Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.9

Screenshot-2.jpgMe: Okay, everyone is back from vacation and Bella is re-adjusting to motherhood again!

Bloo: Why do I have to share the room with a baby?

Me: Because I wasn’t planning on having SIX KIDS in a 3 bedroom house.

Bella: Shh, Shh, Don’t cry…. where the hell is Bloo.

Bloo: What a beautiful day this is, I can’t wait to master photography.

Cardinal: Why won’t you let me love you?

Clint: I can squish you if I wanted.

Cardinal: I feed you, clean you and one day I’ll be the one to train you and you have to love me, got it?

Screenshot-9Clint: I sowwy.

Cardinal: That’s better!

Me: Boo was having a party so I sent Bloo over to visit and I think she has a problem, she has like 4 pets.

Me: I have a problem too though. I just HAD to have one.

Me: His name is Charlie!

Me: Look at him!

Bloo: I just took the perfect picture of Cherry and I completed my lifetime wish!

Cherry: That’s great, can I go to bed now?

Me: They love each other!

Me: Cuddles? What the hell happened to you?

Cuddles: I don’t know but I like it!

Screenshot-48Cherry: I hate water. Especially when it’s inside the house! Why would water be inside the house?!

Screenshot-51Cherry: My brother is over there talking to himself! Crazy right?!

Maid: Miss Cherry! I need your assistance! I am stuck halfway in the wall!

Bella: You’re the cardinal generation, it’s very similar to the color red which is my favorite color!

Cardinal: The next generation is Dandelion, which is similar to yellow, my favorite color!!!

Me: If anyone thinks Bloo doesn’t help out at all, he does help out a little.

Cardinal: I’m the queen so I will be picking ice cream first!

Screenshot-66Coral: I want THAT one, and make it quick. I hate being outside.

Screenshot-67Me: Cherry, you didn’t get any ice cream.

Cherry: Water started falling from the sky and I will not be around it.

Me: Look at these big Bella-eyed children!

Charlie: Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

Bloo: The puppy is destroying my easel!

Me: Yeah, but it’s not like you need it anymore!

Bloo: But I like it!

Screenshot-73Bloo: I don’t care how cute you are! You will not destroy things!

Charlie: Sowwy!

Me: You’re never too old to play with blocks!

Coral: I will be in about five minutes! My birthday is today!

Me: Look at him!!!!

Me: D’awww!!! He fell!!

Me: Birthday time!

Me: Embrace the sparkles, Crimson!

Screenshot-99Coral: Yay! I can’t wait to be a teenager! Prom, girls, and cars here I come!!!

Me: Don’t forget the pimples, the puberty, the rejection and the homework!!!

Screenshot-100Coral: Oh then I don’t want to age up!

Coral: No! I feel it happening! I don’t want to age up!

Me: I honestly forgot the next twos names… I seriously forgot my sims names…. It’s 3 in the morning though, is that a good excuse? I JUST REMEMBERED! This ones Crystal!

Me: But then what the hell is this ones name? *looks it up* Cranberry!!! Her name is Cranberry! I can’t believe I forgot that!!!! I feel so bad!!!

Me: Anyway, here is Coral! He grew up a perfectionist!

Me: He looks mostly like his dad but has his mother’s lips I think. He’s good looking but his traits don’t wow me so far.

Me: This is Crystal

Me: And she’s the most beautiful toddler I’ve ever had in the sims! She also looks a lot like her dad but she has her mother big eyes and her lips.

Me: This is Cranberry!

Me: If you ever wondered what Bella looks like with blonde hair and blue eyes then stay tuned because I can assure you that’s how this one will grow up.

Me: And last but not least here is Crimson!

Me: Another blonde baby but everything else here is all Bella!


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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.9

  1. So many Bella clones! Your game fails at genetic mixing.

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