Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.12

LAST CHAPTER FOR THE CARDINAL GENERATION!!! Aren’t you guys exited? There’s an heir poll at the end of the chapter!

Screenshot.jpgMe: Poor Dijon has to sleep in a kids’ bed still! Poor guy!

Screenshot-2.jpgMe: Look at Daffodil now because you won’t see any of him until the end of the chapter! I should have just had him age up last chapter because now it’s three days until his birthday but each day is a school day so he’s busy. So I decided to use this time to update the family tree which means traveling around town and taking pictures of people related to the family. So I guess think of this as a filler chapter, and we’ll end it with Daff’s birthday party!

Me: I wonder who lives here…

Cherry: A dog!!! A dog lives here!!!!

Screenshot-6.jpgMe: And Hiram!!!!! Hiram is Bluejay and Jo’s son.

Cherry: *stares through the window* I’m more interested in the dog…

Screenshot-7.jpgMe: And He’s married to Alanna, who was Bloo’s imaginary friend’s daughter. Wow, that’s a mouthful! I need to take her picture for the family tree but she’s wearing a work uniform 😡 Now i have to work hard

Screenshot-8.jpgCherry: Hey Alanna, I know it’s like 2AM but we should hang out.. maybe go somewhere where an outfit change is necessary. Maybe a club.

Me: Or a pool.

Cherry: Yeah, a club sounds nice.

Me: You’re taking her to the pool.

Cherry: Let’s let Alanna decide!!!

Screenshot-9Alanna: Night swimming sounds fun! Let’s go to the pool!

Cherry: Shut up, Alanna, nobody asked you.

Screenshot-11.jpgCherry: THIS IS AWFUL!

Me: You know, you didn’t have to get in, all I needed was Alanna to change so I can edit her in CAS to take her picture…


Screenshot-12.jpgMe: Here’s Alanna’s headshot if anyone wanted to see it..

Cherry: Well, it was nice seeing you, let’s do it again sometime.

Alanna: We’ve only been here for 30 seconds…

Cherry: Bye.

Screenshot-14Cherry: Hey, Shonna! I’m interested in adopting one of your puppies.

Shonna: Oh, is that all? Because you woke everyone up…

Me: No puppies.

Me: This is Shonna’s daughter, Kim. Shonna is Bluejay’s daughter.

Screenshot-17Me: This is her son, Steve.

Screenshot-18.jpgMe: Steve is the toddler but I age them up for the photos.

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: This is her other daughter, Daisy.

Screenshot-20Me: This is Daisy aged up! All of Shonna’s daughters look like the spitting image of Jo, their grandmother.

Screenshot-22.jpgChristian: Cherry! Welcome to our household, I’m Shonna’s husband, Christian. I notice you just walked in without being invited, it’s not something I could ever do… but I guess it’s fine…


Screenshot-30Cherry: Now who’s house did you drag me to?

Screenshot-31.jpgCherry: I have no idea who this is.

Me: That’s Gillbert, Raquel’s husband. Raquel is the last of Jo and Bluejay’s children.

Screenshot-32.jpgMe: The children sure look happy to see you! How cute!!!! The one in the yellow is Demetria, and the one in the blue is Stacie.

Screenshot-33Me: Here’s Demetria, who I honestly had no idea was a female.

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: And Stacie who blinked because she suuuucks.

Screenshot-34.jpgCherry: Is he staring at me? I feel like someone is staring at me.

Screenshot-35.jpgMe: Yes but it’s just because your famous and everyone loves you.

Me: They have a son too, his name is Sri…

Screenshot-43.jpgCherry: Another house?

Me: We aren’t even halfway done yet…

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: Crimson!!!!

Screenshot-46.jpgMe: This is Max, Crimson’s  illegitimate son with Madison VanWatson. But Crimson is married to Emma Hatch. They have no children together.

Screenshot-47.jpgMe: I guess the apple never falls to far from the tree.

Screenshot-48Me: Now who could live here?

Screenshot-49.jpgMe: The family’s longest lasting couple!!! Cardinal and Monty!

Screenshot-50.jpgMe: Here’s a younger Monty!

Screenshot-51.jpgMe: This is their daughter, Margo.

Screenshot-52.jpgMe: Who is currently in time out for failing grades.

Screenshot-53Me: Look who came to visit! Their daughter Maryann

Screenshot-54.jpgMe: And their son, Nickolas!

Screenshot-55.jpgMe: Here’s Nickolas

Screenshot-56Me: And here’s Maryann!

Screenshot-58Me: This is Bradley, Crystal’s son. His father died a long time ago so there isn’t a picture of him.

Screenshot-59Me: And This is Perry, Bradley’s brother.

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: This is Cranberry’s daughter, Rebeca.

Screenshot-74.jpgMe: Hey look, I’m showing the boys again, that must mean it’s time for a party!!! Isn’t this picture of them awesome!!!! So cute!!

Screenshot-75.jpgMe: But everybody loves the fire more than Daff apparently

Screenshot-82Daff: Hmm what should I wish for?

Me: Fame? Fortune? Health? Family?

Daff: I wish I can continue to to amazing facials in adulthood!

Screenshot-88.jpgMe: This must be the worst party ever….

Me: I adore Daffodil, he gets a lot of his looks from Clyde so he doesn’t have recycled genetics, except for his blonde hair which matches his eyes! He’s known for having awesome facial expressions and being the most destructive toddler I’ve ever seen.

Me: I also adore Dijon! He’s known for having abs and being a couch potato, those glowing blue eyes, an obsession with horses, and being named after mustard (But Daff is no better, he’s named after a flower and also Bender from Futurama’s 2nd most used word.). He has recycled genetics but that’s okay! At least they’re good recycled genetics! I also have never had a sim with the chess legend lifetime wish before so that would be interesting. I love them both equally so no pressure, just pick your favorite guys.

As usual, you guys have one week to vote


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4 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.12

  1. Man, I hate it when the spares marry face ones and then have lots of face one babies. Thank goodness for Bella’s very dominant genes, I see a lot of her mouth in the family tree.

    Daff for heir! Trying to guess what next generation’s colour will be…maybe Eggplant?

    • SergeantSS says:

      I’m not sure what a ‘face one’ is, can you explain? Also I have a list of all the generation colors available somewhere on this site but since you haven’t found it yet I’m keeping it a surprise!

      • Face One is the default EA face, with all the facial sliders in the middle (or 0 position). The skin/eye colour and weight/muscle sliders change, but the faces are the same. Most role sims created by the game are face one (ie, the NPCs, not the residents of the town). Alana, Kim and Daisy are all Face One – you should be able to see the eyes/nose/mouth are the same, when you compare them.
        OMG, now I have to go searching for all the colours!

      • SergeantSS says:

        Thank you, that explains it perfectly. Also good luck on your color hunt mwahaha

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