Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.10

Me: That wouldn’t surprise me honestly.

Me: Bunny literally rolls around nonstop, everywhere, all the time.

Cherry: Really, Coral? A rematch? I play video games 24/7 you don’t stand a chance.

Coral: Who do you think TAUGHT YOU to play this!?

Me: Meanwhile Cardinal does her homework and is probably the only one in the house who maintains a B which is good considering I don’t pay attention to their schooling.

Cardinal: Well considering I’m the only one in the house with good traits, and I look like Bella with red hair, I got this heir thing locked up currently. Good grades are a must!

Charlie: Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! First the chair then tiny Bella.

Bella: Don’t you DARE touch my furniture!

Charlie: What about tiny Bella?

Bella: Which one? 4 of the 6 kids look like my twin?

Screenshot-12Cardinal: Good horsie! Once I’m big enough to ride you we’ll win every race!

Cardinal: Coral, can you read me a story?

Coral: Sure right after I give Crimson a bottle and put him to bed. I might not care about school but I care about this family.

Me: Yeah he’s pretty good at it too, he can maintain the family and his happiness, neither Bella or Bloo can do that!

Bloo: I can parent my kids just fine!

Me: Yeah but at the end of each day your miserable yourself.

Coral: Now just time to clean up the kitchen and then go to bed.

Me: Even though I don’t think he’ll be heir he is a life saver right now!

Aqua: I want to sleep in THAT bed!

Me: No! No no no!!!! That is Coral’s bed!

Me: Guys look at this. Notice something? No?

Me: How about now?

Me: Everyone is sleeping at the same time! That never happens!

Me: Well except for Bunny. But Bunny is busy getting attention

Me: See? What did I tell you? She rolls around in everything!

Bunny: Mmm Grass

Me: What is going on?

Me: Hey Buddy? You all right?

Cardinal: *yawns* School makes me so tired, as soon as I finish my homework I am going right to bed.

Cherry: Yeah you do that sis, but I’m popular now and I got invited to a friends house!

Me: Cherry got invited to her friend Monty’s house and I think he and the toddler are the kids of Emma Hatch and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd which is weird because last time I checked Emma was in a relationship with someone else and is currently pregnant with his kid.

Me: So I guess here’s a picture of the son of Cycl0n3 and Emma Hatch…?

Screenshot-50Cherry: I thought we were going to do homework? Why are you dressed like that?

Cherry: Where are you going?!!

Screenshot-55Cherry: You can’t leave your own house in the middle of a play date! What are you doing?

Monty: Trick or treating! Can’t you see I’m a clown?

Cherry: It’s summer!!!

Monty: Trick or treat!!!

Madison: Aww! A clown, how cute!

Cherry: What is going on with this town!

Me: This is USUALLY what the house is like!

Bella: I was about to bring Crimson up for a nap but I’m hungry so I’ll block the stairs!

Crimson: I don’t need a nap! Change me!

Cherry: Mom get out of the way! I want to play upstairs!

Coral: Can everyone just move? I’m exhausted!

Charlie: Coral you are blocking the chew toy bin! In about 5 seconds I’m going to wreck the couch! I need to destroy!


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