Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.4

Bella: How come Crystal’s boyfriend can live longer but Bloo and I have to die when our time comes.

Me: I need the bedroom for Cherry’s kids!

Me: Another baby for Cardinal!

Me: Guys, don’t do that, it’s weird.

Screenshot-9Me: I mean you two aren’t related by blood but it’s still weird…

Me: You can’t really tell but that’s Charlie and I took the picture to show that he has fleas!

Me: And here he is sharing his fleas with Monster Truck

Charlie: So how about technology huh? Computer mouses and stuff.

MT: I don’t know what that is for I am a dog.

Cherry: Okay Monster Truck get in the tub and stay away from Charlie so you don’t get his fleas again!

Screenshot-11.jpg Cherry: Don’t you dare shake!

Screenshot-13Monster Truck: Ima take a nap on the couch!

Me: You are literally the same size as the couch!

Screenshot-15Me: The laundry was building up and I noticed the maid does not do laundry so I bought a Bonehilda to see if she does laundry.

Screenshot-16.jpgMe: There she is! Let’s see if she does laundry.

Screenshot-17Me: Okay so she makes beds…

Screenshot-18.jpgMe: She makes more beds…

Screenshot-19.jpgMe: She mops…

Me: And she does dishes

Screenshot-21.jpgMe: She also scares Clyde! Haha

Screenshot-22.jpgMe: A bonehilda and the maid spotted each other! Will a fight break out!?

Screenshot-23.jpgMe: I think Bonehilda won… the maid quit! Whatever, Bonehilda is cooler anyway even though she does everything BUT laundry.

Screenshot-25Me: Cherry it looks like your stuck with the laundry!

Cherry: Maybe we can get a butler?

Me: Um no because Butlers spend the night and need their own bed! Think of the children!!!

Screenshot-26.jpgBella: Reaching my lifetime wish is so tiring!!

Screenshot-27.jpgMe: I don’t think it’s a good idea to be around the dogs, BONEhilda?

Charlie: I kind of want to chew on her femur!

Clyde: Hey! Me too!

Screenshot-28Bonehilda: Okay… maybe I’ll just go in the other room then *backs away slowly*

Screenshot-29Me: Monster Truck is chewing on the chair but I’m not even mad because he’s so cute!

Screenshot-30.jpgCherry: I’m pretty mad! No chewing on things! Bad dog!

Me: Don’t yell at him! 😦

Screenshot-31.jpgMT: *Chews on barstool* Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

Cherry: What am I going to do with you!?

Screenshot-32.jpgCherry: I said no chewing!!!

MT: Okay no more chewing. I understand

Screenshot-33MT: But digging is still okay right?!

Screenshot-34.jpgCherry: No digging either!

Screenshot-35.jpgMT: I unlearned my destructive trait… now I have no personality! Is that what you wanted!?

Screenshot-39.jpgMe: I don’t even know what’s going on here!

Bella: Well I retired!

Connor: I’m celebrating her retirement!

Clyde: And I’m protesting yetis! They shed too much!

Me: You shed too much!

Screenshot-40.jpgMe: I realized how little attention I’ve been giving Clyde’s career so I bought him this little exercise thing.

Screenshot-41.jpgMe: And I put it in the basement where all of the dead Belland members will motivate him.

Screenshot-42.jpgMe: I took this one to say that Bella officially hit 90 simdays old! Meaning she can die at any moment.

Screenshot-43.jpgMe: WOW! That did not take long!!!

Screenshot-44.jpgBella: Come and get me Grim Reaper! I’ve been training for this!

Screenshot-45.jpgBella: I’m not going without a fight!

Screenshot-46.jpgGrim: You called?

Bella: He’s scarier than I remembered.

Screenshot-47.jpgGrim: Still want to fight?

Bella: Uhm hmm…

Screenshot-48Grim: If I win you don’t get to visit as a ghost and you’ll have to suffer in the underworld for eternity as my servant!

Bella: You know what? I’ve learned my lesson, death is inevitable, choose your battles, blah blah blah

Screenshot-49.jpgBella: So just take me to my husband and I’ll go without a fight. Deal?

Grim: It doesn’t make a difference to me so deal

Screenshot-50Me: Here’s the creepy little collection so far

Screenshot-51Me: And I added the area for the next generation.

Screenshot-52Me: Everyone has been really upset about Bella’s death. Even the dogs!

Screenshot-53.jpgCherry: I might look happy but I’m dead on the inside so party disguised as a funeral?

Screenshot-54Me: I’m not sure how the funerals in this game work but I’m pretty sure it’s not polite to play video games during.

Screenshot-55.jpgCherry: Cranberry! Our mother is dead! How can you not feel anything?!

Cranberry: Maybe because I’m a dangerous Sociopath with a long history of violence.

Cherry: Oh, right.

Cranberry: Now please remove your hands from my torso

Screenshot-56.jpgCherry: Crystal isn’t dressed in cardinal! She looks funny!

Cranberry: I wonder if my husband will buy me a new car!

Crystal: I wonder if Cranberry’s husband will buy me a new car.

Screenshot-57.jpgCranberry: So it’s settled! We’ll split mom’s assets 50/50

Cherry:  But what about our siblings?

Cranberry: Well that’s just bad business!


Screenshot-64Me: Crystal finally realized she was at a funeral and did some mourning!

Screenshot-71.jpgCherry: Hi! Clyde said he has a big surprise so we are throwing a party!

Screenshot-72Clyde: I’m brushing you because I will not allow shedding at the party!

Me: So who’s going to brush you?

Screenshot-73.jpgBonehila: Charlie no chewing.

Screenshot-74.jpgMe: This party must be a big deal! Cherry even got a bartender!

Screenshot-75.jpgMe: Cherry is the only one dancing… it looks weird.

Screenshot-80Me: That’s weird…

Screenshot-81.jpgCardinal: Ow! You stepped on my foot you uncultured swine!

Screenshot-82.jpgOld guy: *gasps* I didn’t break it did I?

Cardinal: No, it’s fine.

Screenshot-83.jpgOld guy: Because I can NOT go through another lawsuit!

Cardinal: Hey, it’s fine. Okay?

Screenshot-85.jpgMe: Now here’s a cute couple!

Screenshot-86.jpgMe: They’re so in love!

Screenshot-87.jpgClyde: Are you ready for my announcement?

Screenshot-88.jpgCherry: Why are you getting on the floor?

Clyde: Shh just wait.

Screenshot-89.jpgClyde: Marry me?!

Cherry: I thought you were just drunk and about to pass out! This is so much better!

Cherry: Yes I’ll marry you!!! Yes!

Clyde: Well that’s a huge weight off my shoulders!

Screenshot-91.jpgClyde: A perfect fit!

Screenshot-92.jpgCherry: *glomps*

Clyde: :O

Screenshot-93.jpgMe: They’re so in loooove!!




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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.4

  1. Wow, Bella really didn’t waste any time once she filled her life bar. Nice funeral party – I have to remember to have one of those sometime.

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