Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.4

I found this really funny. Mortimer Goth giving Bella and Bloo a DJ Booth as a wedding gift. Maybe his phase isn’t over.

I also furnished the house FINALLY.

Screenshot-3Bella: I wonder why I stopped mopping all of a sudden.

Screenshot-5Bella: Oh! I’m pregnant.

Me: Get used to the feeling because I want as LEAST 5 Bella babies.

Bella: I love being pregnant! I can eat all of the gross food I want and no one bats an eye!

Me: You’re eating onion rings with a fork?

Bella: Uh, onion rings are greasy. Do I look like the kind of girl with greasy hands?

Bella: I’m pregnant! You’re going to be a father! I’m so excited. Only one more kid to go before the aliens take me away as told by the prophecy.

Bloo: Honey! That’s great! I’m so excited!

Bloo: Wait, we never woohooed. Not that I remember…

Me: Your bachelor party ring any bells.

Bloo: I’m sure I would remember woohoo at my bachelor party. Are you sure it’s mine?

Me: I’m sure.

Bella: Maybe this baby is a gift from the Sim God.

Me: It’s not. You woohooed.

Bloo: It’s a miracle! I love with Sim God baby already.

Me: She literally only eats onion rings out of all the leftovers in the fridge. She wants onion rings breakfast lunch and dinner.

Bella: I think my water broke!

Me: I don’t think waters break in the sims.

Bella: Oh then I peed myself. False alarm.

Bella: Yeah. False alarm, I’m fine.

Screenshot-27Bella: WAIT! NO, I’M NOT!

Screenshot-28Bella: You are the queen of facial expressions.


Bella: It hurts so good!!!!!

Bella: I should be at work right now!

Me: With how many Bella babies I want, you’re probably never going to work again.

Me: It’s a boy!!!!! Say hi to Coral the first born for the Cardinal generation. Coral starts with a C and can be a pinkish Red color. He hates the outdoors but loves the heat. Quite an odd set of traits.

Bella: It’s never too early to get to work of baby#2!

Bloo: You read my mind!

Maid: Nice.

Coral got an imaginary friend. I kept the default name Cuddles. I hate imaginary friends. Would deleting it with cheats be cheating?

Me: Baby #2!!!!

Me: If you’re wondering why there’s barely any pictures this chapter it’s because Bella and Bloo are literally just, sleeping, eating, and skilling. Bloo is either painting or working on photography.

Me: And Bella just stares at her reflection and talks to herself.

Bunny: No one cares about me!!!! It’s my birthday and no one remembered!

Me: Well what the heck did you expect? A cake? My sims don’t even get that luxury.

Me: See? Coral didn’t even get a cake.

Me: It might be too early to tell buuut I think Coral has big Bella eyes! D’awwwww

Bella: See Bunny? I care.

Bunny: I don’t even know who you are.

Bloo: Are you going to vote for mommy in the next election?

Coral: Mom isn’t even running in the next election! She hasn’t even been to work in ages.

Bella: OMG I have to pee!

Bella: AND the baby’s coming! My body is so confused!

Bella: I’m trying to see my brain!

Me: You don’t have one.
Anything, that baby girl is Cardinal, named after the color. She rolled heavy sleeper and loves the cold.

Me: And where was Bloo for the whole birthing experience? Well, I guess skilling a toddler is better than playing on the computer like what Connor did for the triplets birth.

Bella: I peed myself right after having the baby so I’m showering.

Bloo: A shower with my wife? Don’t mind if I do!

Coral: Stop woohooing and FEED ME!

Bloo: What?! I didn’t get a cake either?

Me: If you got a cake EVERYONE would need to get one!

Me: You changed your hair? Ugh I’m not changing it back enjoy your unstyled hair!

Bella: I’m sorry I can’t tend to you, Cardinal. Something suddenly came up!

Bella: I’m never going back to work, huh.

Bloo: I finally finished my portrait of Bella, between toddler training, and book reading I thought I’d never get done.

Me: It actually took a long time because of all the boring skilling that there are no pictures of.

Bella: The baby’s coming! Bloo isn’t going to help me so Cardinal, I need you to reach up and help pull it out!

Me: Nonstop skilling means no interesting pictures resulting in what appears to be the quickest pregnancy.

Bloo: Don’t request weird things from our infant daughter.

Me: Wait, why is she still an infant? It’s been three days…
It turns out I forgot to turn the aging back on when I switched from Comedy and Tragedy. Oops, but it’s no big deal. She had a girl by the way. Her name is Cherry and she hates the outdoors, and is afraid of water. I’m just getting the weirdest traits this generation. Oh and big news! I’m installing the story progression mod! Now sims will have their own babies instead of families just moving in and out!








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  1. Ooh, I just understood the whole legacy theme – colours and alphabet in one! Wow, you’re brave. Great red names, especially Cardinal.

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