Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.1

DO YOU GUYS SEE THAT?! What the heck am I supposed to do about that?! Dual heirship? No! Guys, Dijon and Daff are opposites… they don’t even like each other! Like, at all. They’re strangers. Hmm… maybe a dual heirship would be fun after all…

Welcome to the house I call the ‘Dandelion Dream.’  I was thinking of completely separating things so Daff and Di could have their own kitchens, living rooms ect. but I want them to be close and share, have more run-ins.

Around back you have the pool area, nothing fancy though.

Screenshot-6On the first floor you have the kitchen, dining room, bathroom/laundry room, and the study/living room.

Screenshot-7The 2nd floor kind of sucks, but it’s hard to work so many rooms into such a tiny upstairs.

You have Dijon’s bedroom all the way to the right, then the bathroom, an empty room for the upcoming babies, then Cherry and Clyde’s room and then Daffodil’s room. There’s an empty area with a ladder that leads to…

Screenshot-8.jpgThe little room with the portraits and urns. The cardinal portraits disappeared and I remembered that at one point Bella’s portrait disappeared too and then reappeared when I placed a painting down on top of it. So that’s why there’s a random painting there. Also Daffodil’s painting is small because I assumed if they were small, I could fit them on the same wall, but that is not the case with portraits.

I also forgot to mention that they live in Riverview now. Almost everyone in Sunset was related to them! Hahaha

Screenshot.jpgDijon: Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

Screenshot-2Daffodil: Dude, we’re adults now. I’m ashamed that you’re my brother.

Dijon: I have no self control.

Screenshot-20.jpgMe: I brought in a young Cherry and Clyde so they could have new portraits since theirs never reappeared. It’s not cheating if it’s fixing the game.

Screenshot-22Me: Monster Truck, why is everyone gathering around you?

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: Monster Truck, I’m serious, what’s going on!?

Screenshot-25.jpgMe: Monster Truck! We haven’t even been here for a full day! You couldn’t have waited for things to settle down?

Screenshot-36.jpgMe: I miss Monster Truck already… I can’t even bring myself to sell his toys and food bowl…

Screenshot-34.jpgMe: Well… anyway. Here are the new portraits, Cherry blinked in hers but I’m sick of having to redo them.

Screenshot-37Me: Everyone is taking MT’s death really hard. They’re all a mess!

Screenshot-45.jpgCherry: Monster Truck! No! I miss you so much! My life is meaningless!

Paparazzo: Yes! That’s perfect, just like that!

Me: Don’t take pictures of her pain!

Screenshot-47.jpgMe: I forgot to put a Bonehilda coffin in when I was building the house. I just remembered, so here’s Bonehilda 3.0.

Screenshot-53Me: I was looking around town and I found Dijon’s dream girl so I sent him to her house to wait until she comes home.

Dijon: Can I go home? I don’t want to look like a creep!

Me: No! She’s cute, and I don’t want to pass this up, someone else might take her! This is normal in the sims.

Screenshot-54.jpgMe: While he was waiting, Dijon spent his time alternating between sending friendly texts to this guy and insulting texts to his guy. I have no idea who this guy is, but I imagine the texts probably go like this.

Dijon: Heyyyyy, what’s up! Want to hang out with an awesome legacy family?

Guy: Really?! Yes! I would love to hang out with you!!!

Dijon: Too bad! You suck!

Guy: Aww 😦

Dijon: I’m just kidding! Let’s be friends!

Guy: Okay! 🙂

Dijon: Nope, you still suck!

Me: Anyway… Does anyone know what that leaf is? It appears in their thoughts sometimes, I know it means something bad, because they get it when they’re angry or sad or something but seriously. What is this leaf?

Screenshot-55Me: Then he spent the rest of his time crying over Monster Truck.

Screenshot-56Constance: Who is this weird guy crying on my lawn?

Me: Dijon, regain your composure!! She’s here!

Dijon: Hi! I’m sorry I’ve been waiting outside your house all day but I really wanted to meet you so I could get you in my relationship panel.

Constance: …okay?

Dijon: I’m leaving now. Expect me to call you.

Screenshot-71Me: Don’t think I forgot about Daffodil!! He’s on his way to the park to see his soul-mate. Prepare to be surprised!

Screenshot-72.jpgMe: Daffodil is at the park now… I wonder where his soul-mate is. Are you guys ready? It’s very surprising!

Screenshot-73Me: SURPRISE!!!!!!!! Confused? Let me explain. Daffodil has only gotten ‘attracted’ moodlets towards men, I have done nothing to influence his sexuality at all. The only romantic interest he ever had was just a random girl at prom, whom he wasn’t even attracted to. Ever since he was a teenager he was getting “We have so much in common!” “What’s your sign?” And the ‘Attracted’ moodlet only from guys! I guess deep down I always knew Daff was gay and that’s why I hinted towards it when he was a teen. When I saw this guy over by the theater I knew he’d be perfect for Daffodil.

Daffodil is literally as gay as daffodils.

Screenshot-58.jpgNow that you know the big secret you get to see the part where I made Daffodil stand outside his huge mansion.

Screenshot-60.jpgMe: Which is right across the street by the way!!

Screenshot-59.jpgMe: While waiting for him to come home, which took forever! Daffodil sunbathed (Starbathed? Moonbathed? It’s night.) On the guys lawn.

Screenshot-62.jpgDaffodil: Hey! I’m Daff, I hope you don’t think that it’s weird that I was laying in your lawn at 2AM…

Jon: Dude, I’m a rock star! There’s always people waiting in my lawn at ridiculous hours!

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: He has a ghost wandering around his house! Daffodil has ghosts wandering around his house too! It’s a match made in the underworld!!!! Hahaha!!!






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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Dandelion 4.1

  1. Ooh, dual heirs is the perfect outcome from the vote, since they’re both so different and awesome. I love the idea of the attic with the ghosts and portraits – how did you get the backgrounds of the portraits so uniformly coloured?

    • SergeantSS says:

      I made them all get their portraits painted surrounded by walls the same as their corresponding color. It was a lot of work but it would drive me crazy if the background didn’t match the correct colors. Could you imagine Cherry’s portrait with a dandelion background. It’s too horrible to imagine haha

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