Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.15

Final chapter for the blue generation!!! As usual the heir poll will be at the end of the chapter.


Me: And anyway, look who isn’t invisible anymore!

Me: The weird demon cat is visible and looks like a weird horse hybrid, look at it’s mouth. One hell of an underbite and it is even wearing reigns. Maybe it devoured the horse that was there earlier!

Crystal: Ugh sitting down feels so good, I was just on a long and strenuous journey

Me: But you just woke up.

Crystal: Yeah but then I had to leave my room, walk through the hall and go down stairs and still somehow have enough energy move to the couch and sit.

Me: Nice swimsuit, too bad you never actually wear it for swimming.

Cranberry: Then clearly it’s a showering suit instead.

Cranberry: Oh goodness! The shower broke! If only I was married then my husband could fix it.

Me: You’re smart, you can be independent and fix things yourself!

Cranberry: But I don’t know how to fix showers? Do I just hit the knob with this wrench?

Cranberry: I did it! I fixed it all by myself!!! I wonder what else I can accomplish if I take care of myself!

Me: Cranberry, you know they make specific clothes you can sleep in right?

Cranberry: Well jeans and heels just feel ‘right’

Screenshot-22Coral: The tip is the liquor inside of the bag.

Screenshot-27.jpgCranberry: This is the first time I’ve ever taken time for myself! I like it.

Screenshot-29.jpgMe: You’re wearing THAT to your siblings’ graduation?

Crystal: I like it! I think the dress looks nice.

Me: The dress isn’t the problem, the beads in your hair aren’t cardinal colored!!!

Me: Cherry where is your graduation cap?

Cherry: Well they said we could decorate it how we want so I added dog ears because I like dogs.

Me: I don’t think those are dog ears, and you didn’t decorate it, that’s a completely different hat!

Me: Here’s a picture of Holly Alto pregnant with her husband’s baby, and her husband is Malcolm Landgraab!!!! Isn’t that ironic?! I love that!!!

Crystal: See? I’m not that lazy! I even made dinner for the family, it has my secret ingredient.

Me: Is the secret ingredient cheeto dust?

Crystal: That is incredibly offensive and stereotypical that all couch-potatoes like cheetos, okay?

Me: I’m sorry you’re right.

Crystal: It’s actually dorito dust.

Cranberry: I’m almost a young adult and so far can’t find anyone to father my children. I was thinking maybe instead of looking for love just to let it find me, I mean I have my whole life ahead of me and I can do anything!

Screenshot-38.jpgCranberry: So that’s my news for the week, what’s going on with you? Wait hold that thought though, there’s drama going on! Thanks for letting me rant for an hour!

Bebe Hart: Okay baby, stay right there, mama’s gotta bitch someone out!

Bebe: You! You betrayed me and destroyed out family!!!

Officer: Bebe? What are you doing here? What did I do? Just relax!

Bebe: Relax?! Relax!?? I will stab you!

Hoodie guy: Oh! Drama! Can’t wait to see what this is about!

Bebe: I know there’s a suitcase of cash in the evidence room from that drug bust and you didn’t steal any of it to feed your starving family?

Officer: Bebe, I can’t just steal the evidence! I provide for the family as much as I can!

Bebe: I can’t believe you right now. I want your stuff out of the house by tomorrow.

Officer: You’re cute when you’re mad. It’s probably because of your sign!

Bebe: Cute?! CUTE!? Well, I’m about to get frickin’ adorable if you don’t stop changing the subject!

Old Guy: I heard you’re going around town looking for a sugar daddy? I volunteer.

Cranberry: Well thanks for the offer, that makes me happy but I think I’m going to try to be independent so I don’t have to kiss old guys.

Old guy: *sighs* Rejected again.

Crimson: Go to prom with you? Hmm… I don’t know…. JUST KIDDING. Of course I’ll go to prom with you, Bree!

Screenshot-61.jpgCardinal: You asked me on a date and you wore a suit?!

Monty: I don’t care if you aged up before me! Age is just a number! I love you and I want to propose!!!

