Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.2

Me: Aww congratulations to the couple who are getting married after dating for a week.

Me: Cherry’s lifetime wish will be easy to complete. She’s already halfway done because this family keeps adopting more an more dogs along with letting the dogs they have breed nonstop! Plus they named it Moonshine, like seriously?

Me: Aww congratulations to the couple who got married after being engaged for 2 hours.

Screenshot-8Cherry: Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good booooy!?

Christopher: Me! I am!

Cherry: So cute!!!!

Me: Werewolves are perfect for Cherry.

Screenshot-11.jpgCherry: We are getting along so great! We should high five to celebrate!

Crystal: *photobombs* I like cereal.

Screenshot-13Cherry: Wait I think are arms are stuck together.

Christopher: How does this even happen?!

Coral: *photobombs* I also like cereal.

Coral: *photobombs even worse* Ceeerrreeeaaaallll

Christopher: Is your family seriously going to leave their dirty cereal dishes all over the room.

Cherry: I kicked them out immediately for a reason

Screenshot-16Cardinal: *photobombs* I don’t have any cereal so I’ll just stare at you for an hour.

Screenshot-17Cardinal: *stares*

Screenshot-18Cherry: Well… that was weird. I think I’m just going to go to bed…

Christopher: Wait! One thing before you go…

Me: D’awwwwwwww

Me: Wait, Bloo, Cherry blinked during that one. Paint it again!

Me: Now she’s looking the wrong way! Try again.

Me: Urgh. I don’t think Cherry can ever take a decent picture.

Screenshot-32.jpgCherry: Aww Daiquiri, it’s your birthday tomorrow? I can’t wait to throw a party as an excuse!

Me: Cherry! You can’t throw a kegger for a dog’s birthday!

Party-goer 1: Ugh Cherry! You’re in the way I can’t get to the keg

Cherry: I’m not even near you!

Me: True love right there.

Screenshot-62Me: Look! Cherry takes after her mom!

Everyone: Ugh! Crimson! You need to share! This is your fifth turn!

Crimson: *sobs* I miss Bree.

Cherry: Crimson talking about his ex reminded me to ask you if you are single.

Screenshot-66.jpgChristopher: I am married and I have two kids!

Cherry: …whut?

Screenshot-68.jpgCherry: You’re married!?

Screenshot-72.jpgChristopher: You seem mad… does this mean you don’t want to be my girlfriend?

Cherry: I’m not going to be somebody’s mistress!

Screenshot-73Me: Cherry what are you doing there?

Cherry: I’m going to inform Destiny that her husband is a jerk!!!

Me: Just go home she’s not even there.

Screenshot-77Me: Like the second Cherry left, Destiny came home.

Screenshot-80.jpgDaiquiri: I may have had an accident.

Me: There’s no way all of that came out of you

Daiquiri: I’m becoming a big dog now so there’s more where that came from!

Screenshot-83.jpgMe: You are the most inbred looking dog I’ve ever seen…

Screenshot-85Cherry: I came here to see some dogs but that guy isn’t bad either!

Clyde: Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Clyde! And I hope this doesn’t seem too forward but just by shaking your hand I can tell we are compatible so maybe we can get a drink sometime!

Cherry: Drinks are like my favorite things!

Screenshot-94.jpgBloo: This is the 5th painting I’ve done… Please tell me it’s good enough to hang out in the house. I haven’t done anything but paint in days.

Me: No, it’s all splotchy. Do it again.

Screenshot-95.jpgBloo: …I’m so hungry…

Screenshot-97Cherry: Hi, Clyde! Let’s go out for drinks like you promised.

Cherry: …No why would I care that it’s 7AM… we are beating the lunch rush…Yes bars have lunch rushes.

Screenshot-102Clyde: I know this pool isn’t for swimming but wooo!!!!!

Screenshot-104Cherry: Your swimming on our date even though you know I hate water?! This will show you!

Screenshot-106.jpgCherry: Although seeing you naked makes me happy.

Clyde: Being naked makes me happy.

Screenshot-109.jpgMe: I totally should have gotten Cherry a DJ booth for the house. 😦

Screenshot-115Me: Well Cherry moved on pretty quickly.

Cherry: I’ve more than moved on! We are dating now!

Clyde: And I’m moving in!

Cherry: That way I can make sure he doesn’t get married to someone who isn’t me!

Me: And in case nobody noticed, Clyde is also a werewolf but a less hairy one! Yay but I haven’t seen him transform yet but the game insists he’s a werewolf.


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3 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.2

  1. ZOMG, was that married werewolf Chris Steel? Way cool! I didn’t realise you were playing in SV…probably should have, given Bella was married in, but anyway.

    I like Clyde, he seems like a better fit for Cherry. And hopefully we can get some adorable toddler werewolves!

    • SergeantSS says:

      Yes that was chrisopher steel and he’s like Aqua’s age it’s till so weird that he’s young! I was so mad when I found out he was married because obviously Cherry needs a dog boyfriend but then guess who appeared?! Lol and they have two traits in common! I didn’t even know he was a werewolf though because he wasn’t hairy or anything so I looked it up and apparently werewolves do not have to be hairy in the sims.

      • Werewolves do have an extended lifespan – I think it’s 1.5 times human (as opposed to insanely long, like fairies and vampires). So not that surprising about Chris.

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