind of heir doesn’t produce children? What will I do?!

Jon: I say sit back and let the sim god handle it.

Screenshot-46.jpgDaffodil: You’re right! You’re always right! Let’s go to bed and we’ll let the sim god handle it.

Me: You guys make me do everything, huh?

Screenshot-49.jpgDaffodil: Huh? What’s that noise. It woke me up. I’ll be the hero and investigate it.

Screenshot-50.jpgDaffodil: What the heck is this thing?

Screenshot-52.jpgDaffodil: Oh no! I think I broke it!!!

Screenshot-57.jpgEmit: Hey there! I’m Time Traveler Emit Relevort. I come from the future and I’m willing to take you to the future because I’m just a cool guy like that.

Daffodil: The future? What’s it like?

Emit: Very technological and scientifically advanced.

Daffodil: Can you guys have babies easily?

Emit: Yes! We have genetic engineering and two men can have a biological baby.

Daffodil: I’m in. JON GET OUT HERE!!!!!

Screenshot-67.jpgJon: *mutters* Daffodil…waking me up in the middle of the night for his shenanigans.

Screenshot-76.jpgEmit: So, what do you think? Pretty cool right? I actually have a bunch of opportunities you can do to learn about the future.

Daffodil: Yeah, yeah, I’ll be sure to get to that. Now where is the hospital and/or science lab?

Screenshot-78.jpgDaffodil: This is it! We can finally start our family!

Screenshot-81.jpgDaffodil: Wow, we don’t have any buildings back home that look like this.

Jon: Yeah, I wonder how many years have passed.

Screenshot-82.jpgDaffodil: Well I’m going in and we are going to grow a test tube baby.

Jon: I can already tell this is going to be a weird experience.

Screenshot-83.jpgDaffodil: You will not believe what went on in there.

Me: I don’t care! The first baby for the Emerald generation is born!!!! It’s a boy! His name is Electrike, he’s named after the pokemon and yes, it is green. His traits are evil and light sleeper.

Screenshot-86.jpgDaffodil: Look out below!!!!

Screenshot-87.jpgDaffodil: Oof! I wanna go to bed.

Screenshot-90.jpgMe: Here is Electrike’s room! I put a lot of work in it!

Screenshot-91.jpgBonehilda: An evil baby? He’s our future dark overlord!!!!! Yay!!!

Screenshot-93.jpgBonehilda: Yay! Praise the dark overlord!

Jon: Please leave my son alone.

Screenshot-95.jpgConstance: So what’s the deal? Is he genetically perfect or something?

Me: I don’t know yet, I guess we’ll have to wait and see to compare him to your kids.

Constance: I want a genetically perfect baby!

Me: I’m sure yours will be fine!

Screenshot-98.jpgMe: genetically perfect or not, she loves her nephew.

Screenshot-105.jpgMe: The repair woman is super pretty!!!!!! Stay young forever, I might want you for the family one day!

Screenshot-107.jpgBonehilda: The dark overlord makes me happy.

Me: Stahp!

Screenshot-108.jpgMe: Electrike is THE BEST BABY I’ve ever had to manage in the game. He does not cry, at all. He’s upset, tired, hungry, dirty and yet he’s always perfectly calm! I love this kid!

Screenshot-119.jpgDijon: Oh my gosh! The baby is coming! What do I do? Where do we go?

Screenshot-120Me: Somebody’s been working on their expressions!

Screenshot-122.jpgConstance: Next time we are having a genetically engineered baby like Daffodil and Jon!!!

Me: No, you’re not.

Me: It’s a girl!!!!! Say hi to Envy!!! The emotion envy is usually associated with the color green! She is good and loves the outdoors.

Screenshot-136.jpgMe: Don’t do lovey stuff in front of the baby!

Screenshot-137.jpgMe: Do you guys have no modesty?

Screenshot-138Me: Another Emerald baby is confirmed!

Screenshot-142.jpgMe: It looks like everyone takes care of both of the babies equally. It’s like the children have four parents!

Screenshot-145.jpgConstance: I’m scared! What if the shower is too cold!

Me: Then turn up the heat?

Constance: What if it gets too hot?

Me: Turn it down!

Constance: What if it breaks?!

Me: Omg then fix it!

Constance: What if a meteor crashes into the house and everyone dies!?

Screenshot-147Me: Cross-eyed? It must be a birthday!!!!

Screenshot-150.jpgMe: What did you do to your hair?

Dijon: I grew it out!

Me: Well, cut it back off again!

Screenshot-151.jpgDaffodil: It’s my birthday too!

Me: That’s impossible! You’re not cross-eyed!

Screenshot-152.jpgMe: You’re STILL not cross-eyed?!

Screenshot-153.jpgMe: Daffodil, I know you always had a very small frame but this is ridiculous and I’m concerned for your health.

Screenshot-154.jpgMe: Another birthday!? Yay toddlers!

Screenshot-156.jpgMe: LOOK AT HIM! HE’S ADORABLE!!!!

Me: There’s no way this kid is evil! He’s too sweet!!!

Screenshot-163Constance: I just realized I’m pregnant again, there’s going to be 2 babies at the same time.

Me: 3 babies, actually.

Constance: 3? How are we going to handle three babies!!!! Aqua did it, Bloo did it too! You’ll be fine, there’s 4 of you!!!

Screenshot-173.jpgMe: Electrike is too cute!!!

Screenshot-176Jon: Get out here, Daffodil! We still need one more kid until our family is complete!!!

Screenshot-192.jpgMe: Another girl!!! Meet Elphaba, named after the character from wicked. Elphaba is a little mini-me of her father, well traits wise at least. She is athletic and virtuoso.

Screenshot-193.jpgMe: Okay Constance, just have the baby and I can end the chapter!

Me: Enjoy having the toys to yourself now, because soon you’ll have three siblings running around!

Screenshot-200.jpgConstance: The baby’s coming!!!!!

Dijon: What should we do? I’m not prepared for this!!!!

Daffodil: *completely calm* I just need to scoot by and put Envy to bed…

Screenshot-201.jpgJon: Hey, what’s with all the yelling.

Constance: Is EVERYONE going to be in the room for this!?

Dijon: It’s looking that way…

Screenshot-205.jpgDijon: Can you guys give her some room, please?!

Screenshot-209Me: Another girl!!! The final baby for the Emerald generation! Evergreen! Named after the trees! She’s friendly and neurotic and I have a feeling that she’s going to fit in just fine!

Thanks for reading this chapter, it was extra, extra long, I hope you guys don’t mind!












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  1. Yay, Emerald babies! And so many all at once, fun. Love the names, especially Elphaba 😀

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