Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.11

Connor: Please, sir, I need three rainbow gems.

Clerk: Rainbow gems? Nope, I don’t have any in stock, try again tomorrow.

Connor: My house is impossible to navigate, there are the equivalent of six children a tiny two bedroom house.

Connor: I am begging you. Do you have any rainbow gems.

Clerk: No rainbow gems in stock today, try again tomorrow.

Claire: I need a new chair! I keep destroying mine.

Me: And your looking for a chair in a junkyard?

Claire: This is wear I find all of my furniture.

Boone: Maybe if I stick this pencil up my nose, I’ll poke my brain and won’t have to go to school anymore.

Boone: I can stay home with Bix and watch cartoons all day!

Bo: Bluejay you missed it! I just sneezed and there’s not all over my arm, I think some of it got on the wall.

Bluejay: You are so gross!!! I’m doing homework leave me alone!

Me: Introducing the only one who doesn’t complain while doing homework.

Connor: You missed school again? I hate to do this but your grounded.

Boone: Grounded? That’s so unfair, I was just on my way now! Tell him, Bix

Connor: It’s almost lunch you can’t leave the house to go to school at lunch!

Boone: But I was putting gel in my hair!

Connor: Is that what that smell is?

Boone: Dad, I’m really sorry that I missed school, but you have to admit it was worth it for hair like this.

Connor: It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like! You go to learn! Don’t do this again!

Me: Aqua, I’m fairly confident you’ll be able to complete your lifetime wish, just one more level!

Me: And she’s not the only one skilling in art.

Connor: Uh huh, Uh huh, Mhm…

Connor: Yes, I still love Aqua… No I don’t want to cheat on her.

Connor: I will not video chat with you unless you can assure me you’ll be dressed.

Connor: No, I don’t want to come over.

Connor: Uh huh, okay, nice talking to you too, bye Claire.

Me: How can you miss school again!!!! I woke you up and everything.

Boone: Calm down, I’ll go after I eat breakfast.

Me: Breakfast? It’s almost lunch time!

Boone: I’m so happy I missed school for this!

Bix: Yeah, who needs school?

Me: You do!!

Boone: Oh no! Dad’s coming out here to yell at me!

Connor: Nope, just cleaning up, son, I don’t care anymore.

Boo: UGH! I can’t get to Bloo because Bloo is in my way!

Me: And where is Bluejay, you might be asking? He’s at a friend’s house.

Me: A very wealthy friend’s house.

Me: Really, Aqua? It’s been like 3 days and you’re not even halfway done with your last skill level! My confidence is dropping.

Bluejay: Yay! I get to spend my birthday at a friend’s house!

Bluejay: One more age group closer to gettin’ with that.

Boone: My birthday too! I hope I get a cool trait, like star quality, or brave!

Me: Considering you almost never went to school, that’s unlikely.

Bloo: I’m going to sit back, relax, and let the sparkles consume me.



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2 Responses to Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.11

  1. Aww, weird that Bloo was still missing school despite being woken – I bet it was Boo’s fault. Off to see what they look like as teens!

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