Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.5


Me: Look another party! Clint the horse even showed up… which is weird because I got a notification that he died.

Screenshot-2.jpgMe: Look at all these people messing up the snow in the yard šŸ˜¦

Clyde: Cherry, shouldn’t you tell your sister not the photobomb our pictures?

Me: What? Yeah obviously something is up between them! They’re getting married! Tone down nothing!!!

Screenshot-5.jpgCherry: YEAH PARTY!

Screenshot-6.jpgCherry: WOOO!!!!

Cherry: Aren’t you having so much fun at my party!?

Clyde: I think you’re more excited about the party than you are the actual wedding…

Screenshot-8Cherry: I can be excited about two things!! Yeah wedding! so fun.

Clyde: That doesn’t sound enthusiastic!

Screenshot-9.jpgCherry: You know I’m happy to be here! I love you!

Clyde: I love you too!

Screenshot-10Me: Cherry looks so happy that she looks dumb…

Screenshot-11Me: I just love sim weddings!

Screenshot-12.jpgMe: Just look how happy they are!
Screenshot-13.jpgCherry: I wish mom was here to see this.

Clyde: I wish your mom was here to see this.

Me: Okay maybe they aren’t THAT happy but it’s not because of the wedding!

Me: To be honest, half of these people are crying and the other half our neutral. Contain your exitement guys.

Screenshot-15.jpgClyde: I’m gonna get you!

Screenshot-16Clyde: Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!

Screenshot-17.jpgClyde: Ow! You hit me!

Cherry: I’m sorry! It was an accident!

Clyde: I forgive you.

Screenshot-18Me: Clyde practically ran to the cake! What’s the rush!

Clyde: I have to go to work in an hour!

Me: What? They’re still making you go to work?

Clyde: I guess so.

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: Clyde has been waiting patiently for his wife for like ten minutes.

Screenshot-20.jpgMe: And then you have, Cherry.

Cherry: Honey, hurry up! I’m hungry.

Clyde: I’m going as fast as I can!

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: Everyone takes a quick break to grieve Bella, except for that old guy.

Old Guy: Is that cake almost cut?

Me: You were one of Bella’s best friends! Act like it!

Screenshot-23.jpgMe: Cherry got tired of waiting and ate something else. And Bree’s in the room which means I’m sure some kind of argument will happen!

Screenshot-24.jpgPurple Shirt: Ugh! You’re so annoying!

Bree: This lot is really pretty!

Coral: Hmm! Girls arguing? Nice!

Screenshot-25.jpgCoral: Girls, I wouldn’t want to become in between you… Oh wait, yes I do.

Purple Shirt: Who’s this annoying jerk?

Bree: Just ignore him, let’s move to the left a little and argue there.

Screenshot-26.jpgBree: Your shoes look horrible!

Purple Shirt: Your face looks horrible!

Coral: Hey where did you guys go?

Coral: I’m back!

Purple shirt: Ugh!

Bree: There’s no where else for us to go!

Screenshot-28Coral: You know the view from the tops of bridges is beautiful! Maybe I could take you girls to one some time?

Purple shirt: *yawns*

Bree: Aren’t you engaged, Coral?

Coral: I’ve been engaged lots of times!

Me: That’s true…

Screenshot-29.jpgBree: I’m going to go find, Crimson.

Purple-Shirt: Ew! And leave me here with him!?

Screenshot-30Coral: That was a great party! I’ve got to go to work now!

Purple-Shirt: I’ve been saved.

Screenshot-31.jpgCherry: I think I broke the sink!

Screenshot-32.jpgCherry: Oh my gosh, what do I do!?

Screenshot-33.jpgCherry: I’ve never broken anything before!

Me: The sink isn’t the only thing that broke…

Screenshot-35.jpgCherry: What’s happening to me?!

Screenshot-36.jpgCherry: Am I gonna die?!

Screenshot-37.jpgCherry: False alarm! I’m fine!

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: Bonehilda to the rescue!

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: Christopher! What are you doing here? The wedding ended hours ago.

Christopher: *Claps*

Screenshot-46Cherry: Maybe he’s having some sort of denial with what he could have had.

Me: Or maybe he’s broken.

Christopher: *Claps*

Cherry: Dude you gotta go home.

Christopher: *claps*

Me: Ugh *resets*

Screenshot-50Clyde: Full moon! *howls*

Screenshot-51.jpgClyde: Wow, I have not done that in a while.

Screenshot-54.jpgCherry: I just love being married!

Clyde: Woohoo. Now.

Me: Demanding!!!!!

Clyde: There’s a full moon.

Me: That’s a poor excuse.

Me: But this could be the start of the Dandelion generation!

Screenshot-58Me: Guys! You have your own bed!

Cherry: I don’t want to dirty the sheets! I just cleaned them!

Me: Wait… there were no bells…. did you get pregnant anyway?

Cherry: How am I supposed to know.

Me: Do it three more times then we’ll see if it happens.

Clyde: Fine by me.

Screenshot-63.jpgMe: No bells! What the heck?! I guess we’ll see if she got pregnant.

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: Charlie just WILL NOT stop getting fleas!

Screenshot-68.jpgMe: It’s like almost always him! Daiquiri never had fleas and Monster Truck only got fleas once! This is charlie’s 4!

Screenshot-69Me: Cherry how are you feeling? Nauseous?

Cherry: Nope, I’m fine!

Me: But it’s been a whole day!

Screenshot-72Cherry: I’m tired… does that mean something?

Me: Normally yes but not in the sims.

Screenshot-78.jpgMonster Truck: I want love like that.

Screenshot-81.jpgMe: YESS! Bells! The dandelion generation is coming!








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One Response to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.5

  1. Ooh, Dandelion gen, very cool. I was thinking Daffodil, but it’s the same either way, yellow names šŸ™‚

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