Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.11

Screenshot.jpgMe: What? You aged up like two chapters ago? Why are you having another birthday!?

Clyde: Well, you missed my first one so I thought I should have another?

Me: But when elders age up they die!

Clyde: Oh, I didn’t think of that!

Screenshot-3.jpgClyde: Ugh, now I feel twice is old! My bones are more achy, I’m twice as tired, twice as frail.

Me: You’re alive though!

Clyde: If you call it living!

Screenshot-4.jpgCherry: It’s my birthday too!!!

Me: Your’s isn’t as exciting…

Screenshot-9.jpgDaff: Still cute???

Daff: Still cute 🙂

Screenshot-13.jpgCherry: You’ve been over here making facial expressions for an hour! Start your homework!

Me: But he’s the king of facial expressions!

Screenshot-14.jpgMe: I mean look at that!

Screenshot-15.jpgMe: Look at this!!!

Me: That’s all in the course of ONE SOCIAL INTERACTION!

Screenshot-23.jpgMe: It looks like Dijon has been practicing expressions too! although it needs a little work.

Screenshot-24.jpgMe: He just looks evil…

Screenshot-25.jpgMe: …and whiny.

Screenshot-49.jpgDaiquiri: Why is everyone gathering around me??

Screenshot-51.jpgDaiquiri: I’ve never been so popular!

Screenshot-53.jpgDaiquiri: Well that explains it.

Paparazzo: *Screams* A ghost!!!! *faints*

Screenshot-55.jpgClyde: *Screams* Bonehilda!!!! *faints*

Me: A ghost??? Bonehilda??? Well, which is it?

Screenshot-57.jpgMe: …what?

Screenshot-58.jpgMe: WHAT?

Screenshot-64.jpgMe: NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE!

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: Nobody even cares….

Me: It’s just decoration now… I’m buying a new one..

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: Hi Bonehilda2 welcome to our house. Before you get started let me set a few ground rules. 1. you’re a slave, we aren’t paying you. You get no sick or vacation time. 2. No drinking on the job but we both know you’ll do that anyway. 3. NO DYING BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO!

Screenshot-71.jpgClyde: *screams and overall freaks out*

Screenshot-72.jpgClyde: mmmm

Clyde: *5 seconds later screams again and overall freaks out*

Me: WTF is wrong with you!

Screenshot-76.jpgMe: Dude!

Screenshot-80Me: every 10 seconds he freaks out for no reason he did this all night even when I woke him up!!! He stopped in the morning though…

Screenshot-89.jpgMe: Everyone is glitching out so I guess no one is going to school…

Screenshot-97.jpgMe: Aww look at the dog gnome. He’s on the shelf and I didn’t put him there

Screenshot-99.jpgMe: Ever since I first built this house I wondered why no one ever used the upstairs bathroom, after all this time I figured it out, there’s no door.

Screenshot-100.jpgMe: All better!

Screenshot-108.jpgMe: The birthday boy has been working on his facials!

Screenshot-109.jpgMe: He can be cute when he wants to!

Screenshot-111.jpgDijon: Dad, I’m so sorry that I’m a werewolf! Please forgive me!

Clyde: NO!

Me: So Dijon autonomously apologized to Clyde for becoming a werewolf, and Clyde, his father, also a werewolf, the reason Dijon is a werewolf, did not accept the apology!

Screenshot-113.jpgBonehilda: Okay so fixing an electronic while in a puddle of water is not a good idea.

Me: It’s a terrible idea!

Me: Dijon get away from there!!!!

Screenshot-117.jpgMe: She looks like a black marble statue now… but at least she put out the fire!

Screenshot-118.jpgMe: Then THIS a**hole charged them 400 simoleons for supposedly lying about a fire!

Screenshot-119.jpgCranberry: Oh! I’m so sad and betrayed! I should have known my semi-goldigging ways would only end in betrayal!

Screenshot-120.jpgCranberry: Just kidding! My life is still consequence free and perfect!

Screenshot-127.jpgMe: I can’t believe he’s aging into an adult! That means the heir poll will most likely be next chapter!

Screenshot-130.jpgMe: I’ve never seen him so happy!

Screenshot-132Me: He rolled hates the outdoors, of course though. right?! So he hates the outdoors, he’s a couch potato, he’s brave, a genius, and he loves the heat. His lifetime wish is to be a chess legend.

Me: He’s cute, I don’t know who my favourite is this generation I just love them both so much! Well come back next chapter for an adult Daffodil and the heir poll!



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4 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.11

  1. LMAO, I did not think that this game could come up with new glitches. But ghost-Bonehilda and freaking out in the bed are totally new, well done, game!

    Going to be a hard choice for heir, Daff makes such brilliant faces, but I like Dijon’s looks and eyes more.

    • SergeantSS says:

      Apparently the freaking out every 5 minutes was because he was afraid of either the full moon or the zombies, weird, right?! I’ll be happy with whoever is chosen for heir this time, I mean all of their traits are decent so I won’t have any problems with useless traits like last time.

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