Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.6

Me: What? How can you give Cherry a wedding gift? You’re dead.

Me: Crimson she’s like 300 years old!

Me: Look, Non-Color themed clothes. Cherry is pregnant!!

Screenshot-6.jpgMe: OMG IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!

Screenshot-7Me: WHAT IS THIS!

Me: *looks at Cherry’s moodlets* Oooh her food was too spicy… that makes sense.

Screenshot-9.jpgMe: Poor Cherry and her pregnancy hormones. She’s crying because of the shower. The shower is not in her way, it’s not broken and there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s upsetting Cherry for some reason!

Screenshot-13Me: This is taking too long! I’m baby crazy right now. Hurry up and grow!

Screenshot-14Me: I couldn’t wait for the baby to be here so I decorated the room!

Screenshot-15.jpgCherry: I can go for some cake.

Me: You JUST ate! It’s all you do! I’m starting to wonder if that’s actually a food baby in there.

Cherry: But it makes me happy!

Me: You know what then, fine! Happy mom=happy pregnancy and happy pregnancy = good traits! I’m sick of negative traits!

Screenshot-17.jpgCherry: I can’t wait for you to get here! I’m going to name you after food!

Me: Please don’t…

Screenshot-18.jpgBonehilda: Don’t eat me!

Screenshot-19.jpgBonehilda: You wouldn’t eat a dead thing would you? Bleh! I’m dead!

Screenshot-20.jpgCherry: There’s something wrong with me bed! My back hurts.

Me: I don’t think it’s the bed!

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: Look! It’s the first day of spring! The baby will be born in spring! 🙂

Screenshot-23.jpgMe: Clyde is the best!

Screenshot-25.jpgMe: Nevermind no he’s not! He’s just as bad as the dogs! Actually the dogs don’t destroy anymore so he’s worse than the dogs! Anyone have a spray bottle?

Screenshot-26.jpgMe: -_-

Me: I guess the Dandelion baby will be born on the first of spring!

Screenshot-30Cherry: It’s a boy!!!

Me: Yeah that you gave birth to in the lawn! This family is a bunch of animals!

Cherry: I named him after food! His name is Dijon, like the mustard! It’s even yellow!

Me: And he rolled genius and brave!

Screenshot-31.jpgCherry: My baby is the best!!!

Screenshot-32.jpgCherry: I love Dijon so much!

Me: Me too! I’m obsessed with him! I can’t wait to see what he looks like!

Screenshot-33Cherry: He has claws though, should I be concerned?

Me: Nope! As I said this is a family of a bunch of animals!

Screenshot-34Me: Nice to see your regular clothes! I almost forgot what they looked like.

Cherry: It feels nice to be thin.

Me: Don’t get used to it though because I want the kids close in age! But don’t worry you only have to have 2 of them (Although I had 4 names picked out) I don’t want 4 kids sharing a room again!

Clyde: I sense another werewolf in the house, now I must pee on everything to reclaim dominance!

Me: Please don’t! It’s your son!

Screenshot-36Me: Aww! Your snuggling him!

Clyde: No, I’m just getting my scent on him to protect him from predators.

Me: Snuggling.

Me: Monster Truck LOVES this baby! He won’t leave his room!

Screenshot-40Cherry: Yes. Another party! I don’t care if I just had one, I’m throwing another for my birthday!

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: Crimson has been antisocial the entire party. Just him and the keg!

Screenshot-43.jpgMe: If it weren’t for your party animal trait then I wouldn’t have thrown you a party, it’s not like your going to look any diff-

Me: What the heck is up with that hair!?

Screenshot-47Cardinal: Hi Dijon! I’m aunty Cardinal and I love you! I can’t wait to have another baby!

Me: Needless to say I got an announcement she was pregnant right after she left the party.

Old Lady: Oh a baby! I love babies! I never got to have one of my own… I’m sure they won’t mind If I take this one…

Monster Truck: Step.away.from.my.human.

Screenshot-50.jpgCherry: Crimson can you hold Dijon for a minute while I heat up his bottle?

Crimson: Not my kid.

Screenshot-53.jpgMe: It’s a beautiful story of two Paparazzi stalking my sims and falling in love

Screenshot-52.jpgMe: Speaking of love!!!! Baby No. 2!!!!

Me: Crimson you hit rock bottom! Go home!

Me: So peaceful, so serene.

Cherry: I haven’t slept in four days.

Me: So motherhood.

Screenshot-57Me: Werewolf Vs. Zombie an epic battle!

Screenshot-58.jpgClyde: Oh! A zombie!

Screenshot-59.jpgClyde: How cute!!!

Zombie: What the heck? I’m a zombie I can kill you.

Screenshot-60.jpgZombie: ROAR!!!!!

Clyde: rawr. hahaha so cuteeee!

Zombie: You’re weird. I’m going home!

Me: Werewolf 1, Zombie 0

Me: You can’t tell but he’s actually running! Awwww he’s dreaming he’s running from ghosts!

Screenshot-62Cherry: This explains the endless nausea!

Me: Yeah, it hit you pretty bad, Every 2 hours like clockwork. But at least we get another baby!

Screenshot-63.jpgCherry: Woooaaahhh my hand is so vivid!

Clyde from the kitchen: Did you eat the brownies from the freezer? Those were mine for concerts!!!!

Screenshot-65.jpgMe: Bloo, it’s like 10! Go away!

Bloo: I’m just grabbing some food!

Screenshot-66.jpgBloo: *slams fridge* Everyone is so bossy!

Me: Now it’s 11! Go.AWAY.

Bloo: I’m playing with my grandchild!

Me: No you are not!

Screenshot-64.jpgCherry: My parties are legendary who cares if there’s one every other day now come see my son!

Screenshot-69.jpgCherry: Happy birthday, Dijon. You’re my whole world!

Screenshot-70.jpgCherry: Now you stay on the ground while I give attention to your unborn sibling.

Screenshot-71.jpgCherry: Woo!!! My son is the best!!


Dijon: nomnomnom!

Dijon: *howls*

Cardinal: None of my kids howl 😦

Screenshot-78.jpgCherry: You’re so smart you’ll do great in school!

Me: Yes, I have decided to toddler train these too! I toddler trained Aqua’s triplets I can toddler train two separate toddlers.

Screenshot-79.jpgMe: Here’s Cardinal’s daughter Maryann or something like that being held by Aunty Crystal!

Screenshot-81Cherry: Can you say ‘Comedy and Tragedy is the best dramatic sims 3 legacy ever!’

Me: Awwww thanks! Shameless Self-promotion!

Dijon: Well, frankly, that’s a matter of opinion and everyone has differentiating opinions and I’d rather not promote something I can’t even read yet!

Me: Screw you, Dijon. Your opinion is wrong!!! I kid, I kid!

Screenshot-84Cherry: Now all that’s left is for you to learn to use the potty… make it quick too I want this done before the new baby shows up.

Dijon: Good luck with that.

Screenshot-85Cherry: Really? That baby couldn’t wait until morning after I’ve slept!?

Screenshot-86.jpgCherry: It’s a boy! I have two boys!!!

Me: Yes and his name is Daffodil and He’s a loner and a virtuoso. I can tell these are going to be some very unique kids!


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.6

  1. So cute how Monster Truck is so protective of Dijon – great name, btw! And he’s adorable, love the baby werewolves!

    You can take some close up pictures of baby werewolves if you use the TAB key in game, not sure if you already knew this? TAB allows you to use the mouse to position the screen exactly as you want it, great for taking pictures 🙂

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