Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.9

Screenshot.jpgMe: We might have a bit of a problem… Do you guys see Clyde anywhere in this picture? No? He’s invisible!!! Resetsim isn’t working!

Screenshot-7Me: Fixed it!!! I just had to change his outfit.

Screenshot-9Me: Bloo is eating everything in the kitchen like he owns the place

Bloo: I do own the place…

Me: Not anymore you don’t!

Screenshot-10Daffodil: What happened to the chair?

Dijon: You destroyed it, remember?

Daffodil: Yeah like 10 years ago! It’s still broken?!

Me: Give me a break, there was a lot of stuff to replace!

Screenshot-12Me: What’s the matter?

Daff: My stupid teacher is making me be social. He’s bribing me, If I become friends with this girl then I get extra credit.

Me: That seems like a good deal…

Daff: ugh. people.

Screenshot-13.jpgDaffodil: It’s very…pink?

Me: And your house is very cardinal, you can’t judge!

Screenshot-15Me: Aww they’re making friends!

Screenshot-28.jpgMe: Really good friends! She invited him over the next day!

Screenshot-29.jpgMe: OMG I FORGOT HER NAME! That’s funny.

Girl: Nononono, it’s SLIGHTLY cloudy!

Screenshot-30.jpgDaffodil: All I said was that it’s somewhat cloudy!

Girl: But it’s not somewhat cloudy, it’s slightly cloudy!

Daffodil: That doesn’t make any sense! Slightly and somewhat mean the same thing!

Girl’s sister: *Stares intensely at garden*

Me: I like these girls.

Everyone: *weird 3 way staring contest*

Me: Believe it or not, he left their house being best friends with both of them!

Screenshot-38Me: Look how cute they are doing homework together!

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: Clyde? When did you age up?

Clyde: While you were busy looking at Daffodil and his friends D: is Daffodil more important than I am?

Me: No! You’re important too!

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: But it IS his birthday today!

Screenshot-43.jpgMe: Woah woah woah! I left you here for 2 minutes and you fight with your son!Screenshot-44.jpgMe: That’s child abuse!

Screenshot-47.jpgMe: Why would you do that to your son?!

Screenshot-48.jpgMe: It made them friends??? I will never understand werewolves!

Screenshot-49Clyde: Now I’m going to beat up the dog!

Me: You will not!!!

Me: This is beautiful!

Cherry: “Does this mean you’re going to make love to me tonight, Christian?” Said Anastasia.


Cherry: “He grabs me suddenly and yanks me up against him, one hand at my back holding me to him and the other fisting in my hair.”

Me: CHERRY! I said NO! Put the book down!Screenshot-53.jpgCherry: You’re such a prude!

Daffodil: I’m scarred for life.

Daffodil: Yay! It’s my birthday!

Me: I hope he stays this cute!

Screenshot-61Me: And here is big brother Dijon coming to celebrate.

Screenshot-62.jpgMe: Just Dijon… No one else…

Screenshot-63Me: Who is this????? Who are these genetics from????

Screenshot-64Me: He grew up dramatic, so he’s a virtuoso, dramatic, loner, and computer wiz.


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.9

  1. Lol, those werewolves and their play fighting. Daff is a gorgeous teen; he reminds me a lot of Bella, not sure why.

    Regarding the invisible Clyde, you may want to check his career outfit; that’s the one that usually glitches for me. Though antsims can be hilarious to watch, they are annoying when they don’t change.

    • SergeantSS says:

      That’s funny because I see no Bella in him! To be honest I don’t know where he gets his genetics, I’ll have to pull up some pics and hold them side by side! And yeah I think it was Clyde’s career outfit, it seems to have fixed itself though!

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