Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.1

Me: Sorry for the wait guys! I’m in the middle of moving to a different apartment but I will never stop posting on this! Thank you for your patience!

Cherry: Hi SimTV I’m Cherry

Screenshot-4Cherry: And welcome to my crib!

Me: That’s right! I guess I wasn’t the only one to like Cherry because she won the heir poll (and I don’t let myself vote) She got two votes while Crystal and Crimson both tied for second with one vote!

Me: The second I kicked the others out THIS happened. I guess Cranberry wasn’t as independent as she let us believe!

Me: And soon after that, THIS HAPPENED! NOOOO! But really no one was surprised. They were toxic.

Me: And right after that she starts stalking her ex boyfriend/Cardinal’s current boyfriend. Drammmaaaaa.

Aqua: Times have changed, look how young I used to be! I miss my kids and my tiny house, it was small but it was perfect. I wish I could go back!

Screenshot-2.jpgAqua: I take that back! This house has video games!!!

Screenshot-3Aqua: This is awesome, the outside is detailed!!!

Screenshot-8Me: Not everything changed! Hi demon cat and friend!

Screenshot-9Cherry: This house has a bar! I’m going to throw so many parties!

Screenshot-10.jpgCherry: Nobody saw me drop the glass…right?

Screenshot-13Me: People moved into the house next door! I wonder who it could be?

Screenshot-14.jpgCherry: What? Someone moved into a house nicer than mine! I hope it’s not someone I know then there’d be a problem.

Screenshot-15.jpgMe: Cranberry?!?!?!?!?!

Cranberry: Hi Cherry! Look at my new house my husband bought me! I didn’t even graduate yet technically! I beat my goal!

Cherry: What about ruling the world?

Cranberry: A girl can have 2 goals…

Screenshot-18Me: Cherry has her own goal to accomplish! Canine Companion. I think I’ll try having her befriend one dog a day until she completes her wish!

Screenshot-21Me: Don’t worry about not seeing Bloo and Bella often, they’re still alive and thriving!

Bella: Damn it, I’ve wet myself again, might as well go to bed and deal with it in the morning.

Me: Maybe not thriving…but they’re alive!!

Screenshot-24Me: Hurry up and eat your breakfast, Cherry. We’ve got a long day of scouting neighbors houses to PLAY with dogs, not adopt them!

Screenshot-25Cherry: But first let me appreciate this fish window.

Me: SEE?! Everyone loves the fish window!! I just HAD to have it in the house.

Screenshot-27Cherry: Ugh, I can’t believe this family has a pool…what is wrong with them!? It’s like they WANT to die a watery death.

Family: Man, I love that small decorative pool.

Me: The family seems to disagree with you, Cherry.

Screenshot-34Cherry: Aww, cute little dog? Are you hungry? I’ll feed you if you become my friend.

Me: Don’t stay too long… you were actually invited to a costume party so you should probably go to that.


Screenshot-44.jpgMe: Cherry is in heaven!!

Screenshot-45Cherry: I have a serious problem.

Me: Why are you holding a puppy?

Cherry: His name is Daiquiri and he’s an angel and I love him.

Me: I said PLAYING with dogs and NO ADOPTING.

Screenshot-46Cherry: But he’s so cute!!!

4.pngMe: WOW! The new puppy is distantly related to their current dog, Charlie!!!

Screenshot-47.jpgCherry: I’m going to throw a party so everyone can meet you!

Christopher: Thank you so much for inviting me to your party and might I say that you are so pretty and we have so much in common let’s get to know each other.

Cherry: He’s…a dog??? He’s perfect!!!!

Me: He’s a werewolf!!! A werewolf is interested in Cherry! Wow!! I can’t wait to see how this goes!



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One Response to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Cardinal 3.1

  1. Ooh man, good luck with Cherry’s LTW! I’d heard it’s very difficult to complete, but your game seems to have a lot of dogs, so hopefully that will make it easier.

    Love the new house, so pretty! Especially love the little nooks for the spiral stairs, great idea. And the fishy window, always fun.

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