Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.13

Me: I redid the rooms for the Cardinal Kids.

Me: And the house is a disaster thanks to the party.

Me: Bloo get up! You have the entire house to yourself today unl-

Screenshot-7Crimson: School is for chumps!

Me: Nevermind, Bloo. Looks like you and Crimson have the house to yourselves.

Crimson: A father-son day! Missing school is the best!

Bloo: Now, son, I will teach you the ways of hopscotch.

Crimson: I am ready, father.

Crimson: I think I got it!

Crimson: Nevermind.

Bloo: YES! Then I got this in the bag

Bloo: Now watch and learn

Screenshot-25Bloo: You see that? I’m kicking your butt!

Screenshot-26Bloo: Hah! Look at that!

Screenshot-27Bloo: Hey trespassing Paparazzo did you see that?

Paparazzo: Very impressive… please don’t call the cops on me for trespassing.

Screenshot-28.jpgBloo: Now you try, son. Do it to impress the Paparazzo.

Screenshot-30Crimson: I failed again.

Bloo: YES! I win! Loser does the dishes!

Crimson: But we never agreed on that.

Bloo: Loser does the dishes!


Paparazzo: This will make a great article!

Screenshot-32Bloo: Okay, father-son day is over, nice hanging out with you.

Crimson: But it’s not even 10AM yet!

Screenshot-42.jpgCrystal: Cranberry, don’t look but there’s a weird kid that looks like us on the bus.

Cranberry: That’s Hiram, our cousin. He’s coming over, we talked about this an hour ago. Do you really not remember?

Crystal: You take the fun out of everything, Cranberry.

Screenshot-44.jpgCrystal: I’m going inside to watch TV, you stay out here and do your homework or something, like a loser.

Screenshot-46Cardinal: I almost maxed my riding skill but still can’t get on?!

Screenshot-47.jpgCardinal: Almost got it!

Screenshot-49.jpgCardinal: What the hell! Whatever, I’ll just try again.

Cardinal: Now… how do I get down.

Screenshot-56.jpgMe: Bloo, you’re just standing there. What are you doing?

Bloo: Well, I’m stir crazy and needed to get out of the house but I have too many responsibilities so I need to stay close to home.

Me: That’s not really ‘getting out’

Screenshot-57Me: But at least you get a good view of the glitched stray cat friends.

Screenshot-58.jpgCrystal: I solemnly swear to eat this entire peace of cake for dinner and not share any of it.

Screenshot-60.jpgCherry: I’d be reeeeaaaalllly thankful if you shared some of that cake with your sister who’s plate is empty.

Crystal: Is the sky orange?

Cherry: Sometimes!

Crystal: Then SOMETIMES you can have some of my cake, but not this time!

Screenshot-61.jpgBoo: Bix, baby, I love you!

Bix: Get away from me you old hag!

Screenshot-65Bix: You’re so beautiful! I love you!


Me: They did this for 3 hours…

Screenshot-67.jpgMe: Believe it or not the entire family is in this taxi.

Me: Well, except for Cardinal because she has aspirations.

Screenshot-69.jpgMe: FAMILY  (except for Cardinal) BEACH DAY!

Screenshot-72Cherry: I’m not letting a drop of this salty acid touch my skin.

Me: “salty acid”? you mean ‘Water’?

Cherry: Yep, I hate it.

Screenshot-78.jpgMe: She really did not let any water touch her. Dedication right there. Let’s go see what everyone else is up to.

Bella: Make sure you get my good side Mr. Paparazzo.

Screenshot-82Coral: I went on a walk…and now I’m lost… I’m going to die out here, I’ll have to learn to survive on my own, I’ll catch fish from the ocean and cook them with a fire I can make from that tree over there, and that’ll keep me alive until I die from dehyderation, hopefully I’ll be found by then.

Me: You are literally 30 feet away from civilization.

Crystal: I’m lost too! I’m going to tire and drown to death.

Me: Just call a dang water taxi!

Cranberry: What a refreshing swim!

Screenshot-87.jpgCranberry: Now time to dry off my clothes!

Me: Or you can just swim in a swimsuit like everyone else.

Cranberry: any suit you swim in is automatically a swimsuit.

Bella: Okay Bella, time to throw a campaign fundraiser, you’ve been preparing for this your entire career. Let’s milk these suckers.

Screenshot-92.jpgMe: And thanks to the legendary host reward she doesn’t even have to interact with her guests. She made 60,000 simoleons!

Screenshot-108.jpgBloo: I’m aging up during a campaign party! Does that make it a birthday party too?

Me: No, it makes it a campaign party in which you’ve aged during.

Screenshot-121.jpgMe: OMG CLINT?!!!! HOW DID YOU GET IN THE HOUSE?!

Screenshot-123.jpgMe: GET OUT!

Clint: I can’t, I’m stuck.

Screenshot-125.jpgMe: GET OUT!

Clint: I can’t fit through the door!

Me: Then how did you get in!!?? Ugh! *Resets*

Screenshot-127.jpgBloo: Missing school?! Cardinal, I am so disappointed! I’ve raised you better than this!!!!

Coral: Haha Cardinal got in trouble.

Me: You missed school too, you’re next.

Screenshot-128.jpgMe: Crimson is the smart one, he got on the school bus on time but when it got to the school he went to the playground instead.

Me: Hiram grew up!!! Adorable!!!

Screenshot-131.jpgBella: I know I just threw a party yesterday, but I was promoted and need more funds, so I’m throwing another campaign fundraiser, please bring your wallet, family.

Bella: Now to watch TV and let the donations roll in!

Screenshot-134.jpgMe: Look who came!!! Bluejay and Jo’s daughter, Shonna!

Crimson: I’m grounded for getting bad grades.

Me: Then stop skipping school!

Me: You can barely see her but the new trespassing Paparazzo is really pretty.

Me: And Bunny just adores her!

Screenshot-140.jpgClint: Those are some good-looking cakes.

Me: Clint! No! Those are for the triplets, not you!

Screenshot-141.jpgCardinal: Monty, right? Thanks for inviting me over, we have so much in common.

Me: His eyes are PURPLEish????!!!

Me: Anyway, I decided to be nice and let them have cake for their birthday… mostly because we ran out of leftovers from their last birthday.

Cranberry: Yay! I’m going to be a teenager. I wish Cardinal was here to see this!

Crimson: Where is Cardinal, anyway?

Me: You don’t want to know.

Cardinal: What? I can’t kiss my boyfriend?!

Me: Ooh, the first in the generation to get a boyfriend…even though he’s closer to the triplets ages than yours.

Cardinal: I’m not THAT much older than him!!

Me: Here’s Crimson, he rolled snob, so far he’s absent-minded, loves the outdoors, eccentric, and snob. I have no idea what to do with these traits.

Me: He’s cute but not the cutest in the generation. He’s Bella-everything except for his eyes.

Me: Here’s Cranberry. She still looks like a crazy robot housewife. She’s Good, Insane, Friendly, and she rolled Never Nude.

Me: She looks like face-twins with Cardinal. Let me double check

Me: …yep.

Me: Here is Crystal, rocking sweats. She’s a couch potato, has photographer’s eye, inappropriate, and easily impressed.

Me: She’s definitely a daddy’s girl… with Bella’s eyes it looks like.


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