Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.6

The Cardinal babies have a cousin!

And I see the imaginary friends are still creeping around.

Me: Bella, why are you dressed like that? Where are you going?

Me: Don’t go Bella! We need you here!!!

Me: I guess as long as these two are occupied, Bloo can train Cardinal.

Screenshot-7Bloo: Let’s hope this day is as peaceful as a trip to the lake.

Screenshot-9Me: And it was! He did this all by himself!

Bloo: Hey Bella, considering how well I parented the kids while you were at work, let’s try for another!

Bella: I can’t climb up the stairs!

Me: I tried everything to get her up there I had no idea what was in her way, I thought she was glitching so I reset her a few times, sold and re bought the stairs after 15 horrible minutes I found out the sleeping cat was in her way. All of that work for a cat.

Bloo: I hate Cherry.

Bella: I hate Cherry too!

Me: Come on guys, she’s not even doing anything!

Bella: But we can always try again!

Bloo: I like that idea.

Me: No-mosaic shower woohoo is just weird…. anyway no luck with time.

Bloo: Shall we try the bed 3 or 4 times?

Bella: What a great idea!

Me: Nope, still no luck.

Me: Yeah, that’s great Bloo, put your ass in the imaginary friend’s face.

Cuddles: I don’t mind!

Me: Don’t sit on him! Your son plays with that!

Me: Guess who’s birthday it is!

Coral: Cuddles?

Me: Yes and yours!!!!

Bella: I love Cherry!

Me: You two literally look exactly the same!

Me:Oh yeah, you had a birthday too.

Bella: I feel old.

Me: How can you feel old? You’ve actually BEEN old before! I hate mid-life crisises

Me: Anyways, here’s Coral.

Me: He rolled Kleptomaniac, which is why I’ve decided that I’m never toddler training again. Why bother, right?

Me: And my Bella painting glitched and turned invisible when I placed it on the wall (Seriously, SERIOUSLY HATE THAT GLITCH) so Bloo is repainting it and I’m going to use moveobjects to put it on top of the invisible painting.

Me: This is my favourite thing about spiral stairs.

Me: Beautiful

Bella: Cherry’s crying but she can wait.

Me: Coral you might want to leave.

Me: Seriously Coral, go away.

Screenshot-52Bella: Coral, we are doing gross mom and dad stuff, you should leave!

Coral: K.

Me: Yes! The lullaby! Baby next chapter? I think yes!!!



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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.6

  1. That must have been why no lullaby, it was too close to Bella’s birthday. I think the game requires 2 or 3 days.

    I know what you mean about toddler training seeming stupid when you’re randomising traits – but at least the dice give you an opportunity to get a good trait, pretty sure no training means a bad trait. Some of which can be fun, but still.

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