Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.8

Screenshot-3Clyde: You know, I’ve been thinking and I really believe that we should have more pups!

Screenshot-4.jpgCherry: That’s a great idea. I’ll call the shelter now!

Clyde: …wait, what?

Screenshot-6Clyde: Now you misunderstood me! I want to have more kids!

Cherry: Not this again.

Screenshot-7Cherry: We can’t have anymore kids, the sim god made that absolutely clear. Where would these kids even stay?

Screenshot-8.jpgClyde: Well we can probably fit like 6 or 7 more in the bedroom and the rest can stay outside.

Cherry: I’m not putting my kids outside. Why do you want so many kids anyway?

Clyde: Well I had a big family…

Cherry: How many siblings do you have?

Clyde: From which litter?

Screenshot-10Cherry: Who broke the T.V.!!!!!!?????

Laundry Gnome: Hey, lady, can you keep quiet? This is my favorite show!

Screenshot-11.jpgMe: Dijon is obsessed with the rocking horse. It’s literally all he does!!!

Screenshot-12Dijon: I’m tired, but screw sleep! I’m going to stay up all night on my horse!Screenshot-13.jpgDijon: On the other hand, it is getting rather late. If I go to bed now maybe I can get up early and ride on the horse before school.

Me: School starts in 8 hours.

Dijon: 4 hours of sleep, 4 hours of horse time.

Bella: This kid is super weird…

Me: I know, I know, but we love him anyway.

Screenshot-16Dijon: I got my 4 hours of sleep and I’m a zombie but at least I have my horse!

Screenshot-18.jpgMe: Why the long face?

Daff: I have to go to school 😦

Me: Actually you don’t since you technically aged up today!

Daff: No school? Hmm that means I have every single toy in the entire house to myself… my options are endless!

Screenshot-19Daff: Yahooo!!!!!

Me: -_-

Repairwoman: Ugh! I can’t fix the TV! There’s a bear in the way!

Me: It ways like 2 pounds! Just move it!

Screenshot-26.jpgMe: There! I just moved it for you! Better?

Repairwoman: Another job well done by me!

Me: Just fix the TV and leave!

Screenshot-41.jpgDijon: Finally! I’m home from school and done with my homework… time to do something enjoyable!

Screenshot-42Dijon: A nice game of chess to enjoy the evening.

Screenshot-43.jpgDijon: What? I haven’t even played yet? Why did I close the game?

Dijon: I can’t control myself! What’s happening?

Screenshot-47Dijon: Why am I transforming??!!!

Me: There’s a full moon tonight. Let’s see how your brother is handling it.

Screenshot-49.jpgDaff: Meh.

Me: Well you’re handling it better than Dijon.

Screenshot-55.jpgMe: Charlie nooo!!!!!

Screenshot-62.jpgGrim Reaper: Well it’s time to go to the underworld now little dog.

Clyde: No! Charlie don’t die! You’re a member of this family and we love you so much!!!!! All of us!

Daffodil: Meh.

Bonehilda: Meh.

Screenshot-64Clyde: Charlie don’t float away!

Screenshot-65.jpgClyde: Come back!

Screenshot-66.jpgMe: And now everyone shows emotion!

Me: A zombie? With a cup of beer?

Zombie: I’m not a zombie! I’m a college student preparing for finals!

Me: What’s the difference?

Screenshot-69Me: The zombie  college student scared Clyde!

Screenshot-74.jpgDaff: Charlie! Nooooo!!!!!

Bonehilda: I still don’t care. The dog was a jerk.

Screenshot-81Me: Wow, geniuses really do finish homework faster! They started at exactly the same time!

Dijon: Boys who finish their homework early get to play on the slide while their dumb little brother watches!

Me: Hey! He might not be a genius and at the moment he isn’t good at anything but when he ages up and I force him to play instruments, he’ll be really good!

Screenshot-84.jpgDijon: Ooowww! I fell off the slide!

Me: That’s what you get for being mean to your brother!

Screenshot-86.jpgDaff: I miss Charlie so much!

Screenshot-88.jpgMe: Daiquiri knows he’s next so he’s been digging his own grave!

Screenshot-91.jpgMe: It looks like someone is feeling better!

Screenshot-90.jpgMe: He’s even adorable as a wolf!

Screenshot-100Me: I wish I could get pictures of Dijon like this but he never stands out in the open he is either at school, on the horse, or on the computer.

Screenshot-101.jpgDaff: You don’t need Dijon, you have me!

Screenshot-108Me: Woah! Someone isn’t a morning person! Cheer up! It’s your birthday!

Dijon: But you’re making me go to school!

Me: Smart guys like school!

Dijon: No one likes school!!

Screenshot-109.jpgDijon: I won’t forget this!

Screenshot-118.jpgMe: Look how cute they are sitting together on the bus! They’re lowkey best friends.

Screenshot-120.jpgDijon: Hmm? Why am I derping out?

Screenshot-121Dijon: Oh yeah, it’s my birthday. I almost forgot because I had to go to school all day!

Me: Still mad?

Screenshot-122Dijon: No, I’m ecstatic…see?… woohoo…

Screenshot-124.jpgMe: The little A**hole blinked during the picture…

Screenshot-125.jpgMe: He grew up with the ‘Loves the Heat’ trait so he’s a genius, brave, loves the heat, and a couch potato. He’s pretty cute, in a nerdy kind of way though.

Screenshot-126.jpgMe: He doesn’t have the body of a couch potato though…


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.8

  1. Wow, those abs, Dijon! Hopefully he still has those, and the cool hair, when he turns into a werewolf – you can edit the werewolf outfits in CAS, as long as they’re not transformed.

    Though I think I’m loving Daffodil a bit more (for now), he’s more interesting than the genius horse boy.

    • SergeantSS says:

      “Genius horse boy” That made me laugh so hard!!! Yeah I can understand how Daffodil is more interesting, we haven’t had a virtuoso in legacy yet but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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