Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.15

It’s the last chapter of the generation and the heir poll is at the end, so stick around, but don’t worry it’s a really short chapter. I’ll give everyone one week to vote before I start the next generation!

Connor: Bloo!!!! You missed the bus! What happened?!

Bloo: I was literally struck by lightning!!!

Connor: That’s not a good enough excuse!!! Today is your birthday and you need to go to your last day of school!!

Connor: All the kids are at school, time to clean up even though it’ll be a mess again when they come home!

They’re all home it’s only a matter of time! I wonder who’s first!

Boo: HAH! I’m first!!!!

Me: Wonderful, someone I don’t care about.

Bix: I’m next!!!

Me: Why do all of the imaginary friend’s go first!!!

Boone: Woo!!!

Me: Finally! Just two more to go!

Bluejay: Yay! Maybe when I grow up my eyes will be fixed!

Me: Ignore the spoiler alert in the background

Screenshot-30.jpg Bloo: Woo…my turn.

Me: You are the LEAST excited out of everyone!



Don’t worry, if you’ve already voted and can’t wait the week you can read Comedy and Tragedy to pass the time!



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