Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.3

Me: These two just have so many problems

Me: Crimson knocked someone up!!!!!

Me: Everyone is just growing up so fast 😦

Me: To many babies, I can’t keep up!


Me: Stahp!!!

Me: Crimson you can’t ditch your pregnant girlfriend!

Me: I am not going to have a fun time updating the family tree…

Me: Well anyway, here is Clyde’s cardinal makeover, technically his last name isn’t Belland but it will be eventually 🙂

Screenshot-3Me: Look how hairless he is, werewolves need hair. I’m adding some.

Screenshot-7.jpgMe: That’s better.

Screenshot-4Me: And here is his headshot.

Screenshot-10.jpgClyde: And one and two and one and two… maybe I should transform to get a better workout!

Me: Yes! I want to see!

Screenshot-13Me: That looks painful.

Clyde: Well imagine your bones changing shape, nails, hair and teeth growing at an insane rate.

Me: Do all werewolves just have smushed noses?

Screenshot-18.jpgClyde: I quit my job in the military and got a job in the athletic career! I didn’t even have to apply I just walked in and growled at them, they were so scared they practically gave me the job.

Screenshot-22Me: Half this chapter is Cherry befriending dogs

Screenshot-27Me: At 3 dogs a day, Cherry will reach her goal in no time!

Screenshot-33.jpgMe: Both Boone and Bluejay have passed away from old age and I just know that Bloo’s is coming up soon so I hope he’s able to get the portraits done.

Me: One down…

Screenshot-41Me: All set. Bloo you can die whenever you need to now. Your lifetime wish is complete and the portraits are done… maybe sooner rather than later though because I need the room for Cherry’s future children.

Screenshot-38.jpgBoo: Eww! My house is disgusting.

Cherry: Well maybe if you cleaned up after your 10 dogs…

Screenshot-45.jpgMe: Cherry! What are you holding?!

Cherry: A puppy!

Me: I said no more adopting!

Cherry: But I didn’t adopt it! I stole it! I just picked it up and left!

Screenshot-47Me: You’re not keeping it…

Cherry: Finnnneee.

Screenshot-49Cherry: Okay puppy, you’re going to have to find your own way home now… in the dark…and cold… blame the sim god.

Me: No, blame you for stealing a puppy and taking it home.

Screenshot-82Me: There’s literally a circle of attention for Charlie.

Me: Charlie has never been happier!

Screenshot-88Me: Bloo…? What’s going on?

Screenshot-89.jpgMe: Bloo! When I said sooner rather than later I didn’t mean within the same day!

Bloo: You mean I died for nothing!?

Screenshot-96.jpgBloo: No I can’t die yet! It’s a mistake! The sim god even said I could stay!

Screenshot-97.jpgBloo: Please, listen!

Grim Reaper: It’s your time to go. No exceptions. Bella don’t cry you’ll see him soon enough.

Me: Everyone is heart broken 😦 Bella took it especially bad

Screenshot-116Me: It looks like Aqua came from the underworld to visit with everyone!

Screenshot-117.jpgMe: Nevermind she just wants to play soccer…

Screenshot-118.jpgMe: But Connor is here too! Maybe he has come to visit!

Clyde: A ghost?! That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!

Me: You’re a werewolf, Clyde…

Screenshot-119Connor: Do you wanna build a snowman?

Clyde: It talked to me! *screams and faints*

Me: -_- coward. Connor is like the least threatening sim ever

Screenshot-122Clyde: I’m not afraid of you! I eat ghosts for breakfast!

Connor: I didn’t mean any harm!

Screenshot-123.jpgConnor: Don’t eat me!

Screenshot-124Me: You scared him back to death, Clyde!

Screenshot-128Aqua: I can’t sit on the chair because the chair is in the way!

Me: You’re a ghost, just float through it!

Screenshot-130Me: Connor isn’t having any trouble!

Screenshot-137Me: Bella hasn’t been handling the loss of her husband very well

Screenshot-139Bella: I’m training in preparation for when the grim reaper comes for me!

Me: You’re not fighting the grim reaper and your not staying past your time. I need the room!

Screenshot-145Cherry: I am one dog short of my lifetime wish but I have met every single dog in town… I know what must be done.

Screenshot-146.jpgCherry: Hi! I’d like to adopt a shelter dog!

Me: So originally I wanted her to adopt an elder dog so there’s less commitment but then I saw… him…

Me: His name is Monster Truck.

Me: He only has one trait…

Screenshot-154.jpgMe: Destructive!!!

Me: And he completed Cherry’s lifetime wish!!!!!!!




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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.3

  1. LMAO, Monster Truck is awesome! So impressed that you completed Cherry’s LTW, that looks so difficult.

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