Cardinal: That’s sweet and all but age is way more than just a number, I’ll wait for you though.

Monty: Promise?

Cardinal: Yes, now go home and do your homework.

Me: It’s actually really weird seeing the family all eating the same thing at the same time.

Screenshot-70.jpgMe: Bella has no concept of personal space.

Bella: I’m showing my authority as a parent to be nosy and Crystal is next.

Crystal: Please don’t bother me, mom.

Me: Yeah that’s not being nosy that is just way too far. You’re ankle is going through the oven.

Bella: Oh is that what that pain is? I though I just got a cramp!

Screenshot-72.jpgCranberry: The sink is broken? Cranberry will save the day!!

Screenshot-73Cranbery: If I can fix the sink just imagine what I can fix in the country. I want to be president!

Me: I’m not sure how those things are connected but sure, go for it!

Cranberry: Dang dog leaving his toys everywhere.

Me: Your still cleaning up after everyone?

Cranberry: I can take care of my family and the country at the same time!

Screenshot-78Cranberry: I just put his toys away and he’s playing again!

Screenshot-79Cranberry: Just you watch, he’ll get bored and go outside and I’ll have to put his toys away AGAIN!

Me: Oooh? What could this mean? Prom notification time!

More cuteness from the toxic couple
Cranberry that is so unlike you!
I honestly was not expecting this.

Crystal: You can’t make enemies if all you do is sleep during class! I was also student council president and homecoming princess!

This relationship is going to be the death of me, I sense a rushed marriage then horrifying divorce in the future…

Looks like someone is getting pretty close to the prom queen!


Poor Crimson is trapped and doesn’t even know it.

Like mother like daughter.

Nothing is going right for Cranberry

Run Crimson run before it’s too late!

Me: There were cakes waiting for the triplets when they got home!

Crimson: My eyes can’t cross if their closed!

-That’s the end of the generation! Time for this generations poll and here are your choices!-

Me: You have Coral! The first born of the the Cardinal Kids/Bella Babies. Whatever group name fits best. He was super helpful with the cooking and cleaning when he was younger and his traits don’t matter because he’s unstable and they’ll probably change.

Me: Then you have Cardinal, who is weirdly the same age as Cherry even though they are not twins. And even though she blinked in the middle of the picture she has a place in my heart. The only one with Connor’s hair which pisses me off because none of Connor’s actual kids had his hair. She’s the only one who had useful traits growing up and is really pretty too she has her mom’s lips and nose and her dad’s eyes.

Screenshot-113CherryMe: Cherry, Cherry, Cherry. She’s honestly the most beautiful sim that’s ever been born in-game for me. Even if she doesn’t win the poll I saved her to the bin because of how much I love her. She grew up hating everything and eventually grew to love two things, parties and dogs, so it’s expected she’ll drink a lot and have a dog named ‘Tequila’ or whatever college girls name their dogs. She practically raised the triplets and I love her.

Screenshot-96Crimson.pngMe: Although he never did much Crimson will always have a place in my heart, he’s kind of lame and is only known for his toxic relationship with the family’s crazy enemy and that’s certainly entertaining.

Me: Then there’s Crystal, she’s certainly not my favorite but my boyfriend loves her and thinks she’s the prettiest (So I know who he’s voting for haha) She was left to free will most of the time and pretty much did nothing her whole life except sit on the couch. She’s certainly a daddy’s girl with looks and she even inherited her father’s photographer’s eye trait.

Me: Now this is a sim with a big personality. She is also one of my boyfriend’s favorites and did a complete shift from wannabe helpless damsel in distress to the hero of her own story, although she’ll always be more conservative and motherly she has dreams of power and changing the world. She is face twins with Cardinal but has blonde hair and blue eyes

Now don’t forget to vote for one the choices to see them be the heir and the starter of the Dandelion Generation







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3 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.15

  1. Tough choice, Cherry is gorgeous, but I don’t like her traits or LTW. So I think Crystal is the go, then we can see adventuring!

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