Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.10

Screenshot-69Me: A limo? Could it be PROM!!!!

Me: Way to outshine your brother, Daff!
Me: Daff! This is not kingly behavior!

Me: I bet the fight was between Daff and Dijon…

Me: Well, Daff is having a good time!

Me: I love when they form relationships on their own. Less work for me, well If i approve that is.

Me: Well maybe don’t ask boys to dance when you have a girlfriend, they might not take you seriously.

Me: Things are improving for Dijon it seems!

Me: Wait what?! The same last name? Who is she related to!?

Screenshot-73Me: Daff is so lanky! I guess he has more of Cherry’s muscularness while Dijon has Clyde’s. Well anyway, it’s officially the weekend. I’m going to use this time to meet their little girlfriends and see if I approve. Today is Saturday and I will meet Dijon’s girlfriend, Cristy and Daff will skill up and tomorrow it will be the opposite.

Screenshot-74.jpgDijon: Hi Cristy! I had a lot of fun at prom last night! Want to meet at the library? Great! I’ll see you there!

Screenshot-75Me: Well she doesn’t look like anyone in the family… she kind of looks like Bloo’s imaginary friend.. maybe it’s her grand kid????

Screenshot-76.jpgDijon: Nothing nothing nothing, blank blank, nothing!

Screenshot-77Cristy: *gasps* Nothing! Blank blank! Nothing!

Me: Kids these days and their slang.

Screenshot-79Dijon: Anyway, I’m going to go out on a limb here and ask if you’re single before we take this relationship any farther.

Cristy: Yeah, I’m single.

Screenshot-81Dijon: The best things about school buses is that I don’t have to move!

Screenshot-82.jpgCristy: Look! We are both lazy!

Dijon: Yeah, what a coincidence!

Screenshot-85Cristy: Your posture is awful!!!

Dijon: I’m sorry…?

Screenshot-86Cristy: You’re wearing a hoodie on our date?! Our dare you! You uncultured swine!!!

Dijon: Hey, calm down. It’s not a big deal.

Cristy: Not a big deal?! You have no class!!!

Me: Dijon, I do not approve of her.

Dijon: Okay. Cristy, I think we should just be fri-

Cristy: Nope! I’m leaving! You can’t dump me!

Me: Dijon follow her home and break up with her. You don’t want a bad reputation.

Screenshot-97.jpgDijon: Hey, Cristy. You left before I could tell you this. I think we should just be friends.

Cristy: What?

Screenshot-99Cristy: How dare you!!! I’m the best!!!!! Love me!!!!

Dijon: Woah! Boundaries!!

Me: You really dodged a bullet, Dijon.

Screenshot-102.jpgMe: Don’t worry, Dijon! You just gain some logic skill for now and then eventually we’ll find you someone better than that psycho!

Screenshot-107Me: Here’s Daff’s little girlfriend, Kristin.

Screenshot-108Me: She’s not bad, I mean her nose is weird but I think all noses are weird… In fact I think her nose kind of resembles mine… Kind of.

Screenshot-116Daffodil: Hey… thanks for coming to meet me… you look great.

Kristin: Omg, you’re so annoying…

Screenshot-117Daffodil: Oh, I’m sorry you think so…

Kristin: Also what kind of name is Daffodil, that’s a stupid name.

Screenshot-118.jpgKristin: You’re terrible!!!!

Daff: You didn’t think so at prom…

Me: Ditch her, Daff.

Screenshot-119Me: Don’t worry, Daff. We’ll find you a new girl! A better one! Or boy, whatever you’re into!

Screenshot-123.jpgMe: Well at least they were able to skill up this weekend…








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One Response to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.10

  1. Aw, mean prom girls! Interesting that neither liked the Daffodil boys; but hopefully that means they’ll find someone better.

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