Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.8

Me: Bella somehow has scuba diving mastered? I honestly had no idea I never looked at her skills.

Bloo: Hi Horsey! My daughter will be so excited to meet you!

Cardinal: A HORSE! YAY! I mean I can’t do anything with it yet but when I’m a teenager we’ll do everything together!

Cardinal: I’ll name you, Clint! Anyway, am I the favorite since I got a horse?

Me: Not really, I’d let them get things too but they don’t have any traits that involve skills.

Cardinal: Thanks dad! I love the horse, I promise to take care of him.

Cardinal: I’m never going inside again, I’m going to sleep next to the trash just to be near Clint.

Screenshot-8.jpgBunny: You okay?

Cardinal: If I don’t get to bed, I’m going to end up just like Coral!

Me: Then every baby decided to cry at the same time.


Cherry: I guess it’s safe to assume I’m not getting any sleep.

Me: The only one who slept was Cardinal because of her heavy sleeper trait.

Cardinal: Oh was the baby crying all night? I had no idea.

Bloo: Bella, I’m exhausted, the triplets take up all of my time and I refuse to die without completing my lifetime wish.

Bella: I know what you mean, I haven’t had time to shower since they were born.

Bloo: Let’s travel the world! You can relax and I’ll skill up. We can call Boone and Morgana to come visit!

Bella: You don’t have to convince me, let’s get out of here!

Bloo: Now where would I be able to buy a camera?

Screenshot-23Bloo: Do you sell cameras?

Clerk: Just plastic disposable ones.

Bloo: That’s better than nothing!

Screenshot-25Me: Bloo spent literally the entire vacation skilling, I figured he should spend a little while with Bella.

Bloo: Wasn’t Champs Les Sims beautiful Bella?

Bella: Yeah, Where would you like to go next?


Bloo: Okay, Bella. I’m going to go take pictures for the next three days, I’ll see you at nights. have fun

Bella: Kay~

Bloo: I’m here to buy a new camera, now that I’m half way done with mastering photography I need a master camera.

Cashier: Here is the most expensive camera and no matter how many pictures you take it won’t be enough to replace what you spent.

Bloo: Perfect!

Screenshot-15Bloo: So, how was the past three days for you, sweetie?

Bella: Three days already? I feel like that went by so fast!

Bloo: Don’t worry we still have another trip left.


*Literally 3 sim days later*

Bella: It’s been 9 days since we saw our family, are you ready to go back?

Bloo: Or we can abandon them and live in China forever, I’m sure Coral is old enough to watch his 5 siblings.

Bella: Bloo, he’s like 9.

Bloo: Cardinal and Cherry then?

Bella: They’re 8.

Bloo: The three of them combined makes 25 years old.

Bella: Bloo, I know you miss them

Bloo: You’re right, let’s go home!


Me: The end of this chapter! Sorry it jumped around so much but they literally did nothing on vacation, Bella never even left any of the bases and Bloo just took pictures!








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