Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.3

WARNING: This chapter contains adult themes such as drinking and sex. If that makes you uncomfortable please skip this chapter. The sims is rated T anyway, so if you can handle what happens in the sims you can handle this.

Me: OMG Bella what happened to you?

Bella: What do you mean, I’m just bringing the kitten home…

Me: But you’re short?!

Bella: No, I’m ‘fun-sized’. Give me a minute, I’m sure I’ll revert back to ‘share-sized’ by the time my bachelorette party starts.

Partygoer: Ready for the nectar, Bella?

Bella: Aim for my mouth! I wanna gargle!


Partygoer2: Hello Bella, what a classy get together you seem to be throwing.

Partygoer3: Come over here everyone! I’m going to make a speech about Bella.

Bella: YEAH! Tell them about that time in college!

Partygoer2: Nobody wants to know about your disgusting college days.

Screenshot-17Me: It looks like partygoer2 had too much to drink.

Partygoer2: How did my life end up like this. I wanted to be a writer.

Partygoer4: Hey! We’re all going to do shots off partygoer3’s stomach. You in?

Partygoer2: Eh, I guess.

Bella: You guys hired a stripper! I’m so hungry, I know what I want in my mouth!

Bella: Goin’ on number 12! I’m probably going to pass out…

Owner: I’m cutting you off, Bella.

Bella: I don’t even know what’s going on! Whoooo!!!

Me: Meanwhile, Bloo is having a nice evening at home.

Bloo: Nice? Painting pictures of cats is nice? I’m bored!

Me: I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun at your party tomorrow.

Me: Which will be here.

Bloo: Why is my party going to be here? I want a destination party tomorrow.

Me: Because Bella didn’t come home until 8 in the morning and had to go to work drunk and tired. At least here I can send you to bed during the party.

Bloo: What’s up, Bunny?

Bunny: The man behind you is practically a ghost.

Partygoer1: I might look old but I can still party!

Bloo: No, don’t. No one wants to see you break a hip.

Partygoer2: Bloo, control your guests.

Bunny: I don’t need to see that, I’m leaving.

Bloo: Hey man, can you say a speech for me.

Bluejay: Anything for my best bro.

Bluejay: Hey guys! Gather over here! I’m going to tell you Bloo’s embarrassing secrets!

Me: And no one cares.

Bluejay: Here Bloo, open your mouth. This will help you forget that none of these people know you because they’re all Bella’s friends.

Bloo: I heard it’s good for your teeth, is that true?

Bluejay: Uhh? Yeah, sure buddy.

Bloo: Hey, Boone. Nice of you to finally show up. Drinks? No, these are mine. Make your own.

Boone: I like that stripper.

Bunny: I too like the stripper.

Literally everyone else: Yay Stripper

Boone: Is dancing next to the stripper the same as dancing with the stripper?

Bloo: Bruh…. yew gutta go git with that stripper.

Boone: Bloo, are you drunk.

Bloo: Yew gutta.

Boone: Well if I have too….

Me: Bluejay you don’t get to see the stripper, you’re married!

Boone: Best dare ever.

Stripper: I agree!

Bluejay: Who wants to have some of this!?

Me: I’m telling your wife.

Bloo: I’m sure sum nectar will git the nectar taste out of my mouth.

Me: How many have you had?

Bloo: Sumwere between 10 and 40. I lost count.

Me: You’re going to die.

Bloo: Hi, Bella. Darlin’ I missed yew so much.

Bella: Have you been drinking?

Bloo: Yes.

Bella: Hey, me too!

Bloo: Let me take yew upsters and show yew what your marryin’ tomorrow.


Me: It’s like 6AM and people are just leaving! That’s like more than 12 hours since the party started at noonish. There’s gotta be a record for the longest non glitched sims party.

Bella: Man, I’m sick. I must have partied too hard! I can’t even remember what happened.

Me: It’s the middle of winter. You’re both stupid.

Boone: The view from back here is pretty nice Bella! Want to turn around and show me the front too?

Bella: *ignores like a good girl*

Bloo: Are you ready to become Mrs. Belland?

Bella: I guess I don’t have anything better to do today.

Me: Madison, you have three seconds to move and stop photobombing the cute moments or I will reset your ass and you don’t get to see the celebrity wedding.

Madison: No. 😡

Me: *resets her*

Bloo: I’m so excited to be marrying my dream girl!

Bella: …meh

Bella: I promise to love and hold you for the next 50 years or so because by then the aliens are due to take me away.

Screenshot-112Bloo: And I promise to love and hold you for the next million years because I will never let anything bad like that happen to you.

Screenshot-114Me: I can’t believe how well Bella has been today. She’s ignored all of the men flirting with her, and hasn’t even done anything she shouldn’t.

Bella: Hey guys! Who wants a piece of this!

Me: Nevermind

Me: I still love her though.

Bloo: Me too!




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3 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.3

  1. How do you get sims to dance on counters, I’ve never seen that in my game! I think that’s from LN, correct? But LOL at Bella dancing at her wedding, so appropriately inappropriate for her.

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