Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.3

Screenshot-138Me: I just love the fancy cars that Jon and Constance brought in!!! Look one of them is even yellow!

Screenshot-156.jpgCherry: Constance. I think you should ask Dijon to forsake his powers.

Constance: Why?

Cherry:  Because He’s ruining all of my furniture.  It’s dangerous! His bones morphing, getting into trouble, transforming in the public where citizens can see him!

Screenshot-155.jpgConstance: Well, I didn’t think about it that way. I’ll talk to him.

Constance: Dijon, I think you should forsake your werewolf powers.

Screenshot-158.jpgDijon: Sure! Anything for you, honey!

Dijon: But, why?

Constance: I just think it’s dangerous.

Screenshot-161.jpgDijon: I’ll do it for you, but I will miss my powers.

Cherry: Did I hear a yes? My furniture will be saved.   My son will remain safe.

Screenshot-162Dijon: I’m gonna fight you so hard.

Guy who’s name I forgot: Oh, the things we will do.

Me: That’s how normal people talk about chess, right?

Screenshot-184Me: Hey, Cherry, how are you feeling today?

Cherry: Not well actually. I’m having this weird floaty feeling.

Screenshot-185.jpgMe: Why is everyone dying at the most inconvenient times!?

Screenshot-189.jpgGrim Reaper: HAHA! Your dead!

Me: Not cool, Grim!

Screenshot-192.jpgMe: Another urn for the collection.

Screenshot-193.jpgMe: Why are you still here?

Grim Reaper: Well, I figured since everyone is dying off so quickly, I might as well stay.

Me: No, go away.

Screenshot-194.jpgMe: Look how cute they are. I can not wait to see this generations babies!

Screenshot-195Me: Everyone pretty much went right back into schedule. Except for Dijon, who missed Cherry the most.

Screenshot-201.jpgJon: Daffodil, will you still love me even when I’m old and gross.

Daffodil: I’ll love you forever.

Jon: My birthday is coming up and I’m going to be an elder. You’re still young, you have your whole life ahead of you.

Daffodil: You’re my life. I’ll prove it! Let’s get married, right now! It’s where I first saw you and it’s a special place in our hearts. Marry me right here and now.

Jon: I will marry you.


Screenshot-208.jpgDaffodil: Nothing can ruin this moment!

Screenshot-210.jpgDaffodil: Except for the fact that my mom isn’t here to see me get married!!!!

Jon: Daffodil’s mom! Noooo!!!!!!

Screenshot-214.jpgMe: Jon’s birthday is right around the corner and I don’t want an elder in a portrait. So I had Jon use his little painting skill to pain his portrait. It didn’t turn out great but It’s better than nothing!

Screenshot-215.jpgMe: It’s really blotchy. But I still like it!

Jon: Yay! I finished my portrait right on time!

Me: This kind makes me sad! Daff isn’t even an adult yet!

Screenshot-221.jpgMe: He still jams out though!!!

Screenshot-223Me: And he maxed his guitar skill!!

Screenshot-225.jpgMe: Dijon was the first to complete his lifetime wish!

Dijon: Constance, get your shoes on! Let me kick this loser out and I’ll take you to the park. I have a surprise for you!

Dijon: I thought this would be the perfect time to ask you this. Since it’s almost your birthday and I have completed my lifetime wish.

Constance: The perfect time to ask me what?

Screenshot-229Dijon: Constance, will you marry me?

Constance: Yes! I will marry you! I’ve only known you for a week but it’s okay because I love you!

Me: Hey! 1 week is like 21 months in sims time! Well anyway thanks guys for reading, that’s the end of the chapter. What will happen next time? Wedding? Perhaps babies? I can’t wait!!!







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