Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.2

Screenshot-11.jpgDijon: Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

Cherry: Dijon, I’m getting sick of you destroying my furniture!

Dijon: I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA!

Screenshot-12Me: All they do is chew, fight and howl. (Mostly Dijon). It’s understandable that Cherry would lose her patience.

Screenshot-14.jpgCherry: *muttering* freakin’ Dijon.

Screenshot-15.jpgCherry: *muttering* Destroying all of my furniture.

Screenshot-16.jpgCherry: *muttering* …shedding everywhere.

Screenshot-17.jpgCherry: *Muttering* ..clogging up the shower drain.

Clerk: Can I help you?

Cherry: Hi! I’m looking for a werewolf cure elixir that I can throw at my son.

Clerk: I don’t have any in stock, but if you ask your son, he might forsake his werewolf ability.

Cherry: There’s no way he’ll listen to me.

Clerk: Well, maybe he could get a girlfriend that he’ll listen to.

Cherry: …good idea, I’ll see what I can do, he isn’t very social.

Screenshot-18.jpgCherry: *muttering* Now I have to find him a girlfriend.

Screenshot-19.jpgCherry: *muttering* Even though he slobbers and no one likes it.

Screenshot-23Jon: This statue looks so realistic!

Screenshot-24.jpgJon: I wonder how long it took to create this!

Guy: I’m not a wax statue! I’m just stuck in the same spot and was unable to move for 3 hours.

Screenshot-27Daffodil: Hey, Jon, sorry to interrupt your conversation with that wax statue, but I was wondering if you wanted to move into my house?

Screenshot-28Jon: Sure! I’d love to leave my giant mansion and move into your mono-colored house.

Me: Dijon, Daff already had someone move in, you’re falling behind!

Screenshot-31Dijon: Daff had someone move in? Ugh, well I guess I have to go meet them.

Jon: Wow! His clothes look so clean!

Jon: I’m sorry if I’m being forward, but do you want to hang out sometime, like a date.

Dijon: What?

Me: What??

Screenshot-36.jpgDijon: You came here to be with my brother! You can’t hit on me, that’s awful!

Jon: Your brother? We’re just friends, he hasn’t even made a move or anything.

Me: I have to get Daff in there before Dijon stops rejecting the multiple flirts.

Screenshot-39.jpgMe: Daff, you want to show you’re interested, make your move!

Jon: Hey, Daff.. we should talk…

Daff: Not now!

Me: The heat of the moment kiss is always risky but it is adorable!

Screenshot-43Jon: I was just going to say that we should consider a relationship, but I already have your answer.

Me: D’aww!

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: He’s pretty cute! I’m impressed with the improvement after removing the pony tail.

dfrffv.pngHis lifetime wish was originally golden tongue, golden fingers but I am NOT mastering a charismatic skill so late in his life (he’s almost an elder!)

Screenshot-51.jpgJon: Daffodil’s dad! You can’t die! We haven’t even had dinner yet!

Clyde: Dying? I’m not dying! I feel great, like I can go another 10 years or more.

Screenshot-52.jpgClyde: Oh, I am dying…

Screenshot-62Me: Cherry is taking Clyde’s death really hard 😦

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: Well Clyde, welcome to the collection on urns.

Screenshot-66.jpgDaffodil: Grr!!! I’m so mad!

Jon: Hey, calm down, it’ll be okay!

Screenshot-67.jpgDaffodil: SO MAD!!!!!

Jon: Woah, woah, woah, easy there.

Screenshot-68.jpgJon: Are you okay? You’re face is kind of messed up.

Me: I see you’ve been introduced to Daff’s infamous facial expressions.

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: I personally never get tired of them.

Screenshot-70.jpgDaffodil: I just miss my dad so much!

Screenshot-76.jpgJon: Hey! You’ll get through this! I’ll be here for you.

Daffodil: I’m forsaking my werewolf powers!

Screenshot-79.jpgJon: Why would you do that?

Daffodil: I’m already a lot younger than you, with werewolf powers I’ll live a long time, odds are you’re going to go before me… and the less I’m away from you the better!

Jon: I’d try to talk you out of it, but I know that it’s pointless. I’m here for you, whatever you decide.

Screenshot-83.jpgMe: Look how cute they are!

Screenshot-84.jpgDaffodil: I love you!

Jon: I love you more!

Bonehilda 3.0: *photobombs*

Screenshot-85.jpgDijon: If Daffodil can find love, I can too!

Me: You shouldn’t do things just to spite your brother!

Screenshot-87.jpgDijon: It seems whenever I mourn something, I end up here. Constance comforts me.

Screenshot-89.jpgConstance: Hey, Dijon, nice to see you standing in my lawn again.

Screenshot-90.jpgDijon: I just miss him so much!

Constance: Hey, It’ll be okay!

Screenshot-96.jpgMe: Well, it worked for Daff, why wouldn’t it work for Dijon.

Screenshot-97.jpgConstance: You can’t just kiss me like that! We aren’t even dating yet! I thought you needed a shoulder to cry on!

Dijon: I did, and now I feel better and I just like you a lot.

Constance: I’m not kissing someone I barely know!

Screenshot-100.jpgDijon: Then get to know me, move in with me and we’ll work our way from there.

Constance: Don’t people usually get married before moving in? Ugh fine, whatever. I’ll move in.

dfsrfd.pngMe: Here’s Constance, I left her appearance the same except for the clothing color, she’s perfect the way she is!

Screenshot-115.jpgDijon: Okay, I’m in a good mood and ready to kick some butt! Get over here and we’ll have an epic battle!

Screenshot-145.jpgDijon: In a game of chess!!!!

Me: Ah, Dijon’s lifetime wish! Calling like 20 people and having them come over so he can beat them in chess. It wasn’t fun. Let’s see how the rest of the family spends there time, shall we?

Me: Constance is writing, her lifetime wish is professional author so she has to write. ALOT.

Screenshot-119Me: And Daff and Jon just play guitar all day. It’s a boring life.

Screenshot-123.jpgDijon: I miss my dad so much!

Screenshot-124Cherry: I miss him too, Dijon but I don’t regret the time we’ve spent together. Love is amazing, you should find someone you love and tell them how they feel. *mumbles* Then they can convince you to forsake your power so you stop ruining my furniture*

Dijon: What was that last part?

Cherry: Oh nothing, just your old mother talking to herself.

Screenshot-127.jpgDijon: You’re right though mom, I should go tell Constance how I feel!

Cherry: ‘atta boy. That’s my smart son, making good choices.

Screenshot-130.jpgDijon: Constance, I have a lot of feelings for you. I really like you.

Constance: Aww, Dijon, you’re so romantic.

Screenshot-131.jpgDijon: I want to make this official. Be my girlfriend.

Constance: Of course, Dijon.

Screenshot-134.jpgMe: And thus began the start of a beautiful couple.





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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.2

  1. Aw, I like the spouse choices. Connie looks familiar, is she an EA-created townie from somewhere?

    Nice idea for them to forsake their powers, I always forget that’s an option! *makes note*

    I found the colours page; can’t wait for the E generation, that’s my fave colour!

    • SergeantSS says:

      Both of their spouses are normal Riverview townies 🙂 and yeah having them forsake their power really was the right thing to do, they glitched sometimes and it was driving me crazy and also I hated replacing destroyed furniture. I’m glad you like the color choice! Emerald is one of my favorite colors too! Actually, just all green in general, there’s a lot of green colors in this legacy!

